Is my Aries man a player?

by Julia

I met an Aries man about a month ago and just think he's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. His birthday is 4/15/1983, but I don't know anything else about his chart. I'm a Sagittarius female born 11/30/1983 at 11:32am.

Anyway, we both have fairly busy lives in NYC, but have hung out about once a week for the past month with wonderful results. We always have a marvelous time, stimulating conversation and generally end by kissing for some ridiculous length of time in public (alcohol is not always involved, heh). The problem is... we hardly ever communicate outside of these meetings. For about a week after we met, he texted me adorable things and I responded accordingly. He got sick one week and left town another week and ever since, I hardly get a peep from him. I use all of my personal strength not to text him or call him, which I desperately want to do. I'm trying to let him woo me (isn't that what an Aries wants?). Yet, when we meet up the fireworks fly all over again. I haven't felt this good around someone in a long time and I'm pretty sure we could make a great go of it. He is very sweet - kisses my face and arms and neck and mouth... loves my hair and my skin and my eyes and other various body parts, ;). He says the sweetest things and is intrigued by my quirks. And of course I LOVE his take charge attitude when we are in person.

What does this mean? Am I dealing with a player? (Mutual friends of ours think not...) Should I just deal with this communication problem or call him? I'm an actor and am out of town for 2 months doing a show. Is he just waiting till I come back? Is he just not that into me? Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to mess this up if I can help it. Thank you!

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