its hard to be a Libra female

by Barb libra monkey

Sometimes it is very challenging to just be a Libra female. We are sometimes our own worst enemy due to the fact that we are too easy-going for our own good and get taken advantage thing you know. This flaw often results in men taking advantage of us, then abusing our good nature and treating us like trash.

We are far too accommodating for the sake of peace and often ignore our own need for respect and equality in a relationship, letting the male have his way when we really should be speaking up and putting them in their place. I hate this about my personality, and wish I could be strong all the time, rather than just half the time.
I firmly believe that if I were strong all the time, I wouldn't still be single at such a late stage in my life, and I would have far more respect from these manipulative males.

We are often mistaken as lacking in morals, but in reality, are just lacking in the strength to say no at times when we feel intimidated by those we thought we could trust.

It is so very hard for us to accept the shame of having been used, and we will often stay in the situation in an attempt to save face, until such time as it is vital for us to leave before we lose every ounce of dignity. Unfortunately, there are men who prey on our good nature, and Scorpio and Aries seem to be the worst offenders here...especially Scorpions.

i am now at the point of not wanting anything to do with men for another few years, after being demoralised by a Scorpio, immediately after mental abuse from an Aries. I had not had sex for 2.5years prior to one night with the Scorpio, and actually turned him down the first time we met, then was treated like a slut for agreeing to bed him. don't put us down, we are too kind and fragile for that kind of abuse...and are capable of being your best friend and lover if treated right.

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