In Need of Aries Mans Advice

by The Bold And Sexxy Libran Woman

I have been in love with an Aries man for 11 years and haven't had sex with him since we were 19 yrs old. This Aries man had me at "Hello". I met this man by my sister and immediately attraction between us both were unbreakable. We were tangled together for 3 days straight and it ended with a quick and sudden move to a different state.

I tried to get in contact with him 3 mos after and found out that he was on his way to the alter. There after I was with child and on my way to the alter. Five years later we both were divorced and remarried.. We both were trying to contact each other by the way of Siblings, but we were always involved with someone else. Just 6 mos ago he found me through FaceBook. I quickly divorced my Husband to be with him because I did not want to miss my opportunity again to be with him.

I moved to a different state to be closer to him but not moved with him. He lives in a different city then myself, but we are in the same state. Although we have been in the same city at one point of time. We failed to see each other. We continued to talk and text with pictures going back and forth. But nothing.

So being the bold and classy Libran woman that I am. I arranged and made a trip to the city that he lives in. And still we have not seen or touched each other. The communication between us has dwindled to a minimum call of twice a week from him. I continue to call and text regularly.

Now, I have not had sex with anyone for 6 mos because I want to save that for him. Yet the same unresponse to my love to him has gone unanswered. So, mistakenly, I played a game to make him jealous by asking his permission to go out on a date with a random guy. I wanted to see if his reaction would be that of a guy that would tell me "No" instead he told me to "Enjoy my Date". I asked him why would he give me permission and did he want me to move on and his reply was "Your the one that seems to want to move on". I replied back with a "Yeah Right, You know that you are the only one for me". I was so hurt by his response that I broke down and cried on his Voice Mail. I apologized for it and told him that I will never say or do anything that would hurt him again as I thought that I may have hurt him. I have not heard from him in 5 days. And all of my calls to him go straight to Voice Mail.

I finally broke down and told him by text how I felt and apologized for being deceitful and playing a mind game with him. But I still have not heard from him yet.. I am so in Love with the Aries Man that I can not even talk or see another man. Now, I am always being asked on a dates daily. But, I 99.9999% always turn them down. I don't want to miss my chance of having him in my life by having someone in the mix.

Have I lost him? Will my Aries love ever return? I need Your Advice Aries Man...

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time to move on I fear...
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, you made a big mistake by playing games with him and also by trying to get him jealous. Both are big no nos to an Aries so I fear that you have lost him. You need time to move on I fear and I think that you also need to consider some of the offers coming your way instead of holding on for dear life. I am not saying this to upset you, but a relationship should never make you feel like this - it should make you feel on top of the world etc. Good luck for life is too short to hold onto the past.

Truth hurts sometimes
by: Aries

I agree with the previous post. Aries' like to feel that they are the only ones in your world and if there is ever any indication that you might want to be with someone else, we're done. We think you're not interested and there's no point in spending any more thoughts/efforts on something that has no chance.

Sadly, your plan to make him jealous backfired. It probably made him jealous but it was probably also a huge turn-off.

Spend some time with close friends to cheer you up and if you ever encounter another Aries that you are interested in, be direct. No games.

This is what happened
by: Aries Man

I'll tell you were you went wrong. You pretty much gave up your life to pursue a chance with this guy. It seemed like you were obsessed with being with him. An Aries man will not respect that. you are showing him all of your cards. You left nothing for him to do and being an Aries, I would have ignored you as well. We are the hunters not the prey (to put it bluntly). Next time you have the opportunity at an Aries man, This is what you do. Wear something flattering but don't over do it. Perfume in a plus but not too strong. Let your eyes talk. Let him indirectly know that your available and you like him. If he shows you he's interested, he'll take it from there. Just sit back relax and enjoy the ride. make sure you have you seat belt on!!!

Don't let him catch you on a date with another dude during this process.

Thanks Aries Warriors
by: The Bold and Sexxy Libran Woman

Hey Guys:

My Aries man is the exception to the rule. He called me back after 2 weeks of silence and told me that he was "The Game Player of All Game Player" and I shouldn't have dont that. He will always win. I was very excited that he had called. I told him, "You really taught me a Lesson and I will never do that again". But I tell you what: he does not want me to see anyone else and He really wants me. He calls me everyday if not call he texts me. He wants to see my body and he wants me to call him every morning. I love this possessive side of him. I love that he claims me and show me who's Boss. But I still stick up for my self and stand when he goes to far. He is my Aries Warrior Chief and I am his Justified Subordinate General. I go to see him this November. He and I are very excited. You Aries men say you are not the Prey. But, I feel that you all love to be chased and captured. But your hunter has to be on their toes and keep running. I am prey and hunter, I am all woman to my Aries Warrior. I am a tease, porn star, soldier, sports lover, cook, bedroom specialist, sidekick and more to my Aries Warrior. He has already conquered me, now its time to conquer him. And he Love it. Yet I know to make him the Winner of all. He's my Aries Warrior.

by: Aries OX 25 MALE


.....back when I was younger like 3 girls I knew had that song "selfish" by kayne west as my ringtone on their phone...

its the way it is... but honesly.

I never felt like any of the guys they ever talked to were a threat to me...

Im 6'2 and dammmyum.. :) TDAH aka. tall dark and handsome.... :)~

they were all like 5'10 or shorter...

hahahahah... but idk.. I stopped talking to all of them... :)

Aries man
by: Leo

My aries is just so awesome 1 he's that kinda person whose always excited about things. i love seducing him and we have alot of fun . Though im a muslim, i cant have sex with him before marriage and right now he is in Pakistan and i'm in America. i might see him after 10 years and thats when we plan to get married. We talk every day . I am 17 and we are togather since 3 years.I came to usa recently and it does bother him alot but its all okay when i tell him that we will emet one day and do all the things taht we planned . And i had expected this when i read your post. I knew this was going to happen in the end. Aries men are loving and arent that kind that they would let some one cry. He loves you.. Jutsr wana say good luck :)

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