Leo and Scorpio Intense Lesbian Relationship

by Lovebroken Leo

I'm a masculine leo woman.. and my ex is a scorpio. We were together for two years and i've never felt so much deep passionate love for someone or FROM someone. I felt that she was my soulmate and she felt the same. It's true what you hear about those heated arguments but the sex is JUST as heated. It was the best relationship even through the hard times because we learned so much from each fight. But eventually the fights became more frequent and I was about to move to Atlanta for school.. she was having a really hard time coping with losing me. My scorpio is also somewhat very religious and at one point she felt like all the troubles in our once great relationship was a sign that 'god was breaking us apart for a 'reason'. I ended up moving and she became so distant.. it killed me. I tried everything to save us.. i was the only one working. Then I found out she was dating the same guy i got into a fight with over her. I was heartbroken... devestated... i felt used and like in the end everything she told me to asure me we'd be ok was a lie. I love her so much til this day but im afraid to return to her.. I feel maybe I picked my fruit of love too soon and we needed to grow and asure OURSELVE of certain things. We wont be dating anytime soon, but maybe if i ever forgive her and im confident we will. Best relationship ever.. when it was good it was good. when it was bad... it was the worst

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Leo man
by: Anonymous

its hard letting go of a scorpio woman, in my mind i got to let her go, but my heart saying i still want to love her...just let go, you are only gonna hurt yourself, let her get space and time to think... good luck

Scorpio IN-LOVE with a Leo woman
by: Anonymous

It was love at first sight from the first few months few hours I spent with her. The connection is so deep till this day. I want to tell her about my feelings for her but can't find the courage, she might not feel the same and I don't want to be embarrassed. What if she told others about us. I'm just not ready and I don't think I ever will be, that's why I'm here. I have to release this feeling somehow. I'm a sexual person. There are times I find myself fantasizing about her in a sexual way but, only to find myself wanting her more but can't have her.I wonder though if she does know I have feelings for her. How do I tell her, she might not be into me. Although, I do feel her vibes and the sultry stares I get from her it's what sparked this fire in the first place. I'll never forget her sexy aura so powerful. Under the Leo's mercy.-want to b your ''L'' mate-

Don't let her out of your life!
by: Les Leo

A Scorpio woman is a rare kind of woman, if she loved you once she will be yours no matter of distance or other persons. Claim her, don't leave her to that guy. She obviously preferred you, and now she's trying to hurt you- which means she loves you. Scorpio girls can hurt themselves MORE, when they want to hurt you. Show her that you are still a part of her life. I'm sure that every Scorpio girl deserves it and, if Leos should put aside our ego for someone, that 'someone' is a Scorpio girl. They deserve us..

Scorpio/Leo Terrible Confusion
by: Scorpio Female

Please help me I think I'm loosing my mind, I've met a Leo and my world has turned upside down...I'm almost 100% sure I don't want this relationship but it continuous to hunt me...it has become a very dangerous game...she's not bad at all, but she needs to mature she's almost a kid... She has a lot of other "girls" interested, and I'm a double Scorpio is all or nothing...what to do?

scorpio woman leo woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio female and I like a Leo female. She seems to like me but I'm not sure... She looks for me but there's a barrier something that I don't understand... I used to give her a lot of exclusive attention but I stopped because I honestly don't understand her... She looks for me when I'm not around but I feel that its not enough... What to do? Please... I need advise, I want her but at the same time I don't want a relation...

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