Is this typical of a Leo man?

by me

This guy at my job is a Leo and we are seeing each other well 'friends and lovers' type of gig. when we first met it was friendship! strictly friendship... He was living with his girlfriend in which he was having problems with...he told me he never cheated on his girlfriend nor his ex-wife (he was married for about 13yrs)prior to the girlfriend..after several dates we slept together...the next day i felt he treated me badly in my opinion it was uncalled for..i put him in his places and didn't speak to him for about 3 weeks...during that time he made little gestures whether it was eye contact or a day i got over my anger and approached him...i explained why i was anger and he apologized and understood my point of you...after that we saw each other again and periodically we got into small spats!..nothing major! however, every time that we do have these small little harmless spats he would be upset the first day..but then the second day he would act like i wanted him too. I dont ask him any questions anymore b/c he's contradicted himself in several occasions... he's said he was living by himself in one instance and then he was say something totally different....I like him i really question is is this typical of a Leo man? he is very kind hearted and stubborn, prideful ..but yet once he understand my point of you he, is quick to change his behavior and make it all better ....curious..any opinions ?

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