Just cheated on my Scorpio

hi, im 19 im a saggitarius woman and only been with my Scorpio man for about 8 or 9 months i feel like he's the one. but there's one problem we're not to together right now. a few months ago i cheated on him with my ex. it was a one time affair but i was too ashamed to tell him him but my conscious got the best of me and i feel like i don't deserve him. i have to tell him but should i because wouldnt that only make it worse that i kept it this long. i guess i did because i didn't want to hurt him and i knew in my heart i would never let that happen again. i have to tell him its only fair =( what should i do?

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Here we go again.
by: Anonymous

Rule #1 If you cheat on a scorpio they will forgive you, but they won't forget. It does not matter how much he loves you because if you cheat on him, you might as well kill him. (He will NEVER let you forget what you did to him even
though he has probably has had sex with his ex as well)

Rule #2 If you really love him, then keep the secret,and move on. Don't repeat the cheating behavior. You made a mistake and should not make any more.

Next time you want to sleep with someone else just be honest and break up with a guy before you sleep with him. Oh,STDs can are at an all time high right now. Just if you wanna know, in some states there are babies born with syphilis because their mothers were carriers of such infectious disease.

Good luck
Sag lady who wanted to help

I am a Scorpio male
by: Anonymous

Odds are he already knows. We know things, I don't know how, but we can look into your eyes and see everything you're hiding. Just a warning, you probably are going to get burned... badly. Even though we aren't as bad as females, we still pack a huge stinger. Just brace yourself and pray he doesn't know.

response to the scorpio above
by: Anonymous

umm, are you positively sure you can look someone in the eyes and see what they're hiding? dude, I think it's just your delusions playing on your consciousness.
You can NEVER be one hundred percent sure what someone else is hiding or thinking, despite how psychic you are. now, you might "think" you know what that person is thinking, but that's just you thinking you know it all.
I find so hilarious how you scorpios think you know everything going on behind everyone and everything, when in fact it's just your delusions messing up your brains.

no offense intended. I'm actually cool with scorps!

sag girl who cheated
by: Anonymous

well i'm a sagittarian girl...i can't say i cheated to my scorpio guy but there was one man who courted me and i liked him too that time...maybe because my boyfriend was away and we had a fight and he didn't call me up for quite a while which is strange because he always call me everyday..i thought we're done and so i just entertained that guy to forget him but i never really had a relationship with that new guy because i haven't had a formal break up with my scorpio boyfriend and i respect him a lot...one day he called me up and i told him about the new guy and asked him to break up with me since i did something wrong..but he wouldn't break up with me...i don't know why but his my first and last boyfriend and i think he doesn't want to break up with me because i didn't really have a relationship with that guy and hey!i'm a virgin..hehe..and now we're married but what is sad is that i was being honest and fair to him to the point i'm willing to give up the relationship because he doesn't deserve me but now in our relationship i think he doesn't deserve my honesty because he himself isn't honest...even if you have the evidence and you just need him to confess still he wouldnt admit even if you slap the evidence to his face...

don't tell him!!!!!!!!
by: TaurusGirl

christ. don't tell him. and if i were you i would run and not look back. he will make your life hell if he suspects you.

Wrong move
by: Anonymous

Hey girl looks like you're in trouble with your mind,yea that must be hard. In my opinion you should just move on. You're not with him anymore or just giving some time of. I'm a water sign too,a cancer woman so I guess scorpio and cancer has a lot in common in our behavior. I'm almost 30 so had been through a lot,maybe a couple of years ago I would forgive the whole cheating thing. However as a water sing,would never forget which means,any move, like get home late a phone call(small things would be big reason to fights)Today if I found out that my husband is cheating on me my reaction would be really honey? You're sorry? So just pack your stuff because your leaving.If the trust is broken you can't do anything to change the fact that if u guys get back together he is going to make your life HELL.I would made my husband's life hell if somehow I would forgive him wich would never happen. In the chart of anger I guess cancers are medium and scorpio high. By the way we can't read people's mind as a book but we feel something is wrong believe that it is truth.He probably already know that you made some messy thing.Honestly you're to young and I believe you don't love him as you think you do, if so why did u cheat on him in first place? I don't believe that somebody who is in love can do that. If you are angry and decided to cheat you just not mature enough to handle a serious relationship specially with sensitive water signs like us. When you have problems you need to talk and find a way out of it and never cheat,this is never the answer.

Tell him everything and get far away asap
by: Scorpio Male

Hiding it will destroy the relationship in the long run. If you come clean and give him room to digest, he may forgive you. Get away from him once you tell, because you dont want to get scarred for life by the insults or worse.

To All Previous Comments
by: ScorpioGirl

Wow, you people peg Scorpios as derranged psychopaths! Lot of misinformation...

Anyway, if you tell him, he will be livid (not homicidal!) and his trust will be severely shaken. Scorpios aren't very good at forgiveness. Odds are, you'll lose him forever.

If you don't tell him, act like you didn't absolutely betray him. If you can keep up a class-A charade, your relationship will go unchanged.

And if he does end it, maybe next relationship you'll be faithful. Good luck.

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