In mad love with a scorpio man

by uknw
( alaska)

I am an Aquarius madly in love with a Scorpio man. He is a teacher at my high school and i love everything about him his negativity as well as his positives. i want to stop liking him but dont know how its like he put some sort of spell on me and i want to be freed of loving him because loving him is so painful knowing that i can never truly have him or his heart for myself to keep :(. we are almost the same age me 18 and him 23. i dont think he'll ever like me in the same sense as i like him but sometimes i feel he is attracted to my looks but i want him to fall in love with me sooo bad, i want him more because i know i can never have him thats another Aquarius trait of mine we want what we cant have. i cant wait until he leaves my school because thats the only way i can ever move on and end my love for him if he is completely out of my life no matter how much it will hurt me at first i dont care . i think he thinks am weird unable to read which i am because i always give him mixed signals to confuse him because i dont want him to know i love him until i know he loves or even likes me back .this is the first time ever i have fallen in love usually i will really like someone and then get easily bored but with him ive loved him for a year without him knowing it . i just want him to reject me or something so i can be free and hes not the first Scorpio i liked but he is the first one i loved. not a day or minute goes by without me thinking about him what hes doing who hes with i really want to make him happy. sometimes i really think he likes me too but then its only looks on the days where i actually fix myself. i look him straight in the eye when talking to him and he does the same but i do it because i love him i wonder why he does it.

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you can do it!
by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarius woman and I say if you like this Scorpio man, go for it! I am dating a Scorpio man and he likes the fact that I am bold enough to ask him out and be who I am. I am so happy and would not trade him for any other male. I found out I have a Scorpio Moon, Mars and Neptune, in my chart and that helps with our bond. Maybe you have Scorpio in your chart and that is why you 2 are attracted to eachother? Have you checked? Anyway, I honestly think that if you are that into this man, that you should atleast try to get to know him and see what happends. Just remember to give him time, and his space. Also he wont come right out and tell you how he feels... but if he does not tell you anything bad, just go with the idea that it's all good... and keep busy so you don't analyze it to death or you will drive him crazy. LOL I did this. I wish you the best. :o)

Oh God
by: Anonymous

I am gay and Aquarian and have fallen for a very dear friend of mine who is a Scorpio and I am going through pretty much the same. I am deeply in love with him and i care a lot about him. The thing is he is straight and he told me that he can never think about me that way. Actually I have known him for quite some time and never thought about him that way until recently when he started flirting with some chick. I felt my heart squeezed out of breath when that happened and realized that he meant so much more to me. We have had a couple of conversations regarding this and he insists taht he will always be my friend for life. I am a wasted soul right now and I don know how to handle his silences at times. I want him to open up and talk to me about whatever it is that he is going through. I so want him to make me his. I guess I already am his. He knows so much more about me than I do about him and I don know how to get to know him more. Even if I cant be lovers with him I dont want to lose our friendship. I have a Piscean ascendant so I hope it helps with our compatibility. Everywhere I see, it says Scorpio and Aquarius are incompatible. So my request to the Universe is to grow love in his heart for me and make me his forever, to create love and understanding between us and bring us together. Somehow, I feel deep down that he is the one through whom I will come into my own.

Have fun and be happy
by: Another Aquarius

I don't know what happened with your love story girl and If your scorpio teacher is still around but i can just say that all scorpios love attention from opposite sex whether young or old,colleague,boss,student etc etc they don't mind lol! It's because it's a boost to their already giant ego.You don't know how many times I've used it as a tool to get what I want from them ( mostly sex).They are suckers for compliments ( don't over do it coz they'll grow suspicious ).Play hot and cold.Show interest and then go silent.Tease him mentally and throw those deep hypnotic stares like he's the only one in the room.Dress to impress but nothing slutty.Be as graceful and charming as possible.Scorpios dig that.Show loyalty and care.Perhaps he stares back at you because he has the same thing going on his mind.You think he doesn't know but scorpios always know who is interested in them.He's a bit old fashioned so don't throw yourself at him, he'll never respect you for doing that.Even when they said no for a real relationship beacuse of girl friend or wife they could never say no to sex invitation from me ( married ones give in easily while you have to really earn the trust of single scorpios to get in their pants).. lol.And you kind of get over your feelings for him after that. Well..atleast in my case because I'm just curious what's the big fuss about " sex with scorpio ".He might not get involved emotionally with you but atleast you might get lucky to experience the other " good stuff " they are famous for ;) something is always better than nothing lol.We aquarians idealize romance and see our sweetheart through our eyes.We are completely blind to our lover's flaws.Scorpio is not naive and has many layers so don't be in any delusion.They aren't innocent.

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