Is Taurus Man into Scorpio Woman

(Houston, TX)

Okay, I am a Scorpio Woman, 32 (Horse Sign with Chinese Astrology) and he is a Taurus 36 (Tiger sign with Chinese Astrology), we seem compatible in every way. We stated out texting a lot, then the night we did hang out together it was beautiful...randomly he asked was I going to hurt him and I was like taken by that because I didn't knoow where that question came from...when I asked what he meant he said nevermind...nothing and changed the subject. So now...he text me, but not like he was before, like all day...I don't know...does he like me or just want to have sex...does he want to get to know he scared...I don't's like he was inching in, then he's pulling back...but not too far, just far enough to not let me get too into him...or maybe the other way don't understand him...but we had so much fun together...he's so beautiful to me...

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that scary leap of faith
by: Anonymous

i'm a taurus girl, but
it takes a long time for us to make that leap of faith, once we do, we're solid.
he was about to, but you gave him a reason not to.
it'll probably be a while, if ever, before he considers taking the risk

show him you're really into him
show him that your lives are a good match together (that you can get into a routine that suits both of you and makes you happy)
be patient with him
don't do all these things just to show him you care....if he suspects that you're acting a certain way just to manipulate how he feels about you, he won't trust you...and you're relationship will result in just a whole bunch of game playing (never as satisfactory as the real thing)....this is where being patient comes in
don't try too hard
these are some of the things that will help encourage him to consider taking the risk again
if he's opening up to you again, realize that this isn't common or easy for him, and be careful in this delicate situation. these are the make or break moments for a taurus..

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