Insight and advice on Scorpio women

by Anonymous

First things first. Scorpios by nature are extremely intuitive and also NOT immune to flattery; just be sure that when you compliment her, it is GENUINELY felt. She will know instinctively if you are insincere regarding your flattery and you will have put points against you from the get go without even knowing it. False compliments to a Scorpio woman is nothing short of insulting her intelligence; a quality she prides herself on. She detests mendacity; lies and liars. She's a skeptic by nature yet she can recognize true sincerity a mile away. In fact, sincerity and vulnerability is the way to a healthy Scorpio's heart; it is only then that she will let down her guard and give you the privilege of entering. She respects truth, even if it's painful; so don't be afraid to be honest but always be tactful in expressing it. There is a deep sense of propriety within Scorpio even though they will never advertise it; it is sort of an unspoken rule. This is true with regards to immaturity as well. A Scorpio is an old soul; she wants a man who can hold his own, someone mature, honorable, dependable, devoted, and with a strength to match her own.

Scorpios are extremely loyal but they are also extremely selective in whom they decide to trust. The better versions of Leo personalities seem thus a perfect match for Scorpio's need of loyalty as well as equatable sexual prowess. Just never deceive her. It will be your undoing. She will never trust you again. And probably won't even let you know she found out you were being dishonest and (or) disloyal to her--just one day she won't be there! Scorpio females don't mind their men taking control now and then; there's a deep rooted femininity in a Scorpio female, they have a weak spot for chivalrous men (though they might not admit it). Just don't kid yourself into believing you will ever fully control her; this is not the type of woman who will be content to be barefoot and pregnant in your kitchen. If that's the type of woman you want then look elsewhere, Scorpio is too proud for that. She will expect you to clean, cook, change diapers, and child rear just as much as she; and watch out for the Scorpio TEMPER if you don't. Laziness and unfairness are contemptible qualities to a Scorpio; probably because she is willing to move mountains for the people she loves. Hence, she expects no less in return!

Jealousy? Yes, an inevitable quality; but if she is, you will rarely know it. It will be evident though when she makes you suffer similarly by indulging within a swarm of swooning men; never something that is a challenge for the Scorpio female to find, by the way. And all the while she will make certain you are aware of each facet of male attention she receives in her own aloof sort of way. The Solution: just remember Leo, all your innocent flirting will be ignored and humored as long as you make it evident and ceaselessly clear to her and everyone else that no matter how many attractive women are out there, Scorpio will always be your #1! Scorpio can also be extremely selfish due to their resourcefulness-induced independence and their genuine love of solitude. Yet again, a well-loved-and-adored Scorpio will be
more than willing to sacrifice this selfishness temporarily for the people deemed worthy of her love. The regularly needed SOLITUDE, however, is a requisite in keeping Scorpio's sanity. Solitude is where Scorpio rejuvenates.

So don't be afraid that you've lost the love of your Scorpion just because she can and often does avoid your company for lengthy periods of time; rest assured, her loyalty will be just as strong going in as it is coming out. AND TO YOUR BENEFIT, a refreshed Scorpio will be all the more happy to indulge in giving you what you want and need the minute she returns from her cave!

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by: Anonymous

i concur

The Cave
by: Queen of Hearts

Omg, yes! ... there must be that "cave" time. Why don't men understand that? I mean, we let them go play with their toys, why can't we sit and play a facebook game or watch a movie in peace without it being an issue?! Oh - I know, because we're secretly plotting their demise and must be watched at all times .. lol.

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