Involved with a married Cancer man

I am involved with a married Cancer man. He and I have been together for 3 years (I only found out a few months ago that he is married). He tells me he loves me and I believe that he does, however, what does that really mean to this sign?

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Mostly likely reason...
by: David-admin

Cheating is a complex subject with a lot of if's and buts (I've personally written over 100 articles on it!)

There are 20 or so main reasons why people have affairs. In the case of Cancer men the most common one is that they feel neglected by their partner. Often they justify it because their emotional needs aren't being met.

To answer your question then, love to a Cancer man means give and take, mutual support, mutual understanding, nurturing etc.

Of course, that doesn't change or excuse the fact that he's lied to you for 3+ years...

never leave
by: Anonymous

Cancer men will never leave their wives. Their first loyalty is to their family. He can do this forever with you but are you willing to do it. I've had to learn the hard way.

by: Anonymous

My question to the poster here is WHY are you three months after finding out he's married still with him? Because he loves you? Open your eyes! He took 3 years from you, isn't that enough?

I completely Understand you!!!!same boat!
by: cappymama

girl, i know that its hard but you must disconnect all contact with that man! phones, computers etc! i have been in the same boat. i was in a relationship with a cancer man and months later i found out he was married. it was hell! he wouldnt let me go and i knew he loved me and wished he could be with me, but there was no way! he treated me like a princess and even though i felt like he was the one. he also was an emotional disaster. think about it. if he did leave his wife, and got with you, he would cheat on you too. this was a hard one. i finally said forget it.i knew that he was talking to her the same way he would talk to me. tell her he loves her and was affectionate to her the same to me. the thought was unbearable and the pain was excruciating. i was always thinking about how they were together. even though she lives in a different state. i had to lose contact with him. it was hard as heck but i did it. he wasnt the person for me if he had lied to me all those months. im telling you get out! because even if you were to have a child with this married man or establish anything with this man, he will not leave her! never! so please do whats best for you. and dont let him sweet talk you back with him, and for that reason lose contact. good luck! and god bless! ;)

5 yr relationship with a cancer man
by: Anonymous

24 yrs ago I was with a cancer, he left me without a trace, years later after he married he contacted me and I gave him a one night stand. Yrs later he contacted me again but this time around I was married, no sexual contact though, only entertained him with phone calls and meeting him..Six months into that he called me to tell me we need to chill because wife was catching on (2005) in 2008 an unexpected call from him at a time when I needed someone the most, (I separated from husband) I gave in again..telling me how he felt about me, missing me and all...this time around as he was still with his wife we became very passionate lovers for 2 straight yrs. Meeting once a month, sometimes 2x then in 6/2010 his wife found out it was me and all hell broke lose. He called me to tell me and when I asked him was it over between us he said he didn't want to talk about it right now down the road we would face to face. Since 7/2010 I haven't heard from 2008, He had rented a PO box at post office for me to send him letters and cards, etc.till this day it is still open..what is that all about...I did send him letters & cards expressing how I felt but has not called me...Confused, I still love him....I know he wanted to continue the relationship.

Verbal Pimps
by: Anonymous

Cancer's can be verbal pimps when it comes to women and they know what to say and they will not leave their wives, but when their wives catch them they beg to be taken back. I know I was a cancer wife and even went back to him after several years and he would not stand up for me, he was still too involved with other women's attentions and was a verbal pimp to them as well. They know how to push those buttons with words that all women want to hear.

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