In love with a Libra man

I am Libra myself and have been attending Saturday classes to further my career and I didn't know my lecturer was Libra until we went out on Saturday, talked and he told me he was attracted to me. Through all our conversations we managed to speak about the starsigns and we happen to be 8 days apart. Now usually I don't entertain this much, but I have found such comfort in knowing him and although our situation is rather complicated I cannot get him out of my head. He understands me and is on my level almost all of the time. He's older, so that means he knows a bit more, but he's still Libra and it shows. I love his passion about life, love and wanting to commit which is what I am looking for, but sometimes it seems like it's too good to be true. But nevertheless I am hopeful that we will get together, if not, then at least I experienced the rush of what seemed like a perfect relationship.

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