Is this Capricorn man behavior?

by Julie
(Syracuse, NY)

I met a capricorn who had could not keep his hands off of me and could not keep me out of his "contact." If he wasnt texting me, calling me, emailing me...he was all over me. Amazing. Love the attention (lioness), but am currently confused about the ensuing behavior of this man.

This guy picked me up and carried me into bed on the second date...There was not much analysis or caution going on. I actually tried to slow things down but he wouldn't hear of it. He rushed me like a football player! Now he's disappeared. Got what he wanted and disappeared. Sad about that! Am pissed at myself!

From everything I read, this is uncharacteristic of Capricorns. It's been a day now. He left one message yesterday saying he was busy and sorry he didn't connect with me. WHAT??? Every other day i've gotten at least 30-50 messages and emails from him, and HOURS of phone conversation.

He asked me beforehand if I was opposed to getting married again, if I understood that he's looking to start something with me...he asked me if I trust him.

I'm on this site to understand two things 1) what happened, and 2)what to do. UGH!

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sadly, normal...
by: sTyLisT

im a capricorn female and unfortunately i too behave this way sometimes. u said it perfectly: 30-50 texts....then nothing. possibly, he felt that he was doing way too much chasing and made himself appear to be 'too available'. capricorns are all about appearances, so when he told you he 'was busy'. he probably had to choose between work and play, and when it comes to that, capricorns will pretty much always choose work. its like our life song, if u will. capricorns are very practical, even if at first we come off as care-free. that is really the furthest from the truth. when we feel pressured, we simply retreat and think, and think, and think some more. patience is soooo important. if ur being ignored, be patient-atleast 3 days before u try to contact again. capricorns love to feel wanted, but love a chase even more.

Typical cappie
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman. He did all his analysing on the first date and was mentally prepared for the "second" date. He went quiet afterwards, as he was then processing what had happened! Be patient, he will be back when good and ready.

Cap Man Never been married
by: L.A.

I met a Capricorn male, slept with him the first night (did not excpect or want that, but he would not take NO for an answer)...anyway what bothers me is that he is 44 and never been married....Does he expect too much from his gal? What if I'm also just another one, just to be dropped at the end of the day! I know there's always that risk with every relationship, but it is a bit scary that he never got married, dont you think ?

my Capricorn girl
by: Anonymous

im trying to seduce my capricorn girl, im a Leo... i been chasing her for a while haha, until she finally talked to me and gave her number... We talk on the phone but she never calls me back! thanks to this site i understand her a whole loot.. :D

in love with a cap man
by: Anonymous

id have to say its not necessarily normal but i do know most capricorn men LOVE the chase and even though he was the one dong the pushing, he just doesnt want it now that he's got it.. capricorn try to take the hard route in every aspect of life, try to challenge themselves at every chance they get. i'd try to be seen by him but not talk to him or try to contact him. let him know you're not sitting around wondering about him, that you're out and wanted by a lot of other men, not just him. then you'll become his goal again, the unattainable object. then dnt let him have it!!! make him wait a long time.

shoul i just forgt abou this cap guy even though i feel like we have a strong fondness for one another? HELP!!
by: Anonymous

Why do Capricorn guys (he is 15 or 16 I think), especially if they show major signs that they like you like they have been staring at you and standing close to you for like nearly 3 years now but we still haven’t made a move on each other. Well actually first because he had a girlf who was supposedly his friend. Then they broke up then they went out together then after a day or two they broke up. She was an Aquarian by the way. I am a Pisces with Cap moon and Scorpio rising. It’s like we have this connection. I know it’s weird but whenever he looks into my eyes and I him, it’s almost impossible to look away even if you look away you have to look up again. Also it’s like we both have this awkwardness around us that no-one else is aware of but us. I also think he is shy at times and it’s so hard to speak to him at times it drives me mad because he has this aloof air that repels you. I know there is something strong there but I don’t get him at times. Like one time he would be flirting with all his mates (girls) and gosh they all like him but I know he likes me. It’s weird. He would also ignore me for like 3 or 4 days then he would start making that intense eye contact again. It’s like we can’t keep our eyes off one another. We come from diff groups and it’s like we know that if we went out, it would be awkward(not with both of us) ‘specially with friends and all. He also tired standing close to me, once he got behind me in class and stood so close I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest and I could feel his breath. His behaviour is unpredictable yet I can see through his tough exterior and look through his outward motives. Whenever I enter a room or come by him, I am the first person he sees. Also when he is with friends he is confident but when he is around me, he is shy and quiet and often ignores me. Is this a typical cap behaviour or he just doesn’t like me but is just interested. Also does me having cap moon help me understand him better?
sorry it's long but what is it about a pisces women (i have scorp asc) that capricorn like, draws them immdiately to thepisces girl?

by: Anonymous

The comment above described my situation with a cap to a T.. I would love to hear the answer to tht .. its like when he leaves he may say bye to the rest of the group but not even make eye contact with me and for some reason i tend to do tht other times we keep looking at each other all the time..but m sure nobody else in the group notices tht cuz its so subtle.. M a scorp.

Dating a CAPI <3
by: Anonymous

I LOVEE MY CAPI BEBE! ( im a scorpio)but yeah the last two comments are my capi to a T.

On the outside with my and his friend completely different person as to when were alone.

something about my capi guy. He tends to do more then talking. which means way more then saying I love you.. which is how i feel with him,but hey a man that shows you his love is so much better. i fall in love every time i look in his eyes and see him smile knowing its me that put it there.

what makes it more special is the time he took makiing sure he found the right girl. considering im his first Girlfriend. He obviously knew what he wanted in a mate & choose me! :)

in the beginning though he was very much away as much as close , there would be days days he would stay then just up and leave! but i knew hes just nervous.

im open to give opinions and what not.

also THEY JOKE ALOT! i find he does this mocking thing.. hhaa

by: Anonymous

I am a sag women seeing a cap man!! He drives me crazy the way he is so into me sometimes and other times seems like he could care less iff he even talks to me. When I see him he has got to touch me ! But we only text because he is in a realtionship and so am I !! The chemistry is so bomb shelling !!! So actor acted to each other !!!! So what know?

I am in love with a cap
by: Anonymous

I dont understand my Capricorn man also. He is not my boyfriend but we are eating for two months. He ignores me most of the time without realizing it I also did not complain because I dont want to stress and pressure him. I dont know what to do it is just so hard.

How to ignore my capricon man
by: Anonymous

i'm a female pisces in lov wit a capricorn guy. he's well into me too but i seem not to understand y he seems to ignore me some times. he affects me so much and i miss him wen he aint there. my trouble do i ignore him and get on wit my life?

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