Is My Aquarius Man Going to Marry Me?

by Aariah

I am a 34 yr old divorced Gemini and I met my divorced 35 yr old Aqua man 3 months ago and it literally was love at first sight for me which is totally rare. On our first date the chemistry was completely there. We talked about our kids, what we wanted in the future and just got to know each other so well.

We saw each other every night for the next 4 nights even if it was only for a quick 30 minute visit. I have always been real reserved when it comes to saying I love you but on our 3rd actual date he took me back to his place and as we were making out he confessed that he had fallen in love with me. This frightened me a little bit and yet I admit it totally turned me on. I told him I wasn't ready to say that I love him just yet but that I knew I liked him a lot! We had sex that night even though I tried with every fiber of my being to not give in to him seducing me.

Just one week after we had been dating he asked me to move in and he told me he was hoping to get married in maybe 6 months to a year even though I had told him I was thinking more like 2 years. I really felt things were progressing too quickly and I tried to bring him down to that realization and I told him no.

My son was gone for Christmas holidays with his father so my Aqua man asked me to come stay with him for about 4 days straight. I did and things were just amazing between us. We would wake up and go for early morning walks or just have a nice breakfast together that he prepared (he's a chef). I really enjoyed my time with him and I did tell him at that point I loved him. He would kiss me and tell me how much he loved hearing me say those words to him. He could not keep his hands off me. It didn't matter if we were riding in the car together or walking in the mall, he constantly would grab at my hand or pull me in close to hold me. When we sleep at night he is constantly cuddling up next to me even if we didn't make love that night.

One of the nights I was at his place I found his laptop sitting on the kitchen table with the browser opened which revealed him viewing a woman's profile on the dating website we had met on. I questioned him about it and why was he still browsing profiles and that I wanted to make sure we were on the same boat. He swore to me we were on the same page and swore he was not contacting other women on the site and that he didn't even know why he had opened an email notification telling him he had a message but he had and that he was sorry.

My last day staying with him was New Year's Eve and he already had plans to go to some party that night. I was totally disappointed he had not invited me and the entire night I couldn't enjoy myself because I just wanted to be with him. I started wondering if he was flirting with other women at the party etc. He did text message me through out the night and tell me he loved me too but still I was suspicious.

The next 2 days he was totally cold towards me and I decided to see if he was still active on the dating site. He was. His profile said he was just on a few minutes ago etc. So I was deceitful and set up a bogus account on the dating site. He fell for it and contacted my bogus profile. I then called him up and called him out on it. At that point he blurted out that he just didn't know what he wanted. He didn't know if he wanted to be in a relationship with me but he didn't know if he wanted to say goodbye to me either. He said he just needed time to think.

Two days later we ended up seeing each other to talk and he told me he wasn't ready to give up on us but he felt that things had progressed too quickly. We promised each other that night to delete our profiles from the dating site and start over fresh trusting one another.

It has now been 2 months since all that had happened and things have been going very smoothly. He tells me on a daily basis how much he loves me and he still asks me about once a week to move in with him but now I tell him I refuse until we are at least engaged. I refuse to move in with a guy and then just not move forward, especially because he knows I want to get married and have more children some day.

He constantly talks about a future for us. He always refers to "we" or "us" when he talks about the future. Just 2 weeks ago he bought us a gym membership together.

Last weekend in the middle of making love he told me "I want to spend the rest of my life with you". This completely shocked me because even though he is the typical Aquarius that is unemotional and detached, that was a big deal for him to say that to me. I started to wonder if he had just said it to me to turn me on more or if he really meant it.

He hasn't mentioned marrying me since the first few weeks we started dating.

He has my heart 100% and I find that I just want to be with him all the time. I have never felt this way about a man before. I was married to a Libra for 9 years and felt completely smothered by him.

I am totally attracted to him physically, mentally and emotionally. We think alike and have the same morals and family values. He is a great listener and he actually listens to me and pays attention to details. I honestly feel he is my soul mate. I am not gonna let this one go!

The sex life is ok. He doesn't last very long which can be rather disappointing for me and he is much smaller in penis size than I am used too. In fact he might be one of the smallest but he makes up for it in other areas. ;) He has his hands full because I am in my sexual prime and want it all the time and sadly there are many nights that I sleep over where he doesn't attack me and instead just cuddles up next to me and passes out. It seems like I have to be the aggressor more often. I am not used to that, especially with me being a Gemini where I like to be dominated in the bedroom. Don't get me wrong, he will still initiate sex but I would say over a weekend, he will initiate it once and I will initiate the next 2 nights.

Another unusual thing is that we don't seem to mesh well when we kiss. Which is not totally a bad thing because I can be pretty playful and laugh about the fact that he went to bite my lip at the precise moment I was going into his mouth with my tongue.

He tells me I am the first woman that has ever been able to make him cum while giving him a BJ.

I sometimes question whether or not we are sexually compatible but he really is everything I could ever ask for in a mate. He protects me, cares for me and is great with my son. I would be willing to take on a mediocre sex life in exchange for having the perfect mate in all other areas.

I just don't want to waste my time. Since he still does the typical hot and cold reactions that Aquarius men do. Like right now he has been really busy making up some school work he missed from last week (he had ex wife drama and a court appearance) and so I haven't seen him in 2 days and he was even real quiet during this time, he only sent me short text messages. I just keep reading up on how I need to give him space.

I used to firmly believe in having my own space too but not since I met him. I hate missing him.

Is there really a future for us?

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To the Gemini
by: Cancer 9

Dear Gemini,

I am personally a cancer but have been involved with only Aquarian men. My last relationship broke my heart. He was supposed to propose to me. He asked me to get my ring finger size.

Unfortunately, I got the sense he was going through the motions. He was never unfaithful but not ready for the big romantic gesture I feel one should make when they ask someone they love to marry them.

To make a long story short, he bought a car the same time we were to be engaged (we lived in a city btw, no need for cars). Despite telling all of his friends he was going to propose, I pushed him away after wondering what kind of a person would I be with in the future. These wild swings, living in the "air" so to speak were my final line in the sand. We fought and he left. The next day, I packed my bags and moved out. I needed to be in a comfort zone and give myself space. I wanted to give him space as well.

I can't tell you what to do but seeing as you're asking these questions, I think you already know the answer. He is not the man you want him to be. Even though, you may see the other person in a lovely light, is he truly that person? Might he still be immature? It seems you crave a committed serious relationship, are your needs being met?

Be thankful you have your children and be strong. He will find you if he truly can't live without you.

My Best,

Cancer 9

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