interested in female aries

by Chris

I met the most beautiful aries woman! First time we met, was INSTANT attraction! We talk for hours, about everything n anything! She recently came out on her own about her feelings, n see herself with me n loves hangn out. She wants to do hang out a lot, but, she is n a relationship. Her relationship is not the best, she is unhappy, but still has love for him, but wants to leave as well. She is confused about what 2 do. And def confused, cause out of the blue, she met me, n now has feelings for me. I told her I don't want to rush us or pressure her n2 leaving because I want her to make a honest n sure decision b4 she does ..meaning I don't want to be a rebound! Once she decides 2 leave him, I don't wanna rush still..I wanna do shit right with her cause I have that much respect n faith, we will have a good relationship. I am being very patient. Crazy thing is....her dude doesn't want us hanging out anymore, so now she doesn't know what to do about us! He is very jealous n alienates her from everybody! So now, we don't talk r chill as much! What do u think I should do? Be patient still, n wait for her to leave him? Or move on?

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You have to push her to action without actually pushing her.
by: Anonymous

That's a tricky situation that will require you to tell her exactly how you feel about her so she will have no doubt. Then you'll let her know that you will give her the time and space that she needs to finish up her current relationship. Also let her know that although you have your feelings for her, you miss having companionship and until she becomes yours, you will still date other women and hang out with them if you meet someone that you'd like to do that with. This will show her that you're not pressuring her to end the relationship she's in, but at the same time life does go on and you're human too and need love and attention. This will also push her to move more quickly to end her relationship because she will worry that while she's in the process of leaving him, it is a very real threat that you may find someone else that you want to start a relationship with. If she really loves you, she'll act fast, true to her Aries impatient nature, so that she can be with you asap. I'm an Aries woman and this is how I would want to be handled in this situation.

I'm an Aries Woman
by: Anonymous

This is a tricky situation. As an Aries I like romantic gestures and would guys who are assertive but willing to give time for my decision. I would say that the best course of action is to confront her and tell her exactly how you feel and that you don't really want to wait much longer. Point out why you think you would be better for her and give her flowers or something nice. Make sure she knows you are willing to give her time to think but also that you can't wait around forever. The trick is to be assertive without being pushy or demanding.

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