Leo confused by Scorpio woman

by Dontai

I am in love with a Scorpio woman. She is 6 years older than me. I love her to death. She is cool for a couple days then boom, right back arguing over dumb ass shit again. My baby is so sexy, oh and by the way my baby is my name for her that she originally gave to me in the beginning of our relationship before bullshit started happening. She likes to play mind games when she feels hurt but I learned to deal with it. I have lied to her to get her in my life that's how bad I wanted her and now she doesn't trust me for shit. That's some crazy shit. She always tries to make me out to be the bad one no matter what I do or say deep inside her she feels I'm lying. To her I'm a die a lier.I have been in a relationship with a scorpio for 6 years prior to her and they are nothing alike. The one I'm with now is totally loyal while the one prior to her was a liar. She is too quiet and is always seeking revenge. I enjoy our sex life that's when we are not arguing which is almost always so the Leo in me breaks her wall down and I get it because I love to have it all day everyday if I can but being with her I cut back and that's something I never did for nobody. So good luck. Please respond back Scorpio women. Help me She 35 I'm 29.

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What do you expect...
by: Anonymous

What do you expect? I mean you lied to get her into your life in the first place and now she's accussing you of being a constant liar. And then you want to do the Leo thing of playing the victim to a situation you created. I mean please, really, grow some balls and take responsibility. She's upset and she's mad at the fact that you lied in the first place and no matter what you say now, you will always be a liar to her. So personally just end the relationship cause its not pure and never will be. Unless you learn to communicate and tell her what really happened in the beginning of the relationship she won't forgive you. You have to be prepared to take a risk and you as a Leo don't like the vulnerability of it all but it has to be done.

She knows you lied in the beginning and now she's punishing you because she has to keep questioning your motives. If you're not prepared to go all the way with this Scorpio woman then leave and quit insulting her intelligence because she isn't stupid nor dumb. She knows everything and that's the Scorpio way because she can see through all the bull that you keep pouring out. Grow up!!

Leo guy here
by: Anonymous

my gf is a Scorpio too she is my everything it doesn't get easier younger or older true story but the humbleness in us Leos and LOYALTY draw us in and keep us there it's just how we are

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