Jealous Scorpio Girl Passive Taurus Guy

by Danae.A
(Fresno CA)

So me & my Taurus just met and started dating about a month and a
half ago the very first time I laid eyes on him it was a connection; I spotted
him out . Out of 50 people. I guess the feeling was mutual because he said he knew
I was his when he first saw me walking up to the party we were at. So basically I can honestly say I'm head over heels in love with my man. I bought him a 100 dollar pair of shoes after knowing him for 2 weeks. What can I say us scorpios when we care about somebody we show it in every way possible. We're so passionate. So the problem is at this point I feel like I definitely care about him more than he cares about me. All my friends say I should leave him. They feel that he keeps me a secret and I actually confronted him about it and he says he's not keeping me a secret he just doesn't like
people knowing his business. I don't know, is he embarrassed of ME? I'll be quite honest I love having SEX with him. It's funny that I've been with men in the past who have way bigger penises than my guy, but for some reason my guy makes me cum so many times. It's cute. Another thing too, I'm afraid I'm too jealous. How do Taurus react to jealously? Because they can be quite jealous as well.

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The secret thing
by: Anonymous


I am a Taurus, and don't worry about the secret thing. We are slow to change, and we take time to introduce our new girlfriends, etc to other people. I am like that sometimes, I mean my exgf who i REALLY REALLY loved, had to even ask me when I was gonna introduce her to my parents. It took like 4 - 6 months. haha. It's not embarassment, it's just having to reveal a private part of our lives. And Taurus Men don't typically do that easily. I know so many that people think are gay, because we are so hush hush about our women.

Jealous Scorpio Girl Passive Taurus Guy
by: TauroGemino

Hi , i'm a tauro born on 18 may , don't worry bout jealous thing . For tauro , your jealousness means that you love them .... Your jealousness will make taurusman feels so loved ....

Taurus are Private
by: Anonymous

I must say that I agree with the comment that Taurus like to keep there personal life a secret because they are private indidivals. I also thought at first that my man was gay because of all of that, it took him months before he told his mother. After 8 months of dating when we finally decided to have sex it was off the chain. I absolutely LOVE my Taurus man. They are the best matches for scorpio women. They have the balance that you need.

Best sex
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing going on. It's the best sex ever!

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