Is Leo acting like this because he's still in love?

by Trisha
(Austin, Texas)

I fell in love with this Leo guy because he treated my like a queen, constantly telling me how much he loves me, met his family, best friends and we were inseparable for months. He was in a relationship with his child's mother when I met him but I pursued him because I knew he loved me even before we ever slept together. He never came on to me, but his demeanor around me and the fire in his eyes were the tell tale sign. I recently left him because his ex continued to harass me about the relationship so I suspected he was still seeing her and fidelity is extremely important to me so I left him and relocated. He continued to give me gifts and money after I left because I needed help with getting my fresh start although one day he hurt my feelings by asking me if I was using him.

Recently I told him that we could never be together because I was certain that he is still seeing his ex. He said he made a mistake in seeing her a couple times and was very distant in the conversation. He was more concerned about his current situation and said that I wasn't there for him while he is going through a difficult time on his job, He said he thought I would be more supportive. So recently I began calling regularly to support him as he was there for me during my rough times, but he is ignoring me.

I admit that I went many weeks ignoring his persistent calls because I was so angry about his this pay back? He wanted me to be more supportive and now that I am trying he is ignoring me. I'm just trying to be a nice person, and am over the relationship and cheating so why is he ignoring me?

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have confidence in urself
by: Anonymous

We as humans are foolish, we look for reactions to validate another persons thoughts. U are only accountable for ur own reaction. B of good cheer, positive and courages. Leos r stubborn and he probably will act cruel to u for a while. If a leo has openned up to u, he is usually done with u but if u want him to comeback, the last thing u want to do is doubt him. He set u up, he told u what he was looking for but he doesn't want it from u if u love him, u won't give up on him especially not doubt him. Continue to support him as he done you, he admitted infidelty, so u either got to forgive him and move forward or fallback totally. Now what u want from him bc if not he will toy with u bc he has lost faith in u. It is up to u to determine how much work u want to sacrifice for ur true love and convincing him y he should trust u again...I know funny right since he is the one who cheated. Good luck and seek God for ur true help, if u ask he will do...james 4

by: Anonymous

You should not be complaining!!! You originally pursued a man who was in a relationship with another woman who has his child, even though they were together you went after him
Anyway!!!!! What goes around comes around and karma is a bitch!!! You should not be surprised by this at all, if he left her for you, no doubt he will do the same until the next best thing comes along and so on and so forth. And you were using him and he called you on your bullshit!!! Get your head out of your ass seriously!!! You seem like a manipulative coniving type of person to me, just plain awful!

Leo men
by: Anonymous

we leo men dont bother about people like you cos when we try and we see no response we move on! We have roving eyes!!!

How to Let a Leo Man Know You LIke Him..
by: Anonymous

Help! Am in love with my chiropractor. He likes & flirts with me but is still married. I think he's been separated almost a yr. Haven't asked him his status - how can I subltey let him know I am into him only if his old relationship is done. I cannot come right out and ask his status & put him on the spot. Just would like a way to convey that I'd like him all for myself.

Any ideas Leo Men?? I only see him at his job & he clearly is into me too but also busy with work & his kids. Thanks guys. Hugs.

by: Anonymous

Just ask him!! leo's are somewhat straight foward (depending on the vibe you guys have)

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