Independent Cancer

by Johnny

I would like to comment regarding Independent Cancer. "While very occasionally you may find an independent Cancer (perhaps with very heavy fire or air influences in their natal chart) the vast majority fit the above generalization."

I am one of those. I am Cancer (obbiously), but all my ruling planets are all Air and Fire, with the exception of the Moon which is an Earth sign.

So yes, I am VERY independent. I don't wish to see my partner for a particular amount of time. I surely don't need them to babysit me. I operate just fine on my own. But there are times I do wish them to be around, but usually my partner I choose has gotten so used to me being independent they usually don't return that "favor".

Just wanted to say finally someone has mention a possible variation of a Cancer that isn't needy. Good job

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Independent is an understatement
by: SAR

thank you, I think I know and love very much someone like you!

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