Is my Libra man telling the truth?

by tasha
(vallejo ca)

my boyfriend is a libra and he tells me that he loves me but then does not know how to show it how do i know if hes telling the truth?

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i am alibra
by: Anonymous

He love you only 50% out of 100. i know i am also a libra

Your Libra.
by: Anonymous

I'm a Libra male. So, I will start this in good Libra form. It's hard to say...information is missing (length of relationship, seriousness, how he "tries" to show it, etc...). Some people have a hard time showing love due to an abusive childhood or something else as equally tramatic. At the same time, we tend to make pretty words to impress. You can't always let the smooth taste fool you....remember...we're charmers. I can't speak for others but I'm picky about my girlfriends. In 25 years I've only had 5 that carried the title. If the other Libras are like me...he picked you for a reason. Don't doubt yourself. Be brave! We're a tough crowd. Just stick to your guns.

is my libra man tellin the truth?
by: meredith w.

I too, have the same problem w/my current boyfriend. He sends me "mixed signals". He says 1 thing + then does another. He tells me that he loves me, + cares 4 me, but then does'nt show it all the time-it makes me wonder! I told him that actions speak louder than words...

Libra Man
by: Sean

This is a problem that I have in my relationship. I am able to say "I love you" in a million different ways but my partner tells me I sometimes have trouble showing or "proving" it. Libras are well versed so saying it is naturally easier for us. My questions to you would be
1) Have you talked with him about it and given him examples of how he can show it?
2) Is it possible that he has hidden resentment because he feels like he's giving and giving but not really receiving? I thrive on recognition for my efforts and if I don't get it I will start to close off or push away.

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