Is my Taurus man being selfish?

by scorpiogirl

I am a Scorpio girl, early 20s. Have known my Taurus for 3 years now first met at university. Both of us are very like our signs. We only started seeing each other romantically over the past few months, it just sort of developed as we have always been affectionate towards each other. Prior we have always been close as friends, both been in other relationships.

He told me on our first date that he was in love with me and wants to be with me for the long run, that I am his future idea of his love. We spoke of everything, he got quite emotional about it. But we happened as a couple very quickly and he freaked out, he said he has to figure out his problems before us as an item could happen, because he could never hurt me. (he has cheated and had depression in the past, and out of a big breakup halfway through this year). So we have cooled it since (his call) but he told me last week he missed me, will see him soon to figure it out.

He knows not to say this unless we commit properly so was surprised he brought it up. We have also not slept together, he said he wanted it to be right and at the right time. He has a past of sleeping around, so it was significant for him to not take advantage of me I think.
What do people think? He is very much a Taurus, very stubborn, very sensual, very into stability and not big changes. We compliment eachother perfectly though, he brings me down to earth and I lift him emotionally. But we also butt heads on important decisions as I am very deep emotionally and he is very practical. But when we work we work in perfect unity. I feel he sees me as his idea of his ideal wife but isn't sure if he is ready for such commitment (even though that would not happen for a long time.)

Should I wait for him to sort himself out? Or should I not stick around for this bull to finally make up his mind to grow up? He is on the cusp of either trying to be a man or not caring and staying a mid 20s bachelor with no responsibility. Is this just too selfish to deal with?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Stand your grounds
by: Sam Cooke (ha)

I'm a Taurus. It all depends on how you define 'selfishness.' He told you and showed you he was a male whore. No subtleness here! Most Taurus men are traditional and do not like to turn 'wholesome' women into bitter, jaded jumpoffs. He wants to make sure that you're not going to be jaded or bitter once he decides to make an exit. We hate drama. Scorpios and Tauruses are polar opposites. There is an unusual magnetic sexual attraction that we have to Scorpios. He probably couldn't help himself (LOL). But seriously, he wants to sleep with you, waiting for you to take the bait, and then leaving himself a window of opportunity to bounce! (Especially if he already told you he wasn't looking for a relationship).
Don't wait for him. Tell him that no-strings-attach sex is not your thing. You want all of him. It's all or nothing. Be a lady, stand your grounds, and be strong in your convictions. He will respect you forever. We value honesty and integrity above anything else.
These traits can teach an un-evolved Taurus man how to love. We're only selfish...until you get to the heart.
****Good Luck!

by: Anonymous

well its been a while and we've been back and forth, we can't seem to stay away from eachother. But he knows I won't sleep with him unless he can commit to me and we are together properly, and so we have kept it platonic as friends. we are very good friends, very close so there is a lot at stake.
who knows, I think he needs to figure out his values for a while, I can't really do anything more, I can't really wait anymore for him, but I'll always be there for him if he needs me as his friend. I love him a lot, we know we love eachother. Maybe in time.

Same boat
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same boat. Pretty much been in a long term relationship with him (Taurus) since high school. The connection is absolutely amazing, I know we could be amazing. But he's not ready yet and I'm in no position for forever him to be. We remain good friends but I just told him I'm moving on cause I can't wait anything waiting for him to be ready. Trust me I hate it, but all my friends are happy even though they love him. They aren't sure either of or when he'll be ready so sometimes we have to let the ones we love go.

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