It's a Roller Coaster Ride with Aries


OMG!! So I'm not alone in this Aries-rut. My Aries fiancée is all that everyone has said and a bit more - he is a terror.

He was classy, die-hard romantic and so magnetic... and innocent me, fell madly in love with him.

I was the hard to get virgo gal, so he got after me, tried all his charms for a year until I finally fell in his trap. Once he had me around his little finger it all began - accusations, suspicions, silent tortures, disappearances, tantrums, negativity, OCD, Paranoia - he turned into an insecure emotional psycho. He sees himself as someone who is never wrong, very kind and perfect gentleman. Everything about him is justified. Like Jack says, he created an emotional hell for me, he ripped my heart to shears. He treated me like a doormat. With all the grievances he had against me, I wondered why he does not let me go away from his life. He hunts me down. How did I survive it all? Wait a minute I know how - when he came back to me, it was heaven in his arms ... but short lived.

Now after 15 years of being cheated on by him, years of taking his cruelty, years of shameless lies and negativity he is still the same. But he remains my only love. I have lost all hope that he will change and I have lost a lot of my good health; but I still love him madly.

I hate him for traumatizing me and I hate myself for loving him unflinchingly. Everything in this world has a tag on it, he will pay his dues dearly one day. I only wish to live to see that day of his helplessness, shame and regret.

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Sorry :-(
by: Anonymous

As a Virgo woman you're NOT I repeat NOT compatible with a Aries man. Virgo woman are stable creatures. We like routine and repetition. dating Aries men is like being on a horrible roller coaster when you eventually get of you vomit lol. The are confused EGOtistical and it is all about them. He will not change he is going to throw your emotions around like a rag doll. Aries are Abrasiveness like rubbing sand paper on your eyes. RUN RUN!!!

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