Leo male and Gemini female

by Demarko Jones
(Columbia, SC. US)

What are some thoughts about compatibility with these two. Can anyone share?

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From a Gem Female's perspective...
by: Anonymous

It starts as fun, exciting, and potentially intense physical attraction....and then, it burns out.
Leos have "their way" of how things should be done, and it weighs down on the open-mindedness of a Gemini. A Gem will be understanding for a while until it becomes old. Once it does, you'll know.
This has proven true for friendships as well as romantic relationships.

I love em and hate em...all in one
by: Anonymous

I love Leos..they are fun and make laugh.But, they want to much control and try to tell you want to do.. I don't work like that, I like a take charge man that gives me my way..not the other way around. Sexually they are wonderful, but I just don't know. But, I think I might try it again..you never know.

It can be great!
by: Anonymous

Long as the Leo's jealous/possessiveness doesn't get out of control..........it's GREAT.

I dated and lived with a Leo male for about 3 years.....jealous/possessiveness got out of control. Had to cut him loose. We remain good friends.

Recently met another Leo male. Like a moth to a flame! We recently had a falling out and I hope we can make up.

How do you get the Leo male to give you another chance once he is pissed?

Leo men are so great!
by: S

I've had a couple of Leo boyfriends and the intimacy was always the best! As a gemini woman, it's such a bonus to learn the man I'm interested in is a Leo. Inside the bedroom, it's awesome...outside the bedroom, we're like best friends but never too familiar for comfort. The communication is good and the Leo boyfriends I've had have never caved to my demands, which keeps me interested. They treat my quirks as amusing instead of getting clingy and weak, and they've tolerated my need for space and freedom. This gemini woman may be a flirt but was always loyal....my Leos seem to have known that and have shown the required patience and acceptance to make the relationships sizzling while they lasted. Both times, the relationships ended due to my backpacking lifestyle taking me elsewhere.

Gem-Leo married and oh so satisfied!
by: Anonymous

I am a Gem wife-husband is a Leo. This is truely an incredible satisfying union. Best friends with awesome sexual chemistry. We've been together for 19 years now--can't even believe it myself. He is loyal, faithful and patient. I am rewarded by his fierce protectiveness and need to please me in and out of the bedroom. I can tell him anything and he always is willing to listen-despite my need to talk things out at nauseum. Leo's have your back and Gemini's have a contant need to know they are safe (despite the fact that Gemini's appear so transient). Leo's are generous in every way-emotionally, financially, spiritually and sexually. Even though I have my Gem moments of 'noticing' other men, this is a man I want to come home to every day. By the way, my best girlfriend is a Leo, and shows many of the same traits. All I can say to potential Gemini/Leo partner combos, it to go for it! If you want to feel like you are home no matter where you are in the world, run into the secure arms of your Leo. It is the safest, sexiest place to be!

oh i just love gemini women
by: Anonymous

i am a leo male i have been going out with a gemini female for 4 years and just recently broke up with her...and this is what i think of gemini as a match for leo....just use em for sex boys....there loyalty is were it doesn't belong for starters, they secretly hate anyone else's ideas unless it is in there way of thought....they want to be rulers when they clearly have problems wiping their own bum.. hahaha bit of sarcasam for ya...they dont trully care about freinds and family unless there is something to gain and every other time she is rude and cruel to them, she is super jellious of other beautiful women being around me even though i had no interest in them and she tried to make me jelious as a result although instead of making me jelious, it confirmed the fact that gemini women are jelious cruel and total sluts ha ha ha was good sex but ive had better....shouldve just put her out of her misery ha ha ha

Leo Male/Gemini Female
by: Anonymous

Female Gemini is unreliable to the need of the Leo. They are too flighty, too cynical, too impatient and lacking in emotions. They don't examine the self enough. They don't even know who they are; they just react to others. You cannot get too close to them for this reason. They are in deed cerebral, but to what ends?

I will never again get involved with a Gemini woman. No thanks. Lost 13 years with one. Thank God there is life ahead of me. We Lions don't take betrayal well.

Leo Males Are Egotistical translation Insecure!
by: Anonymous

I knew a leo male since we were kids we messed around I thought he was so sweet when were younger but 13 years later we reunited we're adults now in our late 20's. He turned into the most egotistical,self absorbed sob's. Leo males need constant attention I honestly don't have all the time in the world to be on a man's penis. For the asswipe who said to use us Geminis for sex dude go get your insecurities checked and for those who are happily married congrats!

gemini leo compliment eachother vry well
by: Anonymous

i am a gemini woman n i m datin a gemini man weve only ben together for 3 mnths bt we r madly in love weve only had a couple fights but they were really jus tiffs n to b honest they were mostly my fault cuz everyone knos our down falls r needy n impatient but we r not always like this cuz geminis have like five different personalities lol we r such confusing individuals the best way for me to describe a gemini is that we r all the signs of the zodiac summed up in one becuz we r so different at times its really hard to follow along n yes leo men can b vrfy controlling n they like to tell the gemini woman wut to do but this cn b a good thing for us cuz we r so indecisive at times n jus all over the place they cn keep us grounded which is wut we need n i love my leo man that i will sacrifice certain things to make our relationship wrk. if a gemini woman really thinks ur worth keeping n she thinks ur sumthin special shell change her ways.that bein sed gemin is also help out leos becuz as geminis we like variety n change n leos r so stubborn n dnt like change in fact they reject it geminis can open up the leo mind to new experiances.

Married to Leo
by: Irene O

The fire is all consuming at first....the sex was intense and great for a number of years. Now after 8 years of marriage (10 years together) and his one affair, I would say that the possibility of us staying together are kind of slim. His betrayal was the beginning of the trust issues.

Keep the sex interesting and please don't cut off the sex, like my leo is doing to me. Sex for Gemini's is life's blood. If I wanted a plantonic relationship I would have met someone on-line.

I am ready to move on right now. Just waiting for this crazy Gem to make a decision. Just to let everyone know, even with the affair, I am still loyal but yes, I do flirt.

Hope this helps some.

Gemini Females aren't always the bad ones.
by: Gemini Woman

Just a quick comment, I see these leo males being bashful about Gemini women, When there sometimes sneaky, Over bearing, annoying, and want to be in control of EVERYTHING!! When I say everything I mean everythanggg, but theres a positive side to everything. Leo males do listen and they do make you feel secure but sometimes you can't tell them to much! I love leo males as a friend but Gemini and Leo are temporary enjoy the ride, it's fun at first but shit get's old especially there controlling nature. P.S GEMINIS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! yes we do have split personality but the personalities aren't the same.

not all Leo's are the same...
by: Anonymous

I was in a relationship with is one leo man/ass hole..I was new in town,so I had no family or friends and it came to my life,With all the alcohol,womanizing and the totally disrespect for the relationship I had no choice but to end it.All the time being honest royal to him and the family and the relationship.The things he did and all in the name of "LOVE" but I know all leo men and not the same....I do love me some lion...

by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini woman and I met a leo man as friends and on the first day we had intense physical attraction later finding out we had ridiculously sexual chemistry. We didn't have sex but we had fun and I've never been like that with anyone but now we've been dating for 6 months and what seem to be something meaningless and a mistake turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. He's protective and all he wants to do is show how important I am to him and so loyal. I never thought I'd feel so emotionally comfortable with anyone till him. Like stated above in other comments Leo's get really jealous but as long as you don't give them a reason to they won't be. In the beginning he was extremely jealous because of my way of being flirty but I learned to control it. Even though it was harmless and meaningless because I'll only ever want him. Happy as fuck with him.

I'm a Gemini woman and he is a leo man
by: Tee Ter

I have been dating a leo guy 4 years and must say they are sweet, but are very secretive. I recommend friendship is the best way to go nothing else. He is also very passionate when we are in bed and he can also be a stocker who enjoy sopping up attention., but all in all they are nice people. :)

Gemini Women/Leo Male
by: Anonymous

There are many good strengths about a Leo but I think it's better for a Leo and Gemini to stay friends only, Leos seem like wild lions but in the end the one that I knew just was a big baby, Having to constantly stroke his ego grew tiresome. I find the Gemini/Aries Gemini and Libra much stable and better matches, I find that with Leo it's a constant competition...Plus the leo man is a bit insecure and jealous and disloyal. So for friendships they are fine and even a roll in the sack but long term relationship no.IMO from my experience`

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