Leo and Scorpio battle for control

I'm a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Leo male for the past 8 eventful months. My relationship with him is pretty unsteady. He is basically a warm and generous person, but not always that way with me.

He always wants me to open up and share all my feelings although he doesn't do the same. And I feel afraid to open up to him because whenever I do, and our thoughts don't match, he calls me a fool for not agreeing with him. I know most Scorpios would kill the guy in this case, but I'm not a typical Scorpio, as in, I'm not very revengeful.

Whenever we have discussions about any topic, his primary aim is to prove that I'm wrong, even if I'm right. And I find it a bit hard to stand up to him. I'm a very sensitive person who finds it hard to open up and he tends to act as a steamroller, completely disregarding my feelings. I go out of my way to please him but he doesn't even say thank you for the favors I do. If he's angry at me, instead of telling me upfront, he just cuts me off and goes partying with his guys. Sometimes I think he does not care at all, but sometimes I thinks he does care, but this is just his nature.

My head is a complete mess. Even if I tell him not to do a certain thing as it hurts me (like comment on how skinny I am), he still does that to either test me, or prove that I cant tell him what to do, I don't know. Someone please tell me what should I do? I'm crazy about him. Insanely crazy. I'm madly deeply ridiculously crazily in love with him.

PS: The between the sheets part is great, I really enjoy that. although he is slightly selfish in bed too. but still, its fun :)

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Cold shoulder
by: Anonymous

Ill tell you what to do...but if you feel like he the ike an tina type then you should think twice ....ignore him... Leo cant stand it its like you just plucked them out of the world ... Oh if he is the ike type leave him an grab a good sex partner an call me in the morning

by: Anonymous

Hey, its real interesting hearing your story as I’m Leo too and I do most of the stuff that you just described. One thing you have to know is that when he asked you to open to him is when he is slightly putted off by your ways of hiding your feelings. I mean, this is where being self center really hurts. We can’t see you! As you Scorpio’s are very analytical, we Leo’s are just not that intense, and that is why when you hide your feelings and you guys expect Leo’s to pick it up. It’s almost like pointing fingers at one and another. To be fair, it’s either the Leo has to learn to pick up hidden signals or Scorpio’s has to air their feelings.
I remembered once I asked my ex-gf on how I was doing on a certain things. But I was very aware of how I’m doing it though, I still demanded an answer. When she sugar-coated it. It really got me steaming and I don’t know why even till this day.

by: Anonymous

I fully identify with your story. I feel often that being madly in love with a leo man as scorpio woman can be really self destructive. I can never for the life of me understand how it is that any human being can overlook or undermine their girlfriend's efforts/contribution to the growth and development of their relationship. that is the kind of behavior that leads to regretting loosing a good partner when you had them. I agree that leo men can be very self-centered. My leo boyfriend is the same: I have been dating this guy for over two years now and what he thinks is in his head he thinks is always right. I always wonder...why he cant for even a second, just stop and try to see things from someone else's perspective, even if it were to validate his own idea. I dont mind being wrong, I think its important to me that my partner, just acknowledge what i think without judging it, in deciding eventually...that he is always right! I often wish my leo boyfriend could learn to do that, within reason, because being able to empathize, esp with a partner, is an important part of growing as a couple, and more than anything, its an important part of personal growth.I find it hard to believe otherwise,but i would be open to an opposing opinion.

I love my leo boyfriend to bits, but he is definitely self-centered, judgmental of my feelings when i do open up (He will lITERALY dig out what I feel, only to critcise me) and he doesn't appreciate what i do for him. It drains me often and frustrates me, because this kind of behavior often challenges the faith I have in his level of maturity.why should I ignore my boyfriend to get back at him for treating me like shit when he is angry? why can he not get over himself, come down and have an open, non-judgmental discussion about how we feel about things? am i missing something here?

Leos like scorpios
by: Anonymous

Im a leo . I wold be sooo honored to here the problems that would arise in this realtionship. We leos are SOOO extrovert while WAter signs of scorpios are so Intro vert. If a Scorpio man or woman came to me with the their problems male or female. Things will get solved. Peroid. Im a leo and Scorpio might be the only sign that understand respect . Like us Leos but once they forget about respect , its all game, like a lion pride for a hungry lamb

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