Is it scary dating a Scorpio woman?

I'm a Scorpio woman and having a hard time finding someone who I think is able to love me for who I am. Do you guys think that it's scary dating a Scorpio?

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by: David

For many signs it is scary dating a Scorpio, yes.

It's due to a combination of things - your intensity, honesty etc. Many signs like to start a relationship casually and on a light and fun level for a while. Meanwhile, Scorpios tend to want 'everything or nothing' very early on.

Most of the requests for advice I get from Scorpio's are along the lines of "I left him 27 voice mails yesterday and he is still ignoring me! How do I get his attention?!!!"

That kind of intensity can be very flattering to some signs (such as Cancer or Pisces) who see it for what it is. For other signs though (such as Virgo or Gemini) it can be very intimidating.

Is it scary dating a Scorpio woman?
by: Anonymous

I mostly agree with David. It is very scary to be involved with a Scorpio lady. Scorpio is very intense, powerful, and never shy in public as she is a woman; she is outspoken; outgoing and flirting around with many guys regardless of ages.

My feeling is against with this sign when I saw her at the first time by the way she expressed herself in the public. I don't really care that much because I knew that I'm cool and good. Finally, she came to me asked for a company and support; she is very emotional. She and I became friend. I told her I'm straight as Virgo and as a woman.

I'm very scared of her sometimes because she is verbally and physical abusive, but I never let those destroy our relationship. On a trip, she always took me away from a crowd; that made me scared even more; she promised me to be friend forever. Finally, she seemed forgot all. Yet, I still remain as the way I felt for her for we both friend and tons of photographs that we took together during a trip; I keep her in my family album. I hope once again when she done with the school(senior high school) we will going out to eat as she told me. She has my home and cell phone. Now, I have to leave her alone for awhile. I'm Virgo and still Love Scorpio-not all Scorpio are lucky. Lol....

Is it scary dating a Scorpio woman
by: Lilly

As a Scorpio woman, I want to bring a relief to those scared to date us...I think Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign, with a bad reputation. However, some things are true and some not.

First, it might really be difficult to date us or be friends for people born under certain signs. With a Gemini or Aquarius I will always have a great time because of their optimism and humor, but they are on million sides at one time, jumping from theme to theme of conversation, their attention lost and they are not very good listeners as they are speakers...

Scorpio's ideal date or friend is first a devoted person - yes, we are a bit possessive in a relationship, we don't flirt around and don't expect the other part do to it either. We respect the agreements and promises and are very dissapointed when someone turns us down or humiliates us. Yes, we easily get offended, if you said you'll call, and you don't explain why you didn't, we will be offended and won't take you seriously anymore.

That's because we are highly emotional, and have a dose of pessimism and dark depressive well, which overwhelms us when someone lets us down. And our sadness can be really great. And that doesn't mean we will hide and plan a secret revenge - for example with all my ex boyfriends I parted without neither a conflict, nor thoughts of revenge.
But in situations where someone insults me, puts down, humiliates etc., I will always react and 'return the punch'(but suffer because it happened for several days), and will always 'fight' for justice, be outspoken and protect my date, friend, or a person in the street that's bullied.
We are direct and respect fair play, never playing behind someone's back...We Scorpio women learn from our life experience and it's true that a dissapointing man in our life can make us very hurt and careful in our future relationships.
We will never tolerate cheating on us. And we will not cheat the man we love.
...We have some strange power of 'reincarnation' in difficult times, and misfortunes kick us down, but then lifts us with a new energy...

And we truly are sexual and passionate, but sex is not more important than a true connection with a loving person. We love strong, intelligent, handsome and equally passionate and strong men. I had greatest time with man under signs Saggittarius, Scorpio, Aries, and Taurus.

I know everything depends on many aspects and planets, but that's what I can say about my sign. )))

Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Dating a Scorpio can be very scary. But I do not think that it is a problem, at least a huge problem, for a Scorpio herself. It is a fact: those who are scared of her are not worth her. They are simply to weak for her taste, and not worth a second look in the first place anyway. One has to be a real 'man' to capture her attention and, frankly speaking, very brave. So, those who do dare dating her are at least have some 'guts' which she is looking for.

it can last
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and I think if I were someone else I'd be pretty scared of them. I'm in a relation with an Aquarius and even though I'm not supposed to love him match wise, I feel so conneceted to him and he's absolutely obsessed with me except not in the over whelming way. He always whispers the most seductive things even when people are around and he's not afraid to show his feelings. At first I was abit too "scorpio" for him , but now I have him at my fingertips :D I hope to last a long time with him.

by: purp

I know I was intimidating and "scary" as a teenager, mainly because my guy friends have told me so.. some years later lol I didnt personally see it, but reflecting back now I would say I was too outspoken, and sometimes unapproachable. However, now that I am a little older I wouldnt say I am as intimidating as I was before.. I always smile when meeting new ppl and always make conversation, I am still outspoken, but will think about what I have to say instead of blurting it out (sometimes I still do this if im talking about a subject I am passionate about) I really hate the revenge comments though..I have never been vengeful to anyone.. and I although I never forget, I always forgive, because frankly, its a waste of my time.
I do get over men/bad situations easily.. wallow in self pity for a week, go out and meet my friends the next.. never thought that was a scorpio trait till I started reading about it.. I know (very well) 5 scorpion woman, all like myself, calm, respectful and always laughing, however, I had currenly met a scorpion female.. what can I say? from another scorpion point of view, she is crazy!! total power trip, very rude, always gets what she wants, very vengeful and arguementative.. she is pretty much a phycho! so, it really depends on the ppl you meet.. and another thing, I am not a very jealous person (mainly to do with my upbringing)I love my man to travel with friends, meet new ppl, and enjoy life.. dnt get me wrong, if a girl is on serious flirt mode with him then I am going to have to get her shot :p But I believe this is a female trait not just a scorpio thing. I LOVE my space! I love being left alone and being at peace.. it helps me wind down and enjoy the quietness.. and the whole secret thing? I am secretive to an extent.. not because I enjoy it, but because its who I am.. it used to drive a family member crazy! lol he would ask me what am I thinking, even from a young age! but I was just day dreaming so I would smile and say nothing.. because it was nothing ;)So dnt take offence.. its just what I guess 'scorpio's' do

It is not scary to date a scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Just respect us. Give us great sex. Let us have our life. Don't start thinking that you are all that because you will be dropped. Give us excellent sex. Be very clear when you speak, with authority, it gets us turned on. Give us outstanding sex. Provide, don't be cheap, it makes us feel secure. Give us great sex.
Just laugh off our temper, then we'll feel silly and get over it. Try to match it? Oh yeah, good luck with that. Give us more great sex.
And yeah we like sex a lot. No addicted. But sex is awesome, helps us bond with our mate. Suck at it? Well, I don't know how that can work because we'll be thinking about someone else doing it better.

It shouldn't be.....
by: Julie

All this mojo made me giggle. I think it is fantastic being in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, infact I've never gotten one compliant in the past with exes, and my current beau can't get enough of his Scorpion Queen. When us Scorpio women do become aggressive however, it's blantly because someone has pissed us off and is trying to pull some underhanded bull crap that we never go for...Scorpio women are awesome. We mean well, for you and us, just DONT cross her or LIE or be all up in her business. We will let you know all that you need to know, everything else we keep to ourselves :)

Good Luck, Scorpio <3

Not scary just frustrating
by: Anonymous

Let me say I dated my Scorpio female for 3 years and I'm a Libra male.. when thing's are going good for us there going good there is a lot of communication, love etc.. but when thing's go bad watch out.. it's more so on her end.. and no I don't say that just to defend myself it's just her personality is very direct, very strong, intense and it creates conflict cause there is no agreeing or trying to solve a problem.. it's a my way or highway attitude.. I kinda like the direct attitude at times but not when fights come up.. good luck with one like I said there great women just you have to decided if you wanna handle the emotional side to them.. I could but for only so long!

Scorpio woman
by: Giselle

I love this comment, and I echo it... It is not scary to date a scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Just respect us. Give us great sex. Let us have our life. Don't start thinking that you are all that because you will be dropped. Give us excellent sex. Be very clear when you speak; with authority, it gets us turned on. Give us outstanding sex. Provide, don't be cheap, it makes us feel secure. Give us great sex.
Just laugh off our temper, then we'll feel silly and get over it. Try to match it? Oh yeah, good luck with that. Give us more great sex.
And yeah we like sex a lot. No addicted. But sex is awesome, helps us bond with our mate. Suck at it? Well, I don't know how that can work because we'll be thinking about someone else doing it better.

Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Yes, it is scary. I am a pisces male and have dated scorpio women. I have to be honest and say that the ones I have met are insane, jealous, needy, and controlling. This is just my anecdotal observation. I hope to meet a scorpio women who is not insecure. Anyways, I am a very outgoing Pisces and like to talk to everyone regardless of who they are. My ex Scorpio GF burned a hole through my head with her eyes after seeing me talk with a good looking woman. I was not flirting but just the act of talking to a good looking woman was what she called "disrespectful" to her. May be I should have talked to an ugly and fat woman? It is scary to date a Scorpio woman because they do not show their true personality and stay a mystery until it is too late. Usually I am open minded but asking me to disclose things about myself without disclosing things about yourself is not fair.

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman and agree with most of the comments on here. I do feel like most men feel I'm intimidating, more specifically concerning my sexual nature. Most men claim they want a woman who is confident in her sexuality but when they get one, all I get is speculation on how, what, when and why, I don't get it.
I admit I am very straight forward, especially when I'm interested in someone. I don't see the need to waste anyone's time or play games. I'm not the one to play coy. Sex is very important to me. When I'm in love, sex is a way to connect our souls together. I need a man that can understand that and not want to run the other way thinking I'm too intense.
I do try to think about what I say before I say it since being told I am too harsh and cold sometimes. I have definitely changed since I was a teenager and have come a long way in how I come across. I am very loving, caring and nurturing until someone lies to me and hurts me...all bets are off after that!! When I was younger I used to get black out mad and do crazy things to get revenge however as an adult I realize most of my revenge tactics hurt me as well as the other person so now my revenge is limited to living well and letting the other person see how much they've lost. I do tend to hold grudges and take a long time to get over betrayal(wish I could change that). I've yet to find a man who totally gets me and can deal with the complexity that comes along with dating a Scorpio woman.

Scorpion Woman are the the best!
by: Jeff

For me that is... that's because I'm a Scorpion man. I'm currently with a Scorpion woman for the first time and I have to tell you, I have never gone deeper into the realms of love, emotion, passion than I am now. There is nothing scary except having to come back to the real world.

You Just Have To Know Us-Scorpio Women
by: Anonymous

As a Scorpio Women I have to say this. Just get to know us. We are all alike on some level, my three best friends (10-30 years of friendship) are all Scorpio so I have seen the yardstick of a Scorpio woman in addition to being one myself.
This is who we are:

Blowing us off will drive us crazy to the point that we can't see the forest through the trees. Meaning that we lose perspective when people aren't straight with us so we jump to conclusions and it all gets muddled to the point that no one wins.

We are very passionate and go about most things we like and that includes guys, at the same speed: 100mph.

Once we have made up our minds it's all or nothing. However, we can actually be very logical and understanding.

We have this innate confidence that if you tell us that you like us, but you just aren't into it for a relationship, we will be fine and you've found a friend for life. It sounds crazy but we actually think that people are better off with us, so if someone tells us that they don't want to be with us, it may sting, but very quickly we then feel bad for the person because of what we feel they are missing out on.

I think in some ways it is our way of coping with rejection (we rationalize it) and I am thankful most days that I have this weird sense that everyone should want to be with me and if they don't then they have no idea of what they could have had in a relationship.

This all sounds SO obnoxious, I know. I know.
However, it's true. Its so true.
I'm not sure about the other signs, but I know Scorpio women truly feel that someone is crazy not to go out with them or be friends with them. Like I said, it's this thing that is hard to explain; we just know our strengths and know others strengths. And we don't always (I rarely do) retaliate if we don't get our way. We just go mad if someone isn't straightforward with us and leaves us hanging.

Good luck
by: Scorpiowoman

As a Scorpio Rising, sun square Pluto and Mars in opposition to Pluto, by knowing myself I'd say yes I am scary. It will take a very emotionally strong, caring man, such as a moon in scorpio to be able to handle me. I'm dating one now. Good luck to everyone that gets involved with a Scorpio. It's not easy and I am very vicious and sarcastic when I'm upset.

Scorpios are insane, don't date them!
by: Anonymous

I am a man, speaking on my behalf of dating multiple scorpio women.

They are:
Extremely insecure, possessive, destructive and manipulating psychos! Stay far away from them. Most of them are sluts, easy, they'll do anything in bed. That's basically all they have going on. They do prey on the weak, mainly because they are pathological sociopaths. They constantly need attention, their high emotional maintenance. It's draining having to watch them cry and humiliate themselves 24/7---99% of the time it's fake. Oh yeah, and they think they are the best in the sack?! Right? You're just good for laying on your back, stick to what you do best. If you are some sucker dating a scorpion chick, run! These sluts will give you a headache and possibly some sort of std.

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