In love but confused by Taurus man

by Triggerhappy
(City of Angels, Ca)

It was an attraction that started back in October/November. This Taurus fellow happened to send me a message through a social networking application through my iphone. As I looked at his picture, I happened to know him from high school. This fellow was part of another circle of friends that I hung out with back in the days. Apparently as we continued to chat, his best friend who happens to also be a very good friend of mine that I dated in the past took interest in me as well. As my fellow Taurus and I continued to chat every day, he would always call me "hun", "love", and all sorts of words of endearment. Made me always feel special.

One night during a birthday gathering, his circle of friends which includes his best friend and I all hang out. It was a good night in which I past out in a small room and woke up with a jacket over me and MR. Fellow Taurus laying in a chair next to me! I was really swept away with this move because it showed me that despite us not really hanging out much that night, he was there at the end of the day beside me. We ended up going back to his car to talk and eventually made out. Headed back to his house and Yes, we hooked up that early morning for the first time and it was unbelievable. It was passionate and my heart felt warm. I've never felt this way before. After that hook up, he would continue to keep in touch with me and would always invite me over. We'd go out at the end of the week, have dinner, then head back to his place to enjoy each others company. He had expressed to me that he was falling for me and that I told him the same as well. He is also aware that I had just recently came out of a divorce so part of me is really hesitant to start another relationship again as he had expressed to me that instead of his best friend hooking up with me, he wanted me for himself and not for his friend. His best friend had made it aware to me that he's the kind of guy that has that "playboy" image and loves to host and "bartend" at parties. He's quite a ladies man as he's a really great dancer as well as a poet who enjoys doing slam poetry. He's quite a busy guy as he works with computers and designs web sites. I always gave him his space as at times when I would take initiative to hang out with him, he'll say things like "I just want to lay low tonight" which would give me weird signals, but nevertheless, I'd still show up at his door and we'd watch movies all night. His best friend and I had already shared with each other that it would be best as just friends so after that I focused all my attention on MR fellow taurus. The last time we enjoyed each others company was in the beginning of December. The weeks in between I did what I could to see him, but he had his obligations and hw to do as he was in the process of completing his third degree in college. We were suppose to go on a new years trip together along with his other set of friends, but an accident happened with me that did not allow me to go. From January to Feb we managed to still keep in touch.. He tried to make his last advances towards me the weekend before valentines day, but drama happened with a girlfriend of mine which crapped out on my chances to hang out with him that weekend. He had this impression I ended up going out with someone else on Valentines because of a tweet I put out in regards to being taken to some location as a surprise by an old friend. I tried to call him Monday morning to talk, but no answer. He acknowledged my missed call and I said it was alright. I noticed after I mentioned to his best friend in the beginning that MR. Fellow Taurus' way of flirting with me was making me feel a little odd, then he just started chatting with me without using words of endearment. It was more casual. His twitter is the only thing right now keeping me connected to him and just recently (half a year later), I'm driving out of my neighborhood and see his best friend in his car passing by. I text him and he gets back and tells me that I should keep in touch. I respond by telling him we should have lunch sometime and he responds right away by asking to have lunch the following day. I took the opportunity as I have missed those circle of friends which is keeping me connected to MR fellow Taurus. I've tried texting MR fellow lately, but he hasn't been responding in a timely manner as he use to. Makes me think he doesn't care anymore which makes me so sad. One of his last tweets was 112 - "Only You". Not sure if any of you are familiar with it, but it's a song that for some reason makes me think it's about me only because he had always asked me, "so are we dating?" or that possibility of being more than just that. I know he wanted more, but I would always tell him to just roll with it for now only because I still feel like I've just barely gotten out of a marriage. We never really had a chance to express to each other how we really felt or to put any sort of closure on our "dating" fiascos. I feel that I just needed this time to really see if he's someone I can see myself with and now I do. I've spent the past 6 months just focusing on myself and all I want now is for him to know that I truly care, but I feel like I can't get his attention. When his best friend and I went out for lunch, the first question he had asked me was if I dated his friend in which I said yes. I then added that it had been awhile since we last chilled and that we just got so busy. His reply was "well yea everyone tends to get busy tho". Wasn't sure what to think with that response, but then with that question, made me wonder if he was still interested in me? He brought up the fact that he had gone on another date since we last dated, but he had recently ended it with them. Well I can tell you that from that whole lunch "date", I was thinking more about MR fellow taurus and how I could get to see him again and make him realize he's what I want. What to do what to do... I really need help with the taurus man. I'm an aquarius, but I'm really down to earth and I do tend to go with the flow of things often. I like to surprise people as I have done for him while he was at work. I missed him so much, I dropped by his house and put a piece of pie and two pellegrino bottles in his fridge. That's how much I care. I knew he loved food and deserts and I went out of my way to do surprise him with it. I just feel sad that he's not really acknowledging me much. I text him on his birthday not too long ago and it took him a whole weekend to get back to me. He apologized, but thanked me for the well wishes. I really don't know what to think because now I want to pursue this. Any advice would be grand, thanks!

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move on
by: Aquagirl

Sweetie, he is sending you a clear message that he is not interested,and replies to your calls, etc.,out of politeness...I would strongly suggest to forget about him and focus on your!!! life/career/education. You need more time to sort your head out after the divorce to make good decisions and judgements about people. You will find someone else soon, i promise you that...

Advice taken
by: Triggerhappy

Its been a month or so since we actually last communicated through text and it definitely became apparent that this taurus fella lost interest. I was more trying to understand where it may have went wrong, but I suppose it's no longer worth finding out now since I stopped greeting him. I did leave him a last message asking him if everything was ok and that I hope in the future we'd be able to hang out again as friends and that was that. I'm sure someone will tell me that I shouldn't have bothered with that last message, but I'm such a nice person that I don't hold grudges nor do I just completely forget about someone I care about. I did Delete all messages we had exchanged by phone so that I wouldn't look back and wonder and feel sad about it. Since then, I've been enjoying and having a wonderful time with good friends and family. I appreciate your response and I thank you for your advice.

Taurus Male
by: Anonymous

Hi sweetie, I'm a Taurus female and I can tell you that he loves you and not just likes you, that's why he kept asking you if you were dating.
Us Taurus people love stability and serious relationships. We don't like to just hang around and "go with the flow" and will run in the opposite direction when someone tells us to do so.

Commit to him if you really like him, you wont regret it.

The thrill of the chase
by: Venus in Aries

I'm a Taurus with a Venus in Aries. I'm actually on the cusp on Aries/Taurus as well. Your Taurus man may possess those same traits. How do I know? He 'c**kblocked' his own best friend to see who was going to get into your draws first. For him, he simply just enjoyed the thrill of the chase. His best friend clearly gave you his dating history. His BFF may have been jaded, beaten to the punch, who knows! But anyways, your taurus' actions is a clear indication that his best friend was telling the truth. A Taurus with a Venus in Aries tend to move a little quickly with less caution. They're more passionate and less guarded, but unfortunately still possess the obstinate traits of a typical Taurus. Once they lose interest ( and in his case, real fast once the sex has been obtained), then they become much more resilient in not seeing any possible future with you, or giving you a fair chance.
Because he's still a Taurus ( and not your typical Aries or Sag), he will not cut you out of his life completely. We're very loyal to those who are loyal to us. Your tokens of affection will still be appreciated and he may continue to keep you close to his heart, but not in a relationship setting.
Good Luck!

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