Is a Taurus man likely to cheat?

by Bella
(Minnesota )

I'm dating a 19 year old Taurus man, we've been on this for about 3 weeks, we actually met face-to-face last night for the first time. I was insanely nervous because well, im younger, and i was just really nervous(and excited) about the turn out of it all. It was amazing, we talked all night, we teased, we kissed, it was really perfect and he seemed to be really into me. But we had talked about his past um.. dates? (he's never had a girlfriend before, but a loooot of one-night-stand sorta deals without sex) and i he's alwways told me how he wants to get serious, he's over playing with girls. Im trying hard to believe him, and I REALLY like him, but im still scared i might get hurt...

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To the 19 yr old
by: Anonymous

Tauruses usually play the field until they find the real thing. We're quite selective people, and we do not invest ourselves emotionally until we're 100% sure about what we want.

While searching and keeping our options open, we look for instant gratification, usually sex. Yes, we're nymphos. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just being honest with you.

My advice to you. Before you take it any further with your Taurus (to ensure that you're not being used), hold out for sex a little longer. We're the
Davincis of seduction. Falling into a trap is imple. We pretty much get what we want.

Ask to meet his family members. If he's hesitant, he's not interested.
Ask him to meet your family members, if he's hesitant, he' not interested.
Ask him out for dinner or a movie, if he pulls a no call/no show, or make excuses, he's not interested.
If he doesn't display an acts of jealousy or exhibit any territorial behavior, then he doesn't see a serious relationship with you.

To the 19yr old (cont'd)
by: Anonymous

My advice, wait it out, and hold off until you start to see these signals.

Signs that a Taurus is really smitten with you...
1) Acts of mild jealousy and territorial behavior. He is going to want to acknowledge you in public. Lots of diaplays of affection, holding hands, and etc. This will ensure any man who is in the room that you're his. This man is not the sharing type.

2) Brings you around his family members. I guarantee you none of his 1-night stands have met them. We're very protective of our family memebers and the people in our lives who come in contact with them.

3) Generousity. When he's willing to give you the shirt off his back!

4) Reliabilty. Tauruses are known for this trait.
If he isn't falking on you, and his actions are consistent with his words, then he's defintely into you.

5) He will let you in...little by little, when he does this, don't judge him, just listen and support him, and he will continue to open up!

6) When you have his heart, he will be more flexible and less rigid!

by: Anonymous

The reason why he has a lot of one-night-deals is because he's searching for the one he ACTUALLY has a connection with; the one he TRULY loves. Since he found you, his search is over.

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