Leo man and blame game

by Sandy
(los angeles)

I met my Leo guy years ago, on again, off again, he is really bull headed and always blamed me for everything. Three years ago he came over and started with the blame game, when he left I wrote him an email and said I had had enough, and on top of that all the years we were together, we never went anywhere, not a movie, not dinner, nothing. Well after the email we didn't see nor talk to each other for about three years, and just recently about 2 weeks ago we got in touch with each other (facebook no less), and have been talking everyday..here's the kicker..he still is pointing the finger: "if you did this" and you didn't do that, so the other day was the last straw, I told him I would talk to him later, I got off the phone with a headache that did not go away until the next day and everytime I think about it my headache slowly wants to come back, he loves me dearly and says his feelings haven't changed in 20 years! he wants to get married, but I cannot see myself debating and arguing, and having the finger pointed at me all the time. I have to let him go, I am not going though life like that because it is something I don't have to do. Even though I will always care for him. Can't do it! Life is too short to have misery in your life, there is that guy or girl (for you fellas) out there.

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