Is my Sagittarius man just trying to charm me?

I'm a Pisces woman well more like just getting to know a Sagittarius man. we have been seeing each other for about four months now. We get along and we have great conversation but I am not sure about us because I am getting mixed signals from him. I like him and he says he likes me but sometimes when he say that I don't believe him.

He starting to seem like he is just trying to charm me. asked him if he was and he said no but I think he is lying. I think maybe they are right about Sagittarius men. Lets just say I will have to keep a look out for him.

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Is my Sagittarius man just trying to charm me?
by: Anonymous


I am 20 yr old Pisces girl getting to know a 21 yr old Sagittarius..

from the first time I saw him, I was instantly attracted to his height, smile, personality ..I knew I wanted him and from there I made moves

I read up on us also so I was able to know the do's and don'ts of the Sagittarius man and I made him aware of it by showing him too.. that way I felt like he could open up and not misread me either...

we are only friends but I wouldn't mind being more, but I make sure not to let my feelings go further than w/e the current situation is...I may think about him but I don't make him m life....I totally agree with keeping him on his toes because as Pisces we are beautiful and every guy loves it but u have to use that to your advantage when dealing with the Sagittarius because he can always find something else...

You got to let them know right here is where u need to be!

mind games
by: Merry

yeah i know a sagg and he is always giving mixed signials i'm a pisces and i've read that we arn't compatible with sagittarius but that is only because they like to play mind games

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