Just met a beautiful Gemini woman

by Linkon

I have just met a beautiful Gemini woman at work. Against my better judgment (because of dating in the work place), I have taken an interested in her. When I saw her for the first time, I had just walked through the door in a stairwell and there she was! I was instantly taken by her and we chatted for about 10 minutes. I considered asking her out but, didn't right away. She invited me to join her and some friends on a Fri night but, I declined. So on Sat I went out with some friends and invited her. She opted out but, she then asked me what I was doing on Sunday. So we ended up going out for dinner and had a great time! The conversation was easy and she really opened up to me a lot and told me a lot about her life. She has had some big challenges and has come through well from what I can tell so far. I have had my fair share of challenges too and have learned much through my own life experiences so far.

I have spent a few moments reading other posts here and it appears that they have been a lot of successes and also some challenges between Scorpios and Geminis. What relationship (with whoever) doesn't have some? I'm a guy who would be a wealthy (or very poor) man in a poker game if I could used the same "all in" approach that I have when I'm in love (which has only been twice so far-in my 40's). They're both risky! So do I go ahead with what has begun...? I'm a passionate man with deep emotions but, I'm afraid to let them show. Will this lady be right for me, or will she be too aloof about things?

I am very attracted to her and think we would do well on a social level which is important to me. I have been burned badly by a couple of other women in my life who were supposed to be a "10 out of 10" match for me - Pisces. I'm curious to see if maybe I've found a real Gem! Your thoughts are appreciated....thanks for reading!

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gemini girl
by: Anonymous

go for it don't to your heart

Your gonna enjoy her
by: Anonymous

I would say go for it and be flexible. I'm a gemini and I adore, cherish and crave romance in a relationsip, along with true communication and a committment. As I read on the two signs I laugh because everything in life is a hit or miss but you will never know unless you try. Gemini's are a GEM I know because I'm one....LOL

BTW I wish u love and happiness with this union

u know what to do
by: Anonymous

just because u have to go all in...doesn't mean u have to go all in NOW....give it time...i'm sure your scorpio intuition will tell u the right answer....
of course you didn't need me to tell u this....it kinda feels like ur looking for answers in the wrong place....u know the right thing to do....we don't want to be responsible for any wrong decisions...
listen to your scorpio gut/heart....not ppl. on some random site...

i always root for gemini and scorpio matches....so i hope u find one that ur able to have a succesfull relationship with.

ps. just wondering (your opinion)....does gemini's analytical thinking make up for her lack of emotional feeling....

by: Anonymous

How are u guys doing now? Did it work out?

Go for it!
by: Anonymous

I know a lot of the posts don’t necessarily favor this match but i say go for it slowly, but proceed with caution. Please let me explain. I am a Gemini woman. We are complicated this is true, but it is not true that we are not capable of real emotion we are just not with everyone. For me personally I am a great communicator, but I don’t let everyone see my true emotions. I am capable of real deep love but only to someone who will take the time to figure me out and be patient with me. I met a Scorpio when i was 17-20 that i fell absolutely in love with. I was really young then and didn’t not understand myself and Gemini ways as i do now as a 24 year old woman, but I remember that he understood me more than any man I have ever dated or married to date because I am recently divorced. I didn’t have to teach him he just got it. He knew how to love me perfectly in the way that I now as a woman crave. I do get bored with guys easily because most of the time the lack either passion or not able to mentally stimulate me, but he was different. He took absolute interest in everything about me on his own. I never had to ask him to. We had separate interests; he was pre-med and I was in school to be a journalist, but he found my passion and creativity exciting, and supported me 100 %. Most of all sometimes with ppl especially now that I am aware of my nervous energy I always felt like I frustrated ppl. He never seems to get frustrated with my indecisiveness or nervous he would just anchor me in a way no other man has been able to. We are not together, but that is one of my biggest regrets, bc it is my fault. So my advice is go after her, but give her some time. I am not saying she is definitely the one for you, but there is definitely potential. I believe there is a special quality about Scorpios that is innate. They just seem to be able to balance out what we and positively guide some of our quirks. I know he did for me. However, once you decide she is what u want you have to let her in. Not quickly but eventually, but keep the element of mystery alive somewhat because I must admit that is something that kept me drawn to him. Let her in bc he never did fully which is something which used to frustrate me. Simply bc I wanted to love him and be there for him the way he was for me; I wanted to be his anchor too, but he made it difficult at times. Ok I am rambling, but give it, give her a chance and once you do she is capable of loving you passionately the way you can love her and she will be loyal to you because you can offer her that safe place she longs to be in with her mate, bc that is what he was for me and because of it, even if we don’t meet paths again I can never forget him because he showed me how good love can feel when its right!

by: Anonymous

continueed....oh and btw ur possesiveness and intensity is ok for a gemini it makes her feel safe, but dont forget to let her be an indiviual, which is essential to her very nature! Good Luck!

by: Anonymous2

I say...GO FOR IT!!!

I completely agree with Anonymous who just posted before me! The love of my life is a Scorpio man, and I suppose I would be the most classic Gemini you could describe (I share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, am a superb communicator, have been told I can charm the pants off anyone, and well, consider myself misunderstood 90% of the time)

Having said all that, I think what always goes unspoken about the Gemini/Scorpio match is that there is a "magic" that can keep the two together and make them damn near invincible as a couple if there is mutual respect and adoration. My Scorpio man balances me. I have found with age that I don't really want someone like me, more like someone who can understand, accept, and allow me to be me and show me another view. Scorpio does this. He "gets" me in ways I never have to explain, we BOTH HAVE to be allowed to be who we are, we need room to miss the other and operate as who we are authenticly. Since we appreciate and adore our differences, it adds to the longevity of our now only friendship (I know, takes time to see and work out the kinks) At no point however, was our relationship ever toxic, always encouraging, understanding, and QUITE passionate!! Gemini is FULLY capable of loyalty and commitment, it just takes a PRECISE recipe and fit, and when we know....we know. For me, the BEST match, has been in the "supposed" unlikely relationship I had with a Scorpio. I love his power, commanding presence, intensity, and successful demeanor. I feel he can lead me and helps me see another side of myself. I believe this balance act can work and DOES work, for me! Our indifference makes us the same!!! LOVE me a SCORPIO man!!! I say, you know when you know!

by: Anonymous3

I agree with the anonymous 2. There is something magical between a Scorpio and a Gemini. I am a Gemini woman. Your right, Scorpio men are very understanding. My problem was that I did not understand myself which caused our end. But don't worry we will reconcile and it will be an inseparable union this time around. I love him with all of my mind, body, and soul, and it still can't hold a candle to the way he feels for me. WOW

by: LA LA

i definitely think these signs can work since were both passionate signs but I know alot of scorpio's an have been in 4 romantic relationships previously and the only problem was that Scoprios are possissive. Gem's crave freedom to be independent and roam where we feel. It's dosent mean we want to date anyone else. I just dont like to have to explain why I went to the store or mall, or why I want to have some alone time. I mean Scorp's get moody and want their space but feel like they have to know everything upfront and that can bore a Gem quite easily.

I dated a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman and dated a Scorpio for three months. The sex was absolutely incredible. I was addicted to his mysterious nature. Trying to figure him out was like going on a hunt. I found him incredibly hot and sexy. The only issue was is the communication issues. I found him serious and I love having fun and I do not tolerate being bored. Many times when we were together we would hardly talk. Relationships are not based on sex alone. As much as I love sex. I found him very jealous and possessive. I don't like that either. I do like room to breathe. For me as much as I am attracted to Scorpio mens sex appeal and have that sexual experience again it drains me emotionally. Hope things work out better for you.

The Real Gem
by: Jam

I'll get right to it:

I'm an Alpha Scorpio male -- I've dated several Gem's in the past. I'm 47. Always great sex and that "magical understanding, I've found my soulmate" mantra that seems to play every time I meet another one who just seems hell bent on destroying what ALL OF YOU SAY is the "relationship of a lifetime".

I'll admit, you Gemini dolls are super hot, very intelligent,(usually) and make one hell of an impression - for about a week.

What I've learned is that Gemini women are THE BEST women to spend a whirlwind weekend away with, or a social function where
a great impression is key to a successful social or business exchange.

Fling, YES!
Significant Other, FU@K NO!

The worst part is that I continue to fall head over heels in love with these women almost immediately - and I don't fall for much, believe me.

You're the only women in my life to play me for a sucker and get away with it every time. Excuse me...



I have a question for all of you Gemini beauties:


I'm at a loss to figure this out - but I still keep buying your
ruse whenever those flirty-girly eyes of yours sparkle mine whenever I'm at the tail end of an intense, transitional period in my life - appearing out of nowhere as Catwoman to save the day!

You SEEM to really listen and get me -- you SEEM to really care, (on the first date, at least) you SEEM confident, smart
and supportive, caring, thoughtful, insightful, smell really delicious, and that Cat suit fits you better than a flat black Cadillac cruising Pacific Coast Highway at sunset.

Is it just me, or do all women travel away on business trips and stay in their (male) clients hotel suites "on the couch to save money" after he's taken you out all night for drinks and "generously paid for them" just before you both return to the hotel in tandem with your cellphone OFF for the night, right before you send me an email (really, an email? that's so considerate of you - thanks!) at 4AM explaining that you've
"... onllyy bhad twoo drnks in 4 huours..." and that you would have called but it's 59¢ a minute from Toronto to Los Angeles and that I should call the hotel to talk "...if I want to tomorrow afternoon..." without noting which hotel you're actually staying at
in the first place.

Sorry, I can see now after writing all of this down how silly I must be to think that you're all just a bunch of mentally disturbed psychopaths posing as decent human beings.

My apologies.


by: J

I dont know how old this post is or what not but I still wanted to add my 2 since its rare to see a male scorpios point of view (you guys are soo private!).

I'm a gemini woman and here's the advice I would like to provide based on my experience.

1. Communication.

This seems to be a hugeeeee problem on both ends. Once one partner starts the jealousy and mind games and shuts down, its over. ******* Dont make that mistake********. If you feel something, SAY it. Shes with you because she likes you, a lot (trust me, she has tons of options but chose YOU). So if you ever doubt her, confront her about it immidiately and TELL her how you feel, dont start playing private investigator behind her back...it won't end well! She will find out and take offense to your lack of trust.

2. Variety.

The spice of life is variety. Gemini women need it. Plan dates that dont include a movie and boring dinner. Take her to the park where she can be surrounded by her element, air. Go to the fair and get on different rides and console her when she plays scared! Take her out of town to a near by city shes never been to and explore some events there. Go up to the mountains and build a campfire (take a sleeping bag to fuck her hard on). Most importantly, always be affectionate with her in public. Hold her hand, stare into her eyes lovingly, give her surprise kisses (and not to shut her up! She'll know), grab her ass when no ones watching and whisper in her ear "mine". Just. Be. Random. And when she asks why, tell her why not?

3. Sex

Pull her hair, bite her, lick her, groan, role play, talk dirty, and after, cuddle her and let her know how much you appreciate her, and give her affectionate kisses. See, because she likes you soo much, she will do everything she can to please you in bed. She most likely has watched porn (which she might not admit to and play coy), and observed what to do to get the reaction she wants from the male. So just because shes good at giving you amazing bjs, it doesn't mean shes a whore. Believe it or not, she also puts herself in your position and does what she thinks would feel good if she had a penis. Odd right? But it works :)

Those are my tips. I've been lied to, cheated on, hacked (email, phone, etc), and stalked by scorpios. Yes, I believe they can be complete psychopaths at their worst, but theyre not all the same. I keep an open mind and hope the next scorpio Im magnetized to will be matured. Good luck.

The Real Gem/Jam
by: A Gemini : )

You are hurt. No need to label us. If I remember correctly. . . whatever you put out into the universe you will receive. So I believe you are attracting these "AssholeGeminis" for two different reasons:
1. You love Geminis and you attract them
2. You keep dwelling on the pain and frustrations the First Gemini caused you and in turn you will keep getting that first type of Gemini unless you LET GO!

Hopefully this helps and I'm sorry you have been plagued with the Negative aspects of Geminis, but maybe you need to dig deeper into your self to figure out what really is going on.

To the scorpio who met beautiful gemini girl
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini female (with scorpio moon)....but to answer your question, Gemini women are very intellectual and use their brains all the time. Please read this all the way bc I have a point to make about gemini women. I'm currently at war w Scorpio man. Looking back at the entire situation, I realize that as a Gemini woman I was totally confused by Scorpio's hot and cold demeanor. But from beginning to end I never pushed him or did anything to come off desperate or shady. As I said Gemini woman are deep thinkers, when we find ourselves perplexed, we instinctively try to make sense of it. We feel everything is all logic and with a little reasoning, we can find the reason for his hot and cold demeanor. But then we can't make any sense, it perplexes us bc it SHOULD not be so difficult. Then we become cautious. We do not like to be fooled and we refuse to be played with. At least me, as a Gemini female, I will not be outdone or played with. Bc once it becomes a game (which he started) I'm not going to fall. I become stubborn and DETERMINED TO PLAY AND WIN HIS GAME. So In the beginning, I seriously thought he was interested in me. He would touch my thigh when he sat close to me. He would find any way to touch me, and would gaze at me directly in my eyes. The chemistry was undeniable! He would tell me I was hot and would compliment me on different things about my appearance, large eyes, and even my damn high heels! We also go to same gym....and even though he literally just showed interest in me previously, I became paranoid after SEVERAL times when pulling up to gym, he would be in his vehicle w vehicle running..he never came in while I was there & he would go in when I left. Other times I'd already be there at gym, see him pull up(impossible not to see, gym small with windows facing parking lot). He would literally stay 30 min in truck until I'd walk out, then he would go in. So i straight up no-nonsense texted him and asked why and how I felt he was avoiding me. He said "lord no, I'm always excited to see you...hope to see you more." I stayed away a few weeks bc I didn't want to seem desperate & I just didn't believe him. But I finally went back, and once I pulled up, he was waiting for me it seemed. He literally came up to my truck, opened door and as I got out, he gave me a big hug. So all the doubt I had prior disappeared. We even talked and flirted before going to workout. Then on a few other days, he seemed to be warming up to me bc he came up to me & literally interrupted me while I was in a full run and w/headphones on. I was so impressed at his boldness. I totally opened up and carried on in conversation easily. Then a few days later, he walked me to the ladies room at the gym & guided me by the neck in a dominating manner and we ended up giving each other a hug just before parting. His hugs are tight and he held on longer than a few seconds. I again melted...was totally turned on by his dominance. So shortly after leaving, I figured the natural thing would be to text him. I made it simple and said I enjoyed seeing him and that I thought he was the most handsome man I've ever seen. He responded with a thank you and that was it!! Then, he never showed up at gym at the same as me again for awhile and when he finally did, he completely ignored me the next few times. At this point, I'm totally confused. And then, this is where my hard-headed ness really kicked in and I refused to pay attention to his presence. I put on my poker face, played the indifference card, and I always left while he went into the dressing room to change. This went on for a few weeks and I DIDNT communicate w him at all. Then we ran into each other again and he spoke to me like nothing ever happened. Huh???? Then he reached out and put his hand around my neck. I was so confused and cautious I didn't do ANYTHING! I just looked at him all the while playing his game like nothing ever happened. Since then, I've never made any advances and when I see him, I am cordial and very civil. If he wasn't interested to begin with, what is the point of the back and forth mind games? I simply responded to with what I thought were advances & I always did so without ever being pushy. I am totally smitten but at the same time, I have too much respect and dignity to chase him. So I remain indifferent. A week ago, he showed up w a new girl..something he has never done in the past few years. He was certainly flaunting her bc he showed up w her all week at the same time I go and was directly in front of me showing her how to work machines. In previous times we were there together, he never worked out on the machines in front of me. He always remained hidden and I just got on my treadmill and ran....never knowing where he was in the gym but knew I was being watched. I was determined not to risk being tested again & I kept showing up at my same time and stuck to my usual routine to drive the point across that I'm consistent and I kept my head up high the whole time. But he has still showed up all week w this woman and he works out w her where he has never worked out before. Yet again, I held my head up high and I put on my poker face. He will never get the pleasure of seeing me hurt or jealous....although I am completely crushed inside. So for a beautiful gemini woman being any certain way, if you play games with her, she will fight back. She will play the game as a pure means of a challenge. We want what every woman wants. We want to be taken serious, respected, and the most important of all, we want a man who is not afraid to be direct and tell you how they feel. Until you do this, forget about figuring her out, bc she is capable of playing your game you started and it will become so complex it will be maddening.

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