Leaving my Libra for a Virgo

I am a Capricorn female that has just started to get to know a Virgo man better. We have been family friends for about 20 years and just caught up when I was visiting my family. We text each other all of the time now and I am heading back up to see him in March; however I am in a relationship with a Libra man that is going nowhere fast. We have been together for around 4 years now and is very mean to me about my weight (I am not even big) and things like that.

I am very tempted to leave everything behind and see how it goes with the Virgo however being a Capricorn that is a very hard for me. The Virgo has told me that he will wait for me as long as it takes to leave my partner even if that means over a year. He is so kind and sweet to me so I can't wait to see how it goes when I get back home in 10 weeks and then I think I will make up my mind if I head home to start a new romance or stick with my house and career.

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Don't leave what u have
by: Anonymous

I was married to an Aries, and got to meet a Leo as a sales person. Well geuss what! he told me, that he was so good and so forth. Then we had a lot of sex that let into a child.

Of course, my Aries did not want me. Now divorced. The Leo now is telling me that I should have backed of an so forth, and that he appologized and that's that. Please Please do not let another man be the reason for you to loose what you have. Later he will end up chewing on your throat just because you gave him that much power.You will regret it big time.

I disagree
by: Ronnie

If you meet a virgo man, give it a try! Capricorn and Virgo are soul mates. As long as the virgo man know what kind of person he is, and it not that hard on a capricorn women, things will be awesome. I'm a virgo man with a capricorn women and I adore her very much. We are perfect in every way. The fact that I read up on my own virgo nature, I totally understand what kind of person I am, so that makes it easy for me to be less harsh on being to critical and always trying to be right all the time. It's really petty stuff when you think about it. But if you take the time to understand yourself and how you are as a person, that helps the relationship be fruitful. And by the way, the sex is awesome in every standard. You both won't wanna stop until you both take each other in ecstasy. YES, it's that good :)

left a libra for a virgo
by: Anonymous

yes definitely give the Virgo a chance. but at the same time don't let that be the reason to leave your Libra, but like you said the relationship isn't going any where nd from experience as well as reading articles a libras love though may feel so strong is jzt as toxic. be careful of these guys. im so madly in love with a Libra but ive known him for 2 years and we're not in a relationship. honestly as much as i love him i dont think i would ever want one with him these past few years with regards to him have been nothing but pain. but ive met a Virgo and he shows me more love and devotion from across the us that my Libra could show in the same city! im moving soon to be with him and tho i luv my Libra im never turning back

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