In Love and In Trouble

by Hope

For those of you who remember, I am a Scorpio woman who had been corresponding with an Aquarius man for nearly 8 months. We met on a professional forum and exchanged personal emails. From there we began emailing daily, and evolved to chatting. From chatting we exchanged photos, and moved to live chatting nearly every evening. There have been some fun and flirtations there was never anything overtly sexual.

I flew out the see him last week. We finally met face to face last week and spent the most glorious 6 days I can ever remember. He was gracious, attentive, eager to show me around his town and meet his friends and family. I insisted on staying in a nearby hotel and he managed to surprise me by paying the bill and having my credit card charges returned when I checked out.

He took vacation time as well so we went to a play, the science museum, cycling, nature hikes, a lecture on green living—so much activity! Most evenings we spend holding hands and talking for hours. I am pleased to say, this man is the real deal. He is a true gentleman, observant and attentive, romantic, and a great conversationalist. The fact that I find him handsome is an added bonus.

Honestly, there was not one bad or awkward moment the entire time. I was in trouble before I went, and now I’m definitely a goner. He’s coming to visit me in August.

June 2, 2010

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by: Anonymous

I am very happy for you! Love is in the air!

Good news!
by: Anonymous

Hi Hope, having followed your various posts with interest, I'm very happy to hear it's working out for you!! When's the wedding?! ;)

by: Hope


Thank you for your support. I hope love is surrounding you as well!

Re: Good News
by: Hope

Thank you. Who knows what the future holds for any of us, but so far, so good. Mostly I think it is simply the perfect timing for both of us.

Regarding wedding plans - he's never mentioned it, but if he is ever inclined to ask, my answer will be a resounding YES!

Wow Hope!
by: ~Scorp42

I am sooo happy for you. Finally you two got to meet. I must say that you should enjoy the ride. If he has introduced you to his family and friends then in his mind you are his lady. The two of you built your friendship via email/chat so now is the time to really start enjoying each other. Don't expect a proposal any time soon as Aquarian men fear it. In my experience Aquarian MEN not boys are very attentive and such gentleman. They take us Scorpio women to a place in our mind and heart that we have never been before. The chemistry is unreal. I must say that I understand how you feel about being in trouble. I thought that in the beginning as well. I no longer feel that, as time goes on you will feel the most safe and secure that you've ever felt in a relationship. I would not give my Aquarian sweetie up for a billion dollars! He is priceless and makes me a better woman. What I love about the Aquarian man Scorpio women union is that the Aquarian man takes his time and let's love happen the old fashioned way. Courting and dating and laughing and sharing. It feels like nothing I have ever encountered. Hope, we have to stay in touch and see where we are in about 2 or 3 years. My relaionship is approaching 1 year even though the two of us have been close for almost 2 years. We had our first tiff a week ago. It lasted all of 10 minutes that he was angry with me. The making up was the most magical ever! So this is what "Real Love" feels like. Enjoy it Hope, it only gets better.

To: Scorp42
by: Hope


I was wondering if you were still around. I can't stop smiling. I am glad I am reading about both sides of the coin on Aquarius men. Funny, he behaves as though he thinks astrology is a bunch of hooey, but sometimes will make a comment about my Scorpio(ness)!

I agree with you about feeling safe (both emotionally and physically). Although I am quite capable of taking care of myself in both of those arenas, there is just something about this man that is reassuringly trustworthy, reliable, and will hold my privacy in the highest regard.

Glad to hear that you are your Aqua man are still going strong!

For Hope
by: Halloween

Hope I have been following your story and I am so happy for you! Through your experiences I can tell that my Aqua dude has developed a trustful friendship with me that has gotten deeper and more meaningful to him.

I want this man and I am going to get him! I would like your feedback on my situations, if possible. This forum is so helpful and necessary. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from anyone else on this site.

Thanks all!


Re: In Love and In Trouble
by: Hope

Hi Halloween,

Thank you and I am rooting for you and your Aqua as well!

I definitely hear you about realizing the potential of this match and being willing to do what is takes to see it to fruition. I knew early on smitten I was. However, my Aqua had other plans and slowed my roll waaaaaay down.

For all their wonderful Planet of Neptune thoughts and heads in Uranus, there seems to be a very logical and practical side to them as well. Refusing to jump in blindly into serious emotional entanglements is an example of thier practicality.

I'm hardly an expert - this is the first Aqua man I have the honor of knowing, but I'll be around and am happy to share our experiences. There is lots of good information and varying perspectives here.

For Hope
by: Halloween

Yes, he is worth the wait. He is intellectually stimulating, confident, established and extremely fun to be around and has sex appeal out of this world!!!

One of my girlfriends met him and she saw the twinkle in his eye and the admiration he showed to me. She also commented on how handsome he is for his age. He is a mature man in good physical shape.

I have grown to love his independence because I love mine too. I just want to see more of him without having to run into him at our favorite night spot. That game is getting old.

I have been loved by many but have only been in love once. He is the first guy that has given me tingles (the way I want to feel them) in a long time. I'm really into him but I have to be careful not to show too much because I can tell when he's studying me. I love it!

Whenever I visit him, he wants me to stay until he has to leave the next day. He holds me when he's sleeping and will reach for me during the night even if one of us has to shift our weight.

I can't wait to see him again! I am burning for his companionship and I love the way I'm feeling! It's been a loooooong time!


Not in love and in trouble
by: Lance

This is kind of funny. I'm an Aquarius man and if anyone asked I too would say that astrology is a bunch of hooey. However here I am (on a friday night!) reading an astrology website and agreeing with nearly everything I have read.

My inner scientist still refuses to accept that there's anything behind it, even though there's no way it should be this accurate! Maybe Aquarians just have some anti-astrology gene?!

In fairness though this is the first site which I have felt is so accurate. Clearly some astrologers are better than others. I wish it had the facility to meet women of a given sign as I'm now fairly convinced that a Scorpio is perfect for me.

Best of luck to you Hope, and thanks for sharing your experiences. You really are a ray of hope for many of us who might otherwise give up on the concept of true love. I'm sure there are 100 readers for every poster on message boards like this, so 'thanks!' on behalf of all of them.

I don't believe in karma, but if it exists I'd say you have earned a large portion by taking the time to help others here. (same applies to you other gorgeous Scorpio ladies posting here of course!)

Re: Not in love and in trouble
by: Halloween

Why are you not in love? It's a wonderful thing as long as both parties understand that humans cannot be owned by one another. We should explore and enjoy interacting without feeling constraints.

I love a sociable man that knows where home is, that also longs for the comfort and stability home can bring to the soul.

Can you help with giving insight to this Scorpio Female/Aquarius Male site?

In Love and In Trouble
by: Life Is good

I am happy for you.

Re: Life is Good
by: Hope

Thank you for your support L.I.G.! Life IS Good!

Hi Lance,
It’s good to see more Aquarian men contributing. I keep reading where Scorpio and Aquarius are difficult together as romantic partners. Our communication styles are certainly very different. I look back over his 2-liner emails in comparison to my paragraphs. Oddly, when I started writing more succinctly, he asked why.

It is also interesting how I would write about something in detail, and he would never even respond to it. Weeks later, he would say something like, "Well I know you have a passion for human rights..." I have learned that he missed very little, even if he doesn't talk about it.

No Responce Email
by: Scorp42

Hope, I can totally identify with you and your extensively detailed emails and the one or two liners back. My sweetie generally will send me a one or two word responce to a long text message I have sent him. When we get together he does each and everything I have asked for or mentioned in my text. He forgets NOTHING. If I tell him "I like it when you..." Trust me he not only continues to do it but more often. I may send him a detailed text and I won't get a response. Later out of the blue he will bring up something pertaining to what I said in the text a couple days ago. Lance maybe you can give us some insight on why you guys do that. I chalked it up to him needing time to process everything I have said. I will say this Scorpio ladies, if you ever make you Aquarian mad look out for an intense anger display. It's quick and usually loud, straight to the point and done. Once they cool down from the anger they will be sorry for their outburst. The reason I brought it up is because when they are angry at you that is when most of the questions you needed answers to will come out. Making my guy mad was very benificial to our growth. I asked him a few questions about us. He refused to answer me, however when angered later (unintentially) I heard it all. It was crazy to hear him profess how he feels about me and his love for me in that volume but I think he was a bit releaved to get it off his chest. He more than made up for his anger later. Soooo worth it.

In Love and IN trouble
by: Life is Good

Hope, keep things going strong. I am stiil in limbo. I do miss him so much, but will give him time and space.

For Life Is Good
by: Scorp42

Life Is Good, you are doing the right thing. The one thing I have said over and over again is that you have to have patience with Aquarian men like you wouldn't believe. They totally appreciate it. Hang in there if you think he is worth it.

Scorp42 answers
by: Mr Vir

You wanted to know why an Aqua doesn't bring things up as soon as they are mentioned? We do it because we notice a lot of things and it would be an odd conversation if we needed to chip in on everything we here. We do not really have an 'in one ear out of the other' mentality. Plus, we get brownie points for remembering things later on. (Smiles)

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