Learnig to love my saggitarius

by Lizzy

Ive been with my saggittarius now for almost 5 years, it's been a rocky road. We have broken up oh so many times yet I don't blame him nor do I blame me I blame out maturity level. we met when we were about 17 we are now 23 we are growing and learning this relationship takes alot of understanding, and us pisces need to understand that they need freedom they are free birds they wont tolerate being home bound for long, and if you try to make them stay they will just resent you. ive learned that he doesnt want to spend every waking hour with me and when I think about it (Do you really want to do the same??) I dont I also want my time to do my thing and you know us pisces just have to learn to be less Selfish..Yes we can be selfish with out men!!! plus when he gets back you know he will be all yours and the sex uhhh haha but anyway I just have to take my own advice and give this man his freedom and I will have my own freedom for this to be long lasting because to me it's worth it I love him and can't live with out him. I pray god will bless our love ;]

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by: Anonymous

hey lizzy, my sag man broke off with me a week ago saying he doesnt feel the same for me anymore and doesnt wanna lie to me about it so he just broke off... but i love him to death and each second just pray to God for his return, i am trying to be friends with him like i called him last evening and now i am planning to call him next week or so.. though he says its impractical to be frends after being lovers but i jst cant let him go so i told him to relax abt it...
i hope i get my love back cz i hav been terrible without him, i need him in my life and just pray tht he comes back to me..

and after reading your comments i think i should not hover around him much and once in a while give him a how r u call, and then hang up.. i know he will not call therefore i called him...

but i pray someday he loves me again but will it be possible even if we donot meet!! coz he thinks it will be odd to meet though he is not refusing to meet...

i need him, love him and pray to God to be there to make us meet again and him to love me again and build this relation into a stronger stronger one...

thanks for ur post.. it gives me a ray of hope in these mean articles of a NO NO to a piscean girl and sag man relationship!!

I love my Sag... but not a fool
by: Anonymous

me and my sag meet and it has been off and on for 3 yrs. We are friends everytime I text or write him call he answer me right away. So, I know the love is still there and I have faith and patient that one day . We'll be together forever. I love him but not a fool for my sag . He understand that

rocky road pt2 lol
by: Lizzy

Hey im back :) To annonymous im sorry to hear that.. But the truth is that saggitarius guys are known to get bored easily you have to be able to give them freedom and i know what u feel i have gone tru it all being with him almost 5yrs now , you just have to realize he loves u but needs space ;[ if ur not happy just let it go and time heals everything.

Hey Lizzy>>
by: Anonymous

hi.. thnx for ur comments. u knw wat m happy only wen i am with him, and now i realise tht i need to really give him his space. lately he called me and told me he wanted to be friends n undrstand more of me, he said he doent wanna lose me as m his only support. he says he doesnt lov me the same but i feel it deep within tht he does love me. but i ddint say anythin and said i would b fin as friends n he says he is happy to hear it. i am willin to giv him all his space n i just pray finally he flies around and considers my arms as his home and comes back home.
thnx lizzy, i really appreciate ur kind words n really need ur encouragmnt.

Saggi continue..
by: Anonymous

all sounds so scary abt Saggi's .. I am leo & like evrything thing to be clear & to be shown,,, without any complication... Sagiisssssss... Difficult to understand..Clever also..

i want him back
by: avianne

me and my sag men broke up abt 3 weeks ago bt i still love him and i want him back, he says i wasnt being fun in the relationship, bt jus being around him used to make me so happy . what should i do to get him back

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