In love with a Taurus man - need help understanding

by Deanna
(San Diego, CA USA)

Hello, I'm a 40+ year old Scorpio who has found herself in a battle for love from her 50+ male Taurus professor who is married. I know this situation is already intense, but I have no idea what it is about this man, why I can't walk away from him.

He is extremely flirtatious with me and says things to me that I don't know how to process, I feel like I'm at his whim because, I'm not myself and I'm so confused. These feelings, all of which, I'm not used to because I am usually very true to my zodiac with the exception of being bitchy and possessive. I've had other students make comments about how they think the professor likes me, how can I know? do I trust my intuition and believe what I know I see? I don't want to read to much into the things he says...When I expressed my feelings to him he acted surprised, but surprised because I told him not because he didn't know, he said he was flattered (he reiterated how flattered he was) and then said I'm happily married and nothing is going to change that...I heard what he said...then the next class session I was explaining to him why I couldn't as a student call him by his first name, 1) because you ain't my man and 2) because you ain't my friend...his response if I were one of those what would you call me? Does that sound like a man who is happily married and nothing is going to change that or is me? I just want to know what he is feeling...what he is really feeling so that I can move on. If there is nothing to become of this that's fine say that, live that act like that is true - but if there is something else...OMG! please tell me. by the way, his wife looks like she is a tyrant, it causes me to think how happy is he? One other thing, as I said he flirts with all the time, he teaches another class that I am not enrolled in, but I don't have a class at that time so he always invites me to come and sit in his class (the one I'm not enrolled in) and to sit next to him, all of these gestures, I of course enjoy, but he no longer asks me questions about myself in any capacity, although he makes remarks about me, in the class that we have together, he never makes comments about my hair styles or my perfumes, but the other day I dropped my water bottle and I went to pick it up and he said let me get that, I heard him but I was going to do it anyway as I approached the bottle I went to bend over and he said wait wait ...let me get that for you...he bent over picked up the bottle and said to me that lady should not ever have to do those kinds of things...then he handed me the bottle...I'm constantly blown away by his behavior-even though I hear what he is saying...

can someone help shed some light on this for me, please

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excuse you
by: Anonymous

married, do you really think he would commit to you if he can't to her? No matter what, you're fooling yourself!

You deserve better
by: Anonymous

Men always like women, its something they are born with. You told this taurus man that you like him so he is being extra nice with you and ofcourse being flirtatious as well. He just likes the extra attention you are giving him. Try to ignore him for some days, then see how he behaves, you might get your answer. I hope you get over him, after all he's married.

Opposite sins of the zodiac
by: Aphrodite Bull

There will always be a magnetic attraction between Scorpios and Tauruses. They are opposite signs of the zodiac. Both signs are highly sexed! I am not passing judgement. He may, perhaps feel the same unexplained connection to you as well (which,I'm sure is where the flirting comes in). I hate to disappoint you, but he will NEVER act on those feelings. This man , although flirtacious, holds marriage in high regards. This is one of his strongest ethical qualities. Family and loyalty. I hope this helps.

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