Introduced to a Leo guy

by CappyGirl11

About 3 months (April) ago i was introduced to a Leo guy through one of my Scorpio friends. I am a Capricorn. Me and this Leo Guy went out 3 times. The first time we hung out, i noticed his glaring eyes. He would just stare at me with these deep glares like he was trying to look inside me - no expression on his face - not a smile or frown - just glaring. We'd walk around my neighborhood and he'd always make the first move to touch me or play fight with me. I never tried to play fight or even make physical contact - the only time i ever really made physical contact with him was when we'd hug at the end of the night. Anyways, i was very attracted to this Leo boy and i know he was attracted to me too - for he bluntly told me that he wanted to have sex with me - but i hardly knew him...

After a while he seemed to slow up on communication then stop talking to me all together. This was a little over 2 months ago - somewhere at the end of May and i'm still not over him. We live in the same town but i'm not going to go knock on his door and try to ask him why he suddenly stopped talking to me, because as a Capricorn - that's not my stile and i have too much pride. What I want to know from a Male Leo perspective - If a girl didn't give herself up to you - would you move on? It's obvious that he wasn't really about anything and all i wanted was to become a friend and get to know him before we made any major moves. I've tried to say "Hello" or "How are you?" - no response, so i've given up and moved on to other things, yet i still wonder what went wrong.

I feel i am in the right because i didn't give in yet confused because with a situation like this, it's usually the other way around - you have sex with a guy then he stops talking to you and bumps you aside - BUT that didn't go down... And when it comes to the computability streak - i have Many Leo friends whom i love to death so i don't think that was a problem - i just don't under stand the male Lion psyche..

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by: Anonymous

Lol he's prolly embarrassed that he said he wanted to have sex with you and you didn't say anything back...try talking to him again

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