In love with a Sagittarius Man

by Tracey

I am a Sagittarius woman who has had an intimate relationship with a Sag man on and off for over 10 years. He has a girlfriend but claims the relationship is rocky. We have so much in common but yet we are so different. I can be somewhat of a drama queen that sometimes gets on his nerves.

He can be very blunt and to the point and that sometimes hurts my feelings. He also makes every situation about him. And he controls the entire relationship. I often wonder if I'll always be the girl on the side? At this point it looks like I will.I love him but I have to find a way to let him go that won't have me so depressed that I won't come out of my room for weeks.

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as a sag women
by: Anonymous

baby you have to be sexually aggressive you what you want is what he wants thats why you have been on and off for 10 year. as he can be some times an asshole the same way you can be a bitch treat him with the treat same respect that you want him to treat you be cause your more of the same person than you think you just have to be conscious of what goes one study him look at each others similarities thats why he keeps coming back because no one's got it like you. im sag man who wondered why can't i ever be happy in relationships then i became aware of my flaws and have now have a happy emotional and sexual relationship with my wife who is also a sag. but it works both ways you can ether be the fish or the fisherman.
p.s. sag men we are a bit insecure thats why when we get into a relationships after a month or so we end it because we are afraid of our flaws and try to hide them instead of improving them. and thats what i believe makes the perfect sag man. improvment

Speak Up !
by: Anonymous

i have to thanks the last poster .. Finally a little insite ....I'm a sag woman married to a Sag man myself .. I wish you guys would speak up more .. you can be such a puzzle when it comes to your feelings or what your thinking, and although female sag's are not much better when it comes down to the truth about what we are feeling deep inside .. at least we try . we share the surface problems easy enough but bottle up too much of the deep rooted thoughts and feelings out of fear of being hurt ... I implore you Sag men out there .. this is a great place to tell us what's really going on inside your heads no holds barred ...Speak up Guys

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