Is my Scorpio cheating?

We were seeing each other for 3 years and we were madly in love. One year later she went to London and was still madly in love with me and did not cheat. She came back to India and was finding it very difficult to get that killer job she wanted with the United nations and was pretty depressed. I was in a not so good job then and wasn't happy myself with the situation. She demanded a lot of attention which I was not being able to give. She had been complaining to her friend around this time about being unhappy and things not working out but this wasn't communicated to me properly.

I told her I could pull a few strings with my boss to help her get a job but she vehemently refused. Then she got a job in another city with the U.N and thats the time I quit my job. She now wanted me to come to her city and get a job and I told her I have to try everywhere and not just limit myself to getting one where she is. This probably ticked her off. This is when she told me that she does not see a future with a guy who doesn't want to get out of his comfort zone , has no motivation and drive and said she is breaking up. I did not take that seriously and thought we could make ammends.

Anyway to cut a long story short I surprised her on her b'day by arriving on her doorstep and she couldnt digest the fact that I was there in person in front of her. She tried to resist all my hugging and trying to kiss her but she finally gave in. We made love for the three days I was there and I thought the good ol days were back and didn't rig up the issue about our compatibility fearing I might ruin the moment. I came back to my city and gave her a call the next day to find out how she was doing and she said its better I move on in life. I accepted her decision and had started to get her out of my mind for good. This is when I get a call from one of my friends who tells me she had been cheating on me with another guy since September which is around the time she told me its over. So I called her and asked her if there is someone else and she said she is friendly with another guy but there is nothing between them. I hacked her FaceBook profile and got a couple of messages be tween this guy and her and there is clearly something going on. I confronted her and asked her why she was lying and if this was the reason she broke up with and why she couldn't tell me. She maintained her story that this decision has nothing to do with this guy and is all about me.

Now I don't know what came first; this guy or her decision to call it quits because of my shortcomings. She has admitted that she has kissed him and has started seeing him after much lying. He is a drummer in a rock band and im pretty sure that he is there to take advantage of her vulnerability and will dump her soon enough. I really care about her and don't want her to make this mistake but on the other hand I am really hurt and do not want to speak with her.
She keeps saying that if we get married , she will divorce me in 2 months because we are not compatible as a couple. I think she is very wrong about that. Sex with her was amazing and miss every moment of it.

This guy is a Leo and I know there will be a lot of initial attraction between them and they might end up having a lot a sex but it will not last. But by then it will be too late for her to come back to me coz I would have moved on

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