I'm so glad I married a Leo!

by Sarah

He is a wonderful father, he can fix anything, will help anyone without even being asked, when lost he asks for directions (no, I'm serious), he bakes, cooks and helps with the laundry. He treats me with respect and kindness. Plus, he has a beautiful mind.

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Leo lover
by: Anonymous


leo men
by: Anonymous

i think leo men can be lazy around the house, but they will cook, treat you to gifts put you on a pedal stool, are mummys boys, are jealous and can be domineering, can be moody and very stubborn, faithful upto now yes but are flirts.

by: Anonymous

you have described pretty much, myself.... he he! But my advice is keep the relationship spicy and exciting... Leomen can be laidback and sort of lazy at times but they have thousands of ideas they contemplate about. Look always your best, leomen are very sexually driven, superficial beauty attracts them, then you can do the usual things to keep his attention on you. Onve, they love you, you must love them back to gain their loyalty. Leomen are very loyal once they are in love.

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