Is my Cancer man having an affair?

I wanted to ask a question which somehow i must also take a step to change myself because i feel that he see's me as a child acting babyish in mind and love.

I possibly do think he's been having an affair with someone because i have seen all the conversations, pic etc...

His star sign is cancer & im a Virgo. We make a good compatible long lasting team but this other person which he has started seeing recently she's a Gemini, and i know for sure that its never a good relationship with these 2 in love...

If someone can answer my question of how i can try to change myself in order to win him back & be more effective in love next time! Plz Help

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Your Answer
by: Anonymous

If I were in your situation I would be straight forward and let him know Im aware of the situation but willing to work on our issues a little mind games will get you a long way which lead to this a cancer man always loves to be forgiven and understood so my ainm would be to show him theirs no one better for the job further more follow up with some intense love making anything goes dont hold back if you want to keep this man you must be willing to please him

Is my Cancer having an affair?
by: Anonymous

If he seems distant and not interested at all, unless its work or life outside the relationship related, yes, he is... i am a cancer male and really the only things in this world that would cause me to not be focused on my lover would be work or life or, another lover. Just cause she may be a Gemini, doesnt mean they wont work out. and for that matter if they dont work out and just the right amount of time has past, he may have moved beyond any future ideas with you... I as a cancer have this thing that drives me where I will never take a step back or even to the side in a new relationship, I always strive to improve on the choice I made as well as my actions and decisions in each new relationship. Hoping one day to reach as harmonious a romance and life as I can. Ideally if you do want him back, you have to sort of play cat and mouse, hate to have to tell you to play a game, but we actually like a challenge, just a little.. we dont need to be showered with affection we need it pulled from us so that we realize what weve missed and then we come around like little puppies...

Anonymous is full of crap
by: Anonymous

Ok the second post in here is completely full of crap here. Anonymous doesn't know more than you do and anonymous isn't any kind of professional. The first post nails it on the head. This whole tiptoeing around the bush that we do in today's society is ridiculous. Go to the horse's mouth. You want to know, ask him. You have any proof, bring it up. If he gets pissy, get out of the situation and fast. It's not that hard. See, here's how it's done "Hon are you seeing someone else."

"Why no, I'm not."
"What are these pictures?"
"It's a friend"
"Oh so someone you see. Ok cya."
And don't think you owe him anything. If he's having an affair, he obviously doesn't think he owes you anything. And if you have kids involved, then don't think you need to be concerned with their welfare of leaving the daddy because it's worse if you stay in that situation because they can see it. This is coming from someone who was a battered spouse for years and who had to have someone be blunt with them. If you don't like the situation, say no to it. Ask. If he's got nothing to hide then he'll be open and honest, and if he's not his story won't add up and you'll know. But this crap of saying yes he is.... Anonymous doesn't know that, they're just bitter and he or she thinks that since they were scorned you are too.

affair with cancer male
by: capricorn woman

I met this man through a business right away he told me he was interest in me & I just ignored that comment because I married & Was a in a relation with children he chase me for two years I finally gave in .As soon after he turn in to a night mare & I had to drop him even before he knew it . Later I found out he was a Cancer one word "CRAZY " it suppose to only be an affair nothing else no feeling,no love. He got busted & dump kept the business contact cause I'm benefiting from it but everything else got cut but from time to time he still happens to be at places I have to bet at poor guy all he get to do is just see me I act like I don't even know him but I'm working on cutting all my ties with him.

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