In Love With A Taurus Man

by Abbie
(United Kingdon)

I met a Taurus man a few months ago and I think he's absolutely wonderful! He's a very typical Taurean - steady, cautious, down-to-earth but so attentive! We are friends at the moment but hoping to move to something more - being a Taurus then he is playing it very carefully and considering everything to minute detail before making that step forward. Normally I wouldn't be so patient with a guy but he's such a catch for me that I am prepared to curb my enthusiasm until he catches up to me!

I'm a Capricorn so I have been over the moon that Capricorn-Taurus are such an amazing match - not that I needed to find this out as we get on so well together; we are both conservative and sensible and whilst some people would find us dull as dishwater, I find him making me feel the most secure I have ever felt with a man, he's open and honest and not scared off by my emotions.

He really is my perfect match :-)

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2010 august
by: Anonymous

Hi, he just wants to have some no strings attached sex. Find somebody with less baggage-why you need that? BTW, what is your star sign? Love x

AUGUST 2010 anonymous
by: Anonymous

You're a cynic. and somewhat mean spirited. YOU'RE CERTAINLY NOT A TAURUS...BUT a taurus hater.

A little more advice
by: Brama Bull

Just getting out of a relationship with a capicorn I can say that you are more than compatible. The key to a taurus is definitely patience. We all have checklist of what we are looking for. If you have peaked his interest then he is already checking his list but that will take some time. We like to so our potential mate in real life situations to see how you respond to things. We dont like weak women but we dont like bossy women as well. Cater to his senses we are fatally attracted to girly girls. Trust me on that. It plays on our need to always have the best public image and looking your best all the time is a must. We can wholeheartedly give ourselves to our mate but we have to make sure she worth the effort. Also you have to let him know that you are interested in him and keep it consistent. Sometime we have to be hit over head a million times before we take action but when we do watch out. in the meantime its best to understand the taurus male and brush up on his likes and dislikes. Have you seen a farmer try to move a bull that refuses to move it really. Its futile. Dont pull us in any direction we are not prepared to go. hope this helps

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