Immature leos!!

The leo man I know likes to be around me at work. We both like each other but I know he is not ready for a relationship yet. So we been fooling around at work and slept together as well. But the thing is I have fallen for him but he doesnt know that. I'm older to him and more matured than he is. I take it as a fling which I know will always be but he calls me when he is drunk and speaks to me for hours. Just about stuff. But recently he told me he fancies another women. But she has a boyfriend. He told me he likes me as well but do not want to hurt me. Even though I was shattered I acted cool and calm about it and said go for it. He said yeah will see. So I decided that I should stop whatever I am doing with him cause it is not worth it at all. He did ask me if I fancy anyone I said no no one. But since he still behaves the same to me even more friendly and still wants to fool around with me. I want to run but I can't and deep inside I know he has fallen for me too. The thing is he did tell me months ago he really likes me but told me not to give my heart to him cause he is a cunt. so thats why I never showed i have fallen for him. I am an Aries btw! Please help.

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