Is my Scorpio man cheating?

by Angela
(Canada )

Hello im dating a scorpio man and i sometimes think hes cheating but sometimes not and i was wondering if someone could help me . he constantly tells me he loves me , scratches my back for hours , always wants to have sex with me hes always giving me food and little gifts and stuff.

He texts me as soon as i leave his house , and as soon as i wake up in the morning. he feeds me, takes me out, always tells me im beautiful, pretends to be interested in the things im interested in and more, but then sometimes he takes off and partys and i don't hear from him for days, he still talks to his ex even though I've told him not to for years, (we've been together five years ) he lies about everything, even things that there's no need to lie about, and he does weird things sometimes for no reason, like.. wants to take the stairs instead of the elevator. and he FREAKS whenever i try to look at his phone even if there are no messages in it. But also , we have different friends. and hes old enough to party ; im not , and we are together every day . so maybe he just wants time away sometimes ? i don't know what to think , can someone please help me? Thanks !

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by: Anonymous

I myself am a Scorpio man, and I know while sometimes I may wonder what is outside my committed relationship those are grounds I would never dare to tread. Scorpios are loyal and If he didn't love you or was cheating on you, he probably wouldn't want to have sex with you.

To Angela
by: Anonymous

I have no clue if your Scorpio is cheating or not.
You have to figure it out. Be cool, calm, and listen to your Scorpio who have been with you such a long time. In my opinion, I believed your Scorpio just want a space, so give him a little break and show him that you understand and care. I believed he loves you that is why you are with him. You are lucky one. If you are a Virgo girl, you need not to worry. Be happy-he loves you. Okay.

by: Anonymous

I'm Virgo add a little comment. Scorpio is very secret and private. If you have just dated him please be respect and don't go through his stuff such as his phone. If he let you see, you have the right to see. In the other case, if both of you are married, and he try to hide something from you than that is not right. I don't mind- I feel the same as he is. i won't let him touch my phone-he might breaks it. He, Take care.

He's cheating
by: Anonymous

I am a true scorpio man. I am 46 years old and did not look at a zodiac sign until I was 45. When I looked at my scorpio sign, it was like looking into a mirror. I believe your scorpio man is cheating on you, but you can get him back. He wants you, but you are not giving him the sex he needs. He needs intense and creative sex. Let him control you in the bedroom. He likes a woman to be in control in the bedroom only when she is being intense and creative. No boring sex.

Let Scorpio be the lead
by: Anonymous

I would not mind if I were you. I'll let him to be the lead even though I'm a Virgo some what afraid but I like to explore a little bit more if it is interesting. I'm not the type of boring one. I knoow, I'm creative, lol. Any way, I'm good-I don't want him to want more from me. Hell noooo!!!!

scorpio male
by: enmar

best way to check out if a scorpio guy is cheating is to see if he is interested in having sex with u.
i myself being a scorpio male finds it hard to have sex with someone i dont love.

for me its one & only gal in a relationship.
and to be precise , scorpions are damn loyal.
yeah they might flirt but they are dont take flirting seriously.

To Enmar
by: Anonymous

That is very nice of you to give one heart to the one you LOVED. Flirting means nothing to me. I knew exactly for a man who loves me or just wants to take advantage of me. As Virgo, there is no pretending. Virgo might be different from other sign. I have no compliant with Scorpio. Best wish for you. :)

scorpio men
by: Anonymous

How do two scorpions mate? Very carefully. I am a scorpio and was friends with a scorpio man for three years at work (via email/phone)on and off. He was and probably still is the most special person I was ever close with. He was like the other half of my consciousness. It is true than when things get too intense or too close for comfort, sometimes we just need our space to digest things that are said or feelings that are expressed. Only when I separated from my husband was he able to come out of the closet so to speak and tell me how much he really cared for me. We have never met face to face as he lived across the country but there was such a connection between us. Needless to say, I was spooked and ended up back with my husband. All I know is that he is married now and lives about ten minutes from me. I wish him all the best as he truly diserves it. All I can say is if you dont want a scorpio man in your life, you can say mean hateful things to send them away forever. I wish I would have never hurt him in this way. Not a day goes by that I dont think of him. Hold on to that special scorpio man. You will never be loved the same way again.

Cheated by scorpio man
by: Angry Aqua

Yeah been there done that.I had blind faith in my scorpio boyfriend and whenever his phone was busy in the middle of the night he would tell me it was a guy or some lame! He thought I had no idea about his white lies but I could sniff the BS he used to give me.I have always wanted privacy so I respect others privacy aswell.I never tried to follow him or check his cellphone,laptop etc.I kick myself now for not doing it sooner because once we fought and I snatched his cellphone and locked myself in the washroom.He kept banging on the door asking back his cellphone.I checked his cellphone and I almost blacked out.There were romantic and erotic messages that he sent to more than 6 girls.It was like my world falling apart.I had utter disgust for him in my heart.I threw his cellphone at him,gave him a tight slap and never tried to contact him even though he called and messaged me a lot after that.I just cursed myself for being so stupid.Go with your instincts girl.. sometimes they are right.I wish instead of breaking my heart like that he would have told me straight away that he didn't love me.I would have appreciated the honesty.

by: Anonymous

I am a pisces girl married to a scorpio man for 4 years. I know in his previous relationships he would cheat, go out all night, hang out with his ex girlfriends..etc but once we got together all that stopped. I can have his personal cell for days without an issue, He is always home everynight. I think if and when a scorpio man is ready to settle down he will be open honest and up front. If he is acting how you described he is not ready to commit.

is BJ considered Sex?
by: Anonymous

my scorpio bf sometimes treats me special sometimes like im his friend and now my question is if he only wants BJ and mentioned he dont want sex now as its his first time meeting me after 5 month knowing online . I love him a lot and im committed i told him abt it and he says he loves me too but i have doubts whn he said he dont want sex for now.Someone pls reply me im confussed . How can i get to know if he is cheating flirting or he needs time?

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