Is my Leo cheap or just not into me?

Hi I am a scorpio woman and I have been dating a Leo man for 6 months now. We just had our first Valentines day together, we don't have much money right now but I still wanted to do something special. He pampared me with a pedi and then took me out to a sandwhich place for lunch. That was nice however, at least three or four times he mentioned how expensive things were.
I know we are short on cash but all our bills are paid and he has a little extra in his account. I loved what he did for me but felt it was cheapend by his comments. This is my first time dating a Leo but everything I have read states that Leo's love going all out. And that they like the best of things and that if they love you then they want to go all out and treat you like a queen. So is he cheap or is he not into the relationship? I went all out for him! Please help!!!

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