I'm seeing a pattern emerge

by rox

This seems to be a common leo man scenario:

I've been left hopelessly confused by a wonderful leo guy who i had a week long romantic, intense, passionate fling during which time he wined and dined me and introduced me to all his family and friends.

Then when we parted, I almost immediately sensed a change. A week later, after some feeble attempts to contact me, he texted with 'i've had aggravation from my ex all week. last week was fun but i have too much on at the minute. i'll call you tomorrow'

the 'calling tomorrow' part i ignored as he'd already put that in previous texts that week. and anyhow, tomorrow was his big birthday party.

i emailed him that i understood and that things were going way too fast for me to. i told him to call if he wanted to meet up any time and to have a great birthday.

then i retreated. i'm scorpio and this is what we do best.

i find it hard to recall the things he said to me when we were together and put it into the context of him not being interested as his silence now suggests.

i even feel now that the feeling of rejection is making me like him more than perhaps i do.

after much angst, i have concluded that the best way forward is to have this attitude. if he was the wonderful guy i really thought he was, he will come back to me and if not, he is possibly the biggest jerk in the universe and i'm better off without him.

it's too agonising to sit and second guess if a guy likes you or not.

i'm moving on and if he wants me, he will have to claim me all over again.

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