In love with a Taurus man

by Lost one

I have been seeing a Taurus man for a little over 2 years. It's been decent until I found out he had a g/f for about a year and a half. I'm a Scorpio woman and it's bothering me. This man has told me he loves me on about 3 occasions and during our friendship I have not bothered him for a relationship. When I found out abot the g/f I exposed him for lying. I told her a lot of things that maybe I shouldn't have. He still calls and texts occasionally it's only been a little over a month but we have seen each other intamitlly sice the whole ordeal, and he still brings me around his family. I am upset with him but I can't get him off my mind, I truly feel that he still loves me and that we can make something happen just not right now. Am I crazy for this feeling, should I just give up on him with me knowing I love him? Or should I just give it some time ?? I'm fully single and happy but I realized how much I loved him after this ordeal and I don't know what to do?? He says he loves me as a friend now and I don't believe him?? We are both very stubborn !

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*** update ***
by: Lost One 

Since I sent this in its been a few more months we are still friends he has gone back to the girl and tried to have sex with me .. I gave in at first but I'm proud to say that I rejected him the last time and I don't know what to expect now from him any imput would be appreciated .. Thanks 

by: Anonymous

Girl Girl Girl. If a taurus man already has a woman you need to understand that he is NOT going to leave her completely unless she does something crazy or drastic like cheating or disrespecting his family or making it known that she's playing games with him and his heart. Although if a Taurus man doesn't feel appreciated, cherished, loved, or stable in a relationship emotionally they will look else where to fill in the gaps. But once their partner gets it together, if it's not too late, he will throw whatever is on the side by the curb and won't look back. At least until his chosen one mess's up again. My brother does this. I've noticed that he prefers a relationship over being single any day. He doesn't mind being single, but he's always looking for "that one". So basically what I'm telling you is, I think you are his rebound chick. He only comes to you when things aren't working out with him and his girl, or he just might be stringing you along bringing you around the fam and telling you how much he cares just to insure he has a secure spot in your life AND in your heart Juuuust in case ms.Thang (the girlfriend) mess's up. Believe me I lived with a taurus for 22 yrs (my brother), my first was taurus, and the guy I've been dating on and off for 3 years is a taurus. Be careful and good luck.

by: Lost one 😍

Yeah, your right I pretty much figured that regardless if he loves me or not he's not leaving his girl ... So I am finally back to being at least a friend to him, shoot I had to change my number b/c he wouldn't stop calling or texting me, he piped up to my house after that and we agreed he could still email me if he needed to, but now things are fine and we are still friends, So I say it's a win win situation, we were able to hold on to the friendship but I'm still single and loving it, even tho I have feelings for him and I know he has some for me, I'm just gonna let this one go ... Thanks tho

by: daga

Here are my thoughts sweetheart play mind games with him what gives his a Taurus ass the right to play mind games with u and mess with you re emotions u wanna make his mate have him by the bull s tell her he tried sleeping with u ask what give him the right to have his cake and eating it too

daga is right
by: me

What a nasty piece of work! Selfish and stupid pig of a man! Why on earth do you want to be friends with it? Are you that desperate for a friendship9 what about a sisterhood? Tell his girlfriend he slept with you behind her back and then dump his selfish ass!good luck!

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