Leo female with an Aquarius male crazy predicament

by AHW

Im stuck in this confusing situation with this guy, although we haven't met up on a date yet, even after we been communicating for almost 10 months !! But i actually feel like im in relationship with him, though its not conventional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but every love story has its own tale, i guess. Basically, this is how we met, i was at my friend's house and went into her kitchen when i bumped into him. I'm not going to lie i found him extremely attractive, maybe that is a Leo's weak indulgence: EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKS. So i ran up stairs to my friend and asked her who he is that fine looking brother and how im in love already with him( We was joking, obviously). I didn't think much of the acquaintance with him thereafter and time went by.

However, after 3 months, my friend's brother asks for my number to give to that same guy. I was flattered that he remembered me from the quick glance at the kitchen and that fact 3 months had passed and he still thought about me. So we got texting , the first time was quite brief but the second time we spoke for 5 hours, and the following days we spoke for three hours or more, we hit it off so well. Then after a week, he stop communicating with me, and i tried to approach him first every time but he will just give me quick and blunt answers, obviously trying to end the conversation. So i thought this guy isn't interested in me so i decided to delete him off my blackberry messenger ( our main form of communication). After a month he messaged me on Facebook demanding why i deleted him, so i told him that he was too distant and he said he was sorry and we hit it off again, it was like we never were apart. We spoke nearly everyday, until he went cold again after a month, so i deleted him and he was sorry and then we back at square one. He become distant again and this time i thought this guy isn't serious, i was compromising so much for him. -For instance,the fact i haven't bothered him about seeing each other, when im clearly use to being with my guy and going out on dates with them. The reason why we wasn't so bothered about seeing each other was that he was sort of religious and in our religion it discourages dating one to one, so i respected that and also admired him for that. So mostly he will just talk about marriage and future for us. I found that so romantic , how straightforward he was about being married and not wanting to take me for a ride-

So I become distant to after a while, and he would come chasing after to me, acting all insecure and asking me if i was bored of him. i I would always reassure him that i wasn't, - how could he make me bored when he has me on my toes all the time. Then One day he told me he had 'alot of love for me' , i was extremely happy, although it was not i love you but it was close. What he said clearly didnt mean anything, as he become distant again for 2 weeks, and this time i had it up there with him. I realised i was worth more than this and there were 100 other guys that would kill for my attention, and this guy is clearly full of games that i wasn't down to play.

So i decided to leave him, it was the worst 4 months, i couldnt stop thinking about him everyday. I know u properly thinking it is crazy to love some one that much, when we havent even met up once haha. But there was something about him, his personality was so intriguing, daring and exciting, i think i loved him more than the other guys i have dated in PERSON . He wasnt too clingy yet he was too distant at times, it was like a rollacoster relationship one day we r at high and then next i am contemplating in leaving him. I dunno what it was but i totally fell for this guy. So i spoke to his friend ( my friend brother ) on phone and he was telling how he asks of me everyday and etc. So his friend hooked us up again. He was angry that i kept deleting him but SAID HE MISSED ME AND THAT HE never tried to replace me ( I think i hurt him because he was so insecure with me).

I was so glad i had him back and he demanded to see me but i kept putting it off. Eventually he managed to convince me and we arranged a date and he doesn't even call or text, i was so furious with him and confused because he was the one pestering me about meeting up. After a week he texts me a hello, like nothing has happened. I replied after couple of days, saying how dare he have the audacity to text me after he clearly stood me up. Apparently he said he lost his phone and this is his new number. I ignore him and luckily i was going holiday for 2 weeks , so this will help my mind rest at ease. When i came back my feelings for him had strung. And im such a real person that i don't fake my feelings for anybody. He quickly noticed this and showered me with phone calls and texts messages for weeks. Such as, how he as got so much love for me and why i seem distant and if im getting bored of him. And for once taking interest in what i do and where i go ( before he never asked anything on my personal life). He suggested that we should meet up and i wasn't ready to let him off the hook, eventually after days of convincing me, i decided that we would meet up within the following week but we hadnt chosen a definite date.

I fell for his trap once again and he goes back to his old self; detached, distant , uncaring. Its been way passed the week we planned to have met up and he hasn't bothered texting me or phoning. I send him a text saying i was leaving due to his cold and distant self and i wasn't happy. I text him this twice on different occasions, one week apart from each other, and both times he convinced he to stay and that it was all in my head and that was is his personality to be distant, and that i do put in a lot of effort etc etc.

Now it has been days and he is fully aware that i don't like his distant ways and yet he still doesn't phone or text or arrange a day to see me. He knows this really hurts me and as i deleted him of my blackberry messenger several times and closed all contacts with him because of this, yet he still does it ( sometime i wonder is he doing this on purpose or he literally doesn't know he is hurting me).

I really don't know why i am wasting my time on him, because im not an ugly girl and i have lot of guys running after me but im so drawn to him even after all the hurt and pain he has put me though.
Can someone give me a wake up call or is it me, im i wanting too much attention and affection from this guy? I dont know im so confused, i really wnna move on but i dont know if i gone be making the biggest mistake of my life.
He seems like such a great guy, he is extremely funny, handsome, polite and has a good future ahead of him. Most of my girls, when they complain about their man, it like real problems like he cheats on her or he hits her. But what he does seems is so abnormal to be classed as a problem but this really gets to me. I tried to explain in words of some of the picture that im facing , but the full picture is so so damn hard to put in words. :(

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HANG IN THERE - they are worth it!

You are describing the extrodinaire traits of an Aquarian Man. They are so aloof - it will drive you crazy.
However, The more you PULL AWAY, the more they PURSUE YOU - this behaviour will drive you crazy but if you can hang in there, you will find he is a keeper.

Once he is interested in you, IT'S FOR LIFE. Be aloof around him like he does to you and he will continue to PURSUE you. I know your heart and head are affectionate towards him, but hide those feeling until he puts a wedding band on your left hand.

leo female with aqua male
by: Anonymous

i m (LEO)also in a relationship with this aqua guy...i agree they are sometimes aloof and prefer to be on there own...initially i also used to get irritate with such weird behavior but later i got that he is the man who will be like this always... but since i loved him and he also does i accepted him the way he is...
in fact my love story is quite similar to you...we have only met once...and he is a family friend...
he is polite,impatient at times,loving and caring as well...may be because we are in a committed relationship...if all goes well we will marry next year...actually he cant wait anymore...hahaha..

by: kiwi the leo

Im a leo as well and im dating a aquaruis man, we started off great and than we got into it. We talked it over and i thought everything was fine, until i didnt hear from him. Its been 4 days, ive been calling and he hasnt respond it. Should i just give up on him or what?

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