Is my Scorpio man cheating?

by Mara

I'm in my 20s and dating a very good-looking Scorpio men 10 years older than me. He is very concerned about that fact (in his 30s).
He seems to be taking steps towards the development of our relationship by coming to see me on the other side of the city, i'm traveling to see him as well. I feel very good with him, he is very mature and reliable. These are the main things why i like him, I would say. I'm so fed up with these young guys not knowing where they're going.

But recently, I've been at his place again after not seeing him for about a month (we were both very busy), and found some female mail address coming up on facebook and hotmail accounts on his computer when i went to check my messages. I told him who has been logging on at his computer so comfortably, he replied he travels a lot and didn't explain anything properly. Turned his back to me while sleeping and ignored me until the end of my stay.

I don't want to accuse him out of nothing (which i actually already did having asked that question), but it just all looks kinda suspicious. I've been faithful and committed, and tried to always choose the right words to say, not to offend him or something because i like him and i've approached this relationship with great care.

He is employed in a military profession, very self-disciplined, extremely hard-working, and has got a very strong will. However, whenever we talk and I try to touch upon anything relating him and me together, he just jokes about it. He never mentioned he likes me. Though it is logical he's interested, it's just i can't figure out to what degree.

Please, any advice would be appreciated.

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