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I'm a Leo man, and was in a relationship with an Aquarius woman. We dated for approximately 2 years, all of which were filled with extreme highs and lows. The highs were the best of my life. I honestly cannot remember happier times. The lows, however were so low that most people did not understand how I could put up with it. The woman I was dating broke a guitar I owned and used physical violence against me multiple times. Through this all, to this day I can say that I love her more than anyone I have met before or after. I suppose this is just my little story about how strange life can be sometimes.

I've been in an on and off relationship with a Leo 4 almost 8 years. it was love at first sight. I don't know what it is but we cant seem 2 leave each other alone but when we also cant seem 2 stay 2gether. we've even had children with different people but still deal with 1 another. its like we are so much alike but yet soo different. at times u feel like u cant live without each other and the next I don't want anything to do with him. at the end of the day I guess we'll always be in each others lives but maybe not in a romantic way.

Leo man here. Sorry but your message made me laugh.. "broke a guitar and used physical violence etc". Brother.. This is a pretty volatile relationship. That's what makes it so good and so bad.

I love my Aquarius, but we're just not on the same page. I'm not really sure either of us want to be either. It's good just how it is. We fight like cats and dogs, but the sex.. Wow. Best I've ever had.

I am a Leo man and was married to an Aquarius women for 6 years. First year was lovely, great feeling of partnership. After our son was born, she became cold to me and very critical, which slowly eroded my self esteem. And sexually she became more and more distant and I became more and more frustrated. I would never go there again. Leo-Aquarius is not good match unless loads of other good astrological aspects to compensate, and even then be very cautious, and don't jump into to marriage for at least 2 years.

I'm a Aquarius woman who has known a Leo man for quite a while now we have great times together and we are very sexual! We are mostly attracted to the physical needs we sometimes fall off but always come right back I don't think we would work out as a marriage but we will always be in touch.

This is interesting.. I am an Aquarius Woman and I was dating a Leo man. It was an on-off relationship, yet we were identical.. the only difference is that he was very selfish and I was very loving. The only person that mattered was him. We hated each other, yet we couldn't move on. It took ages to break up. Leo men are so wrapped up in themselves that they hardly notice the suffering Aquarian partner

I am an aqua woman with a Leo man, our relationship is fab and we are moving in together next month, I love him with all my heart n he is the same always telling me he loves me, someone else said its weird how we are so different but also very alike this is the same for us its quite strange really. we do have our down moments esp when I as a typical aqua change my moods like the wind and it frustrates him but as soon as I see he's eyes all sad I cannot help but take him in my arms n tell him how sorry I am. We do work I just have to let him think he has the upper hand in things and he gives me my me time that I also have to have. :)

I'm an Aquarius woman whose been with a Leo man for about a month now. I met him on a vacation and there was mutual attraction from the very beginning. I left back home and a few months later I called him and he was so excited that I contacted him and he really wanted to give 'us' a go, I consented and because moving wouldn't be such a problem, especially because he helped handle some of the expenses, in Leo style, I decided to give it a chance. Things have been great so far, knock on wood, in the beginning he tried being controlling but I knew a little about Leo men personality and we had a chat and after letting him feel like it was all his idea we were fine and had reached safe grounds. Of course he's jealous and possessive, but sometimes a girl likes knowing that she's such a valued treasure. It can be grating sometimes but for the most it's wonderful. He's very family orientated and loves kids, pets not so much, but I believe that's only because attention would be detracted from him. He's warm and affectionate and I'll keep you all updated as new developments occur. ~Crescent Aquarius

I am an Aquarius woman with a Leo man right now an we are always going through extreme up and downs. I don't know how to explain it but we are so similar yet so different. we love each other so much and I could see myself being married to him in the future. we cannot seem to be apart from each other. but when things get bad, I get scare of what might happen because it can get very ugly and physical. but I could honestly say that I will never love another man as much as him. at the end of the day I am happy to be with him.

I'm an Aquarius woman still in love with my Leo Ex boyfriend... it's been three years yet I still can't get him out of my head :( why is it so difficult to let a Leo man go??? till this day I miss him and don't understand why that is even though I've dated many guys after him he's still the one I think about, oddly to say we had our ups and downs but that doesn't change that we were good together

To the poster above, if it's that extreme there are likely to be many other factors in your natal charts which are compatible. Sun signs play a part for sure, but there are many other factors which also play a role.

I recently ordered a compatibility report from this site (I'm a Leo), and all I can say is it was scary how many things suddenly made sense. In your case it might even show what's stopping you being together. Maybe it's fixable? My girlfriend (aqua) and I had an on again off again relationship for over 4 years. The longest we stayed together was around 6 months. This time we're up to almost 14 months. Not much of an achievement I guess but I have a good feeling about it this time.

I am a Aquarius Woman Dating a Leo man n right now things are going pretty good between us. he is more of a loving person than I am in the relationship but that's only because I am not an emotional person I guess. we broken up here and there but we love each other so much we couldn't take it any more. we cannot seem to be apart from each other. but when things get bad, I get scare of what might happen because it can get very ugly and physical. I love him more than any one I am sure he feels the same. were the same in different ways.

I'm an Aquarius woman, and my husband is a Leo. we were married in January 2007, and we've been together since 1999. he's my best friend in the whole world, he's my ultimate lover, we learn so much from each other, and seem to fall more and more in love every day. I firmly believe we were written in the stars and that we're a perfect match, and no one could convince me otherwise. x

I'm an Aquarian lady getting married to a Leo man in 4 months. We are quite alike and quite different at the same time. Our likes and dislikes are very similar, but how we approach the world is vastly different. He is very self confident and will let you know exactly what he is thinking. I am quietly confident with tons of patience. I don't need to take center stage as my lion does. We give each other what the other lacks. Yes, we can drive each other nutty at times, but those times are short lived. We are very happy!

I'm an aqua woman and fall in love with Leo man. On these days he is not in my contact but our love story was very strange. even I don't found to explain it. I still love him ,I think Leo's wanted more physically than soully. And in the via reasons of our breakup is also it is the one. he always saying me that he love me, I also love this style but not wanted to go beyond kisses before marriage. I think that for Leo's love means sexuality first then mutuality

I am an Aquarius woman and I have dated 2 Leo men. Both of which didn't work out and lasted for short periods time. Things were good and bad. When they were good, they were GOOD! But when they were bad, it was bad. I felt sometimes he was distant and selfish. I really liked both of them though. They have a sweet charm. We were a lot of alike, but very different at the same time.

Leo dating an Aquarius woman. I can't really explain how this happened. All I know we liked each other the first day and next-day decided to be Girlfriend and Boyfriend. (I'm like heck, we like each other, why not.) I love how creative, straight forward, fashion, it's like words can't express how wonderfully she really is. I love how she don't judge me where ever I go, what I do. I love being freedom and so does she. Sometimes I need to be alone and I don't want her to think I don't love her. I'm feeling strong attraction from her. And I also think the same she needs freedom on her own terms. Don't mind if she does. I rather give her space and enjoy talking to her fairy friends.

I have been in love with a Leo man for the last 9 years now, and he has felt the same, but we have never seemed to be able to get together! We have other relationships but are always disillusioned by our partners, and we always compare our respective spouses with each other.

It seems our communication is poor and our timing is also.

I find emotion difficult to express, and loathe the idea of him knowing he has such power over my feelings. I say the reverse of what I feel sometimes just to save myself any pain of rejection. He is too proud to make the first move, to show how emotionally affected he is by anything (although I know him well now, and know that he DOES feel) and sees my seeming lack of feeling as personal rejection, but his pride will not allow him to confess this is so.

The real communication we do have leads us nowhere, because it is always under the influence of alcohol or in digital form. We have even discussed getting married, having children, and told each other that we will never love anyone else like we love each other. He says that if any other woman asked him to choose between her and me, it would be me hands down. But it is all said with a jovial, blase manner, to the point that we have to inform each other that what we say is in fact brutally completely true, and we are STILL left wondering (despite the frustration of those around!).

Despite all the above, I do feel that we complete each other (and everyone who knows us agrees), and are as many people have put on here are very similar in nature but at the same time very different. He is proud, loyal, very calm, creative, generous, highly sexual, charismatic, adventurous and sunny in his disposition to the point of keeping even the most serious things light hearted. I am emotionally defensive (appearing cold), wacky, unpredictable, adventurous, and very socially able.

Our pairing brings out the best in each other, and merely being in each others company wills us to become better people. When I am around, his creative juices flow like never before, his confidence grows and he will spend his last penny on keeping me happy (although being Aquarian, not wanting to take advantage, I almost offend him by telling him I can take care of myself). When he is around me I seem to find myself in a good, contented mood, full of creativity and silliness'. Sexually, sparks fly when we are together. When we are in close proximity the atmosphere is electric, his breathing becomes ragged, and I tremble. We often discuss sex, our fantasies, likes dislikes (and believe me, we are compatible!) and always agree to terminate the conversation because of how alarmingly horny (for want of a better word!) we become (for 'friends'....... who are in love?!?!?). He brings out the best in my sexual appetite and my zany mind means he will never get bored in the bedroom (if we ever get there!).

There is so much going for us as lovers, after all, we have been best friends for so long now, we know each other inside out and it seems the more layers that we unpeel, the more we want to unpeel further! We are so full of trust in each other, but still such a delicious mystery!

So.... and maybe here is a warning as well as a question.... why are we not together? Is his pride, and my inability to express emotion really this much of a problem?

If anyone has any answers for me, I'd be delighted to know, and I will let you know if we ever do manage to tame each other!

Very similar situation here to the poster above. No clue why we can't be together but it's like we're determined not to be though neither of us can give up. I've never been so attached to someone and yet been unable to be with them for any length of time. What's bad is that we both try to see other people and then end up sleeping with each other. Again. And again. It's like I have no willpower when it comes to him. Arghh! I too would love to know the reason if anyone knows it?

I have dated a Leo man off and on for the past year. We are the best of friends but his arrogance/self centered personality would be the only killer for us. Leo's are very friendly and flirtatious people both men and women. They love extravagant things and are some of the funniest people you could ever meet. We are astrological opposites but so much alike in other ways its ridiculous. A Leo man must be the center of attention and is very capable of gaining that attention by just being themselves. I'll love him even if it comes to being just a friendship, we just vibe really well. They love children and children love them. They never meet a stranger and are some of the most giving people if they are able.

I'm an Aquarian female w/ moon in Cancer so I don't typically fall under the aloof/detached ideal. I love to nurture my Leo child and give her all the affection she needs surrounded by our dog in my loving home. Having a Leo child has taught me what is important to Leo men, which I have always attracted. These people connect through physical touch and are extremely intuitive about other's feelings. They hate to see anyone suffer. My first Leo man still remains a part of my memories even though we are not together. I am being courted by another Leo male and I forgot how generous and loving they can be. I am throwing all and any rules out if the window and consciously allowing him to spoil me. It is what makes them happy: Showering their loved ones with love and devotion. Leos are really, genuinely sweet creatures. Be prepared to rub their bellies after feeding them a home-cooked meal. be prepared to be loved and protected. the wandering eye is simply that and nothing more. Leos are as loyal as Aquarians. He will be your best friend for life!

I have been involved with a Leo for about 8 months now and he does not open up very well, I can't seem to get though to him like really get in to his heart and mind But I love him and I know he loves me but it is very complicated

I am an Aquarius dating a Leo man who is very loving and all you could think of including ambition. He is just the one you can take home. My problems with him is sometimes I just can't read him. But he is the love of my life something about when we get together is like the perfect combination.

We both have to understand each other. At the end of the day opposites attract. Its now how to handle the Ups and Downs in the relationship and how we want to take the down part of the relationship. Cause we are made for each other.

I am an Aquarius woman dating a Leo man. We met 13 years ago in high school, and while we both were interested in one another it would be another ten years before we really became close. Unfortunately we were both in rocky relationships at the time. Then both of us became single at the exact same time, when he bought the house across the street from me. In the three years we were close friends, I was smitten by his wit, his charm and his entire personality and looks. But we were faithful to our current significant others. Almost at once when we became single we started dating and I am happy to say he is the best thing that has EVER EVER EVER happened to me. Sure we have disagreements, what couple doesn't, but his Leo nature compliments my Aquarius nature: we laugh together, explore together, and adore one another. This is by the far the best personal and astrological match I have ever had in my life. I highly recommend giving Leo a shot, Aqua gals. But be forewarned : when the king of the jungle roars, we sometimes have to swallow our pride and refill our water jugs and give him an extra helping of our loving waters to quench his thirst for compliments.

Umm ok if thing are getting physical than go don't take a second leap you can do way better with a Libra man who is a good intellect and emotional match there guaranteed to be few clashes with them as an Aquarius female and for a Leo man jump on a Gemini if it fails leave it up to god

Im an Aquarius female, and I'm in love with a Leo man. We 1st met because he was best friends with my brother in elementary and we didn't hit it off then he bugged me a lot I have to admit but I saw him again when I was a freshmen and he was a junior and it was really just one of those quick hey things but he pursued me and he joined the ,military I cant say no to a man in that uniform and now we are madly in love about to get married its the perfect match in my eyes.

Hey Im an Aquarian girl who has been having a casual relationship with a Leo guy for 2 years. We tried the dating thing to begin with but Im 5 years older than him and I think he cared too much about what his friends would think so that didn't work. He was really shy when we met so I didn't really expect anything great in the bedroom (when I finally made the move as he was too shy!) but OMG he was amazing. After that we kept in touch but would only chat online and would never go out together. He would ask to come round or Id ask him but that was it. We are perfect for each other physically as he is so affectionate and loving as well as sensual and passionate which for me is everything I could wish for. Im not a typical cold Aquarius I need affection, Im very emotional (maybe too much) and get jealous. we have had a few breaks from meeting up as he would hurt me by acting like he didn't care for me and messing me about by telling me he was coming round and then not showi ng up. I know he likes to keep his options open when it comes to women and has a fear of commitment (as his ex cheated on him) but he would hurt me with how little respect he showed me when we were apart yet when we were together we would be wrapped in each other with so much affection. We would lay in bed kissing for hours, beings silly making each other giggle, giving each other massages the lot! 2 years on and we are still the same but he seems to be more honest with me (though not 100%) and shows me more respect. I don't think we would work as boyfriend/girlfriend as we would probably drive each other crazy. He has opened up to me about things in the past but then seems to realize he's let his guard down and close himself off to me again. I really care for him and want him to know I am there for him not just as a lover but I want to be his friend too. He has a difficult home life and I really wish I could support him but don't want to insult my little proud lion by offering my help. I feel I know elements of him so well but don't really know him as a person that well at all anymore. In the beginning when we were dating we would talk for hours but now we just make chit chat and don't go any deeper than that. I cant really figure out how to move the conversation on e.g. I cant really go from how is work to so how are you coping with things at home etc? I don't know how to get closer to him as a friend but show him I don't want to be his girlfriend and that Im not in love with him (which would make him run in the other direction!). I think Im probably addicted to him physically and possibly him to me as he keeps coming back to me (but for him its not as strong) but I want to get him to open up and for us to have a meeting of minds as well as bodies as we are both very sensitive being and I really do care about him and want to be his friend. If anyone can offer any suggestions please do as I don't want to scare him away by making the wrong move.

So There's this Leo, I don't know wats up but im so attractive to him, I admire him so much, and it always seems he admires me too, I always see the little sparkles in his eyes with he's with me, but unfortunately he is a big time player and he messes with a lot of girls, I don't mind, because we are both young, but I don't know maybe in the future we can work it out...

Hello all. I am currently still in love with a Leo man, we were seeing each other on and off for a few months but he now has a new girlfriend, but we both cant seem to move on. He calls me from time to time and we just have this magnetic feeling towards each other that I have never felt before. We had the most amazing sex and I think that's why I'm finding it hard to walk away from him. Don't think we could have a proper relationship though, but sex works 100%. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and can't move on.

I am a Aquarius woman who has thus far been with an Leo Cancer man 19 years with two children and dog and cat.. we have had our lows but I feel without an shadow of doubt that we were made to be together for some odd reason. When he does things that he feels I won't find out about but yet when caught he won't own it. I feel with time and growth for both of us he will realize things were ordered by God himself. I say this because the way we met and things I knew before meeting him. All my life before getting married to Leo husband I had been prep for his arrival in my life. We are currently experiencing low time with him doing unethical things but I know with the faith I have things will change for the better and for our future.

I had been with a Leo for 3yrs it was the best 3yrs of my life! It was and awesome mash-up of best friend and lover. If I needed someone to talk to he was there, if I was in the mood he was there. It wasn't until he had to move away was when I realized how much I loved him. It took us months for us to move on, because we both knew that the long distance thing wasn't going to work. He eventually found someone, and I've caught myself trying to find him in other people and I've found myself still walking the lone road. My advice aqua woman keep your cats(Leos)...

im an Aquarius and I have a Leo friend. he is my best friend and the greates person in the world. i've known him for like 6 years. I dated him once but it didn't work out because he was to far away. rather than that our relationship was perfect. we talk all the time and give each other lots of advice.i understand that some of you say that you have some ups and downs in you're relationship but thats going to happen in anyrelationship. every married couple has that problem I have dated every sign and I can honestly say that every one of them has been ups and downs. yes some worse than the otheres but most just the same. I love my Leo friend. he's the one sign I can honestly say that I get along with the most. I think it all depends on the person. they say that im supposed to be unemotional as an Aquarius but I am emotional.we were not all made the same so if you had 1 or even 3 bad relationships with a Leo or any sign give another one a chance cause that one could be diffrent it all depends on the person. -natural high

Me and my Leo man were married for 13 years. Two beautiful children, home, great life.

Multiple stresses spiraled him into a place he never let known. He had to be the big bad lion and hide his emotions. He interpreted his emotions by thinking he didn't love what he had in his life and cheating.

A year and a half later, he begs for his old life back. He's a big boy and admits his mistakes and knows "we" won't happen again.

So you Leo boys....double think all of your decisions. Us Aquarian girls do not share. We forgive and forever love, but our lives move on very quickly and there is no chance of coming back once you have left.

I am aqua women with a Leo man. He is my other half, sometimes I look at him and feel as though I am looking in the mirrior. One thing, he needs constant attention, it can be exhausting, but I give in to him. I am very emotional, always have been, I do not understand why they say aqua people are cold, maybe the men are. I have dated a few aqua men and found them the coldest men of all, but I am not that way.

I think I will hold on to this Leo man for the rest of my life if I could.

7 yrs ago I fell in love with a Leo boy (each others first loves)...now we're both grown with kids, both in separate relationships. We still talk & the loves still there. I CAN'T wait for the day we can try to make it work because I know it would.

I am an Aquarius woman dating a Leo man. We are a perfect match for each other. He is so romantic with me. He calls me all the time as well as text me. The lovemaking is awesome every time! I think our communication is great! He listens to me and I listen to him. If I disagree with him, I let him know and we move on. He will let me know if he does disagree with something, and he never pressures me to do anything that I do not want to do. I love this man and I want him in my life always.

im an aqua woman and I have been in an up and down relationship with a Leo man for 5yrs,we have a daughter,we have broken up quite a few times before but somehow we always find back each other!its like the perfect couple when were good,i love him and he loves me,i could never let him go and he could never let me go,he runs through my mind every second of the day,i love how he appreciates me!all I have 2 say is if you feel this way about you're Leo then don't ever make the mistake and leave him out,trust me there is nothing better!!!!

I was with a Leo man on and off for 3yrs..the sex was by far the best I had-we had a connection so strong in the bedroom. but the highs and lows of our relationship were so extreme, he was very jealous and possesive I needed more space. one minute we were madly in love & the next he was so angry towards me, I still love him, he still wants me back. but for the kids I cant be with him. they say for Aquarius love and hate are so close its hard to realise which one it is you're feeling!!

i will always love my leo...but we just cudnt eva be together. I will not be controlled by any1.

I was dating a Leo on and off for about a cople of months (6-ish)..It'd amazing how true these compatibilities end up being. Turns out, Aquarians and Leo's are opposing signs inj the zodiac..go figure. It's harder for me as a person to flaunt my emotions, it's hard. Once we met, it was an attraction (wow, lemme tell you)! But then as time and time passed, there was 0 communication between us. I don't know what he expected, he always played mind games ; acting as though I should chase HIM. I don't chase men, and I've never dealt with having to get approval and affection from a guy. Thats what made it so hard for both os us to let go, becuase we both wanted what we couldn't have, eachother. He always acted as though "HE" was the right one, the smarter one and always wanted sex, even though he did like me as much as I liked him. After a while, we had horrible communication, like it was always akward and there was no intellecutal connection whatsoever.. I still think abou t him, but I guess it was god's way of telling us, it wasn't meant to be.

I am almost fifty. I was married to a Leo for fifteen years. He had a very bad temper and so did I! Too much fighting..I had some of the best and worst times of my life with him. He cares more about his self more then his children and cannot let go of hurt he has sustained in his life. He does not know how to forgive. I a now in a relationship with another Leo for almost six years. He is so layed back and funny! He is my best friend! He thinks I am crazy at times, but loves me anyway. We are different but accepting of that. We have taken advantage of that fact and have learned much from each other. I am sure he is my life partner!

I'm an Aqua lady and have to tell you, there is something between Leos and Aquas. He was attracted to me from the first moment and I got interested in him too.

I really think Aquas are the only ones who are really good for Leos, because we show Leo the wider view, we give them ideas, we take care of their pride on public, we don't nag on old things and don't make a big fuss about little things. I often understand him without any words. Our eye contact is something I've never experienced before.

We are both very passionate.

He loves to take care of me which is good because I often forget to do that. He has strong opinions, but respects my point of view, so we are always interested in talking to each other. He often whips me into action, encourages to do things, he gives me that stability which I lack. He is so warm-hearted and honest about how he feels and always has that admiring look in his eyes.

Of course we also have huge fights. Mostly it's because I'm so jumpy and unstable or because his ego needed more pampering than I was giving at the moment. It can get ugly.

But above all, we have the deepest of connections. We are both scared to admit it, but we know it's there. We complete each other and are best for each other. Of course we have to work on that relationship and often compromise, but our relationship only becomes stronger.

So Leos, chase down your Aquas and Aquas, don't run away from Leos. All those jealousy and possessive issues can be solved by mutual agreements. And you will never find a better bed mate

Well I want to say something. I'm a Leo and my relationship with an AquaLady is something beyond good. She rocks my world. I fell in love with her from the first sight. It wasn't easy to get her.

I had to try and try and try for 2 years, during this time she made me climb the mountains, laughed at my attempts, chose another guy or just ignored. I have never chased anyone like this, I hated her, but loved her even more. And in the end I was right, we are getting married soon and will have the best life together.

So here is my advice. Offer her everything you have and give her lots of time and space, be patient. She likes fun and surprising gifts and dates, but it's hard to win her over with those. She likes to be recognized and noticed, but don't go over the top with compliments. She really likes to talk a lot and will never get tired of discussing some strange things like why are dogs so loyal or things like that. Never insult her friends or it can be over in a split second. You get extra point if you help out her friends.

She will run away if you try to rule her or demand something. She will want to analyze and test you and will be brutally honest about all the bad things she will find until you start thinking she despises you.

Ok, I can't talk more, because even writing this gets me heated.

The catch is, ou have to make yourself vulnerable and hope she will notice your effort and value the risk you're taking.

She is the most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny, original, understanging, exciting, electric, caring girl I have ever met. And also, she is my best friend and I found out that this is very important in a relationship.

Leo in love with Aquarius

Boy, is it good. Married 15 years and it's still good. The initial attraction never faded and the sex is always very good, I could spend a lifetime in a bedroom with her! We have a strong family, 3 children, both have jobs and still have fun. I give her space and does the same in return. I have been loyal to her all these years just because I care. I will never get tired of watching her. My heart still does that jinks when she says she loves me or how she adores me. She's the sweetest thing on earth.

We fave big fights, that's true, but we always forgive to each other and make up. There is no power on earth that would sepparate us. I am sure that we are a match made in heaven even if some astrology pages say otherwise. We are opposites and complete each other and together we are the best team.

These comments hit the nail on the head. I'm aquaruis and I've been off and on with a Leo for 18 months now. Its is hard to explain out relationship. My girlfriends find it hard to understand us. We have a connection I've never felt. It's like Ive met my soul mate. He finishes my sentence and always knows what I'm thinking. He's very attentive to my needs. And we sit and talk for hours. Know one can tell a story like he does. I find him interesting because I can't seem to figure him out. We totally love each other, and it amaze me how it's so easy for him to share his feeling. I've been threw a lot in my life, so letting my guard down is something I'm working on right now. He's been very patient with me. The bad side is that he's a bit moody. And will roar when annoyed. But I have know problem giving him space. I've learned to read those moments and let him be. After some time alone. He'll be back to his loving playful self. When play and joke like kids. Even going a s far as play pranks on each other. He's my very best friend. I wouldn't trade him for the world. It's like I've met my better half. I've tried dating others. But no one seem to match up. It's nothing but the best from him. And he showers you with love, hugs and kisses. When were out on the town, he likes for men to look and check me out. He said he doesn't want to be with no one, nobody else doesn't want. Which makes me feel like gold. I often ask myself what the future holds. If we don't marry, hopefully we'll be friends forever. My heart belongs to him. My sexy Leo the Lion.

Wow! It's crazy how all these stories about Leo men and aqua women are so similar. I'm an aquarious woman myself, and when I first saw my Leo guy it was love at first sight for me! I was so attracted to him, completely spellbound by him. I've never met a sexier or more magnetic man! But I'm a typical aqua and he's such a typical leo, so we've had problems in our relationship from day one. There are all the complications of me being very freedom-loving and afraid of commitment to him being extremely possesive and dominating.

I'm so insecure with this guy, I have a bad feeling that he is not really the faithful type. It's true what they say about aquas, we may be a little wary of making a commitment but once in love we're completely loyal and faithful, at least I am. And I'm really in love now but I don't know if he is? He says he is but my intuition is telling me that I'm the one who has fallen hardest this time.

I don't know what to think, it's impossible to read this man or know what he's really thinking and feeling.I'm at a complete loss with him, all I know is that he stole my heart from day one and nothing has been the same ever since! I know I will never forget him, I just feel this strange and strong connection to him somehow and yet it's hard to fully be with him because we're so different and I suspect that we have a very different way of looking on love and relationships. I think he's more open to having a free and open relationship, I'm not! It's funny because I guess it should be the other way around, being the aquarious I should be a real "free-thinker" I guess, but the mere thought of him being with another woman just breaks my heart! I guess we shouldn't really be together but it's so hard to let him go? I love him and at times I feel a peace and serenity(like never before) when I'm around him and at other times I just feel insecure and jealous(like I don't really know where we stand?)

It's a little bit like being on a roller coaster ride, only I can't seem to let go and I'm really in love with this guy...

I'm an Aquarius women, I've been talking to a Leo man off and on for about a month now, I REALLY like him and after reading All these different post and comments I'm excited and hoping start a relationship with him, However I'm worried I may have altered my chances of a relationship with him because I slept with him on our first date. It was amazing, but I've been reading Leo's like a chase. So my question is am I now just easy prey or do I still have a shot at being a lioness?

I am currently in love with a Leo to the point where I think I might be obsessed with him. I love him so much but I have a problem. He knows that I love him and he doesn't like it, of course he treats me with respect and he is really nice to me but you can tell that he doesn't like me. and its so confusing, I just cant seem to figure him out and I don't know if he kinda likes me or if he just doesn't want anything to do with me! help!!!

I've been with my Leo man for almost 5 months. Just this week he told me that he feels a "family" type of love.. That he knows he loves me but isn't in love with me. And there isn't a sexual attraction for about 2-3 months. He also mentioned running into his ex of 2 years. She treated him like dirt towards the end and even cheated on him. I don't know what to do. We had plans of having our own apartment and everything. He's so set on not having us "work" anymore. I feel like I've been led on after only a month and a half of a REAL relationship. When we first met, it was on a dating site. A few days after we started dating I broke it off because I got cold feet. But when I realized I missed him and wanted him back, we started over again. During those 2 weeks of the breakup, he'd text me and email me begging for me back to give him a real shot. And now that I dropped everything for him and gave him a second shot, I'm being dropped. What can I do?!?!

I am a female with an Aquarius moon. He has a Leo moon. we are both the same sun signs and two years apart. My Leo was my first sexual experience at 13 years old and he was 15. That was back in 1986! thats over 25 years ago. I have been married twice with kids and he is a ladys man. He also has several children but never settled down in a commited relationship. somehow he always got caught cheating. this board sounds so much like us although this is not our sun sign. the moon controls how one shows emotions. we will always love each other but never established a relationship in our adult years. whenever my life fell apart he has always been the person I look for and reach out to - to be safe. He has known me since I was a little girl and some how I believe he can rescue me from any and evrything like he is my superman. I have always been the one quite and submissive to him because I always understood he grandness and never took it personally. however and ow as adults im the one with the upper hand and will rip him a new one if he gets out of line with me. its so funny cuz ive always chased him but now he chases me and due to past experience and knowlege of his limitations, I don't easily give into him or tell him how I feel. now I make him prove his worthiness to me. he is so adoable how he prances and performs for me. however I know my limitations with him. he will cut my head off if I disrespect him. and he does pout and go away when I don't show him the love or affection I know he wants. im still so broken from my failed relationships and still so afraid of trusting him again. He has been courting me for over 9 months now. none of which we have had sex yet. im a little shy to show him my highly developed sex drive cuz he treats me like im a delicate princess. but yet he makes me feel so pressured to give in to him sexually which irritates me. I need him to demonstrates that he gets me emotionally and mentally. but in the mist of my critism...we have stopped communicating and at first I thought I was ok with it. but now I miss all of his attention. we do love each other but I guess not enough to see it through.

^He is just playing hard to get Leo men don't like saying what's on their minds like most male their like rubber bands.

I am currently dating a Leo myself , we been together almost 2yrs now and my heart beat fast when he come around, the SEX .. OMG (THE BEST I EVER HAD) !! we have our ups an downs like any other couples. ONE thing I can really agree with about the LEO'S

I am a aqaurius woman dating a Leo man. We have been together for about 3 & a half years. It is the most loving yet complicated relationship that I have ever been involved in. We connect on so many levels, but at the sametime we are so different. I have the we point of view & he has the me point of view. Reguardless he has completly changed my outlook on life & we are teaching each other how to be patient & commanicate & how to love one another better. We push each to become better people & I've never been or felt so much love.

I am an Aquarius woman who always attracts leos. I am not obsessed with astrology but I know leos. I have attracted them since I was in high school. Leo woman as well as men have alwasy come into my life (one girl who was my best friend in high school) this continued for many years on and off, until she hurt me one time too many. There could be a room filled with people and leos always manage to find me. I wouldn't mind if they didn't abandon me just as quickly. I honestly love these people and feel I am destined to be with one. Some years ago I was involved with a crimianl justice major from Westfield State who was a leo. It didn't work out and he broke my heart. A few years ago, I was minding my own business when this guy (who just happenend to be a criminal justice major from Westfield State and a Leo found me). He disappeared out of my life just a quickly, but to this day I think about him and think it was meant to be. It is so unbeleivably bizarre. Why does this keep happening to me?

Why are they determind to suddenly appear in my life and leave just as quickly? It is so painful.

Im an Aquarius woman who has been a "close" relationship with a Leo guy for almost 10 years. It is scary how much these postings describe my relationship. It was love at first sight....he pursued me. We are so alike yet so different. It is so exhausting keeping up my leo's ego and constant need for attention! It is also annoying how he is superficial...I am the total opposite. The attraction never fades and the feelings associated with that are incredible. I know I love him and that will not change. When we are insync we are totally insync and when we break down in communication, it is the worst ever. I'm not sure if it is just my own fear of commitment that is holding me back or if I have serious doubts about our relationship for the long term (?) Maybe both, huh!

Thinking about the electricity between Aquarius and Leo make me salivate.. They can be too proud to admit their true feelings but the attraction is undeniable, for fire is its hottest with air like no doubt. I was 15 when I fell in love with a Leo at first sight and have been desiring the connection for the past 5 years, and again and again my connection with Leo becomes stronger. I had my tarot cards done for this current Leo im interested in and it said that my confidence will be raised when I am with this leo. I always give leos a dreamlike sexual experience.. the full treatment.. including an hr massage after.. sex and emotions, my intellect seems intensified only with Leo unlike anything ive ever experienced, I am not used to taking control because I usually like my mates to be taurus. Yet I do in a leo/aquarius intimate setting. But I can say that maybe Leo and Aquarius relationships just aren't meant to be.. yea sexual chemistry and all is perfect and beyond amazing but we both turn to mush when it comes to talking about relationships. LOL can't say that enough. I feel so grateful for the first Leo I ever met because without him I would have never felt love for the opposite sex.

The first love of my life was a Leo man. We did not end up staying together for more than one reason, mostly different thinking . He got married 5 years ago and I am still looking for Mr. Right. I attract them wherever I go, but there is truth in saying that we Aquariuses remember our first love for the rest of our lives.I have met more Leos after him, but they did not mean much to me. I now feel the most comfortable with Aquarius ans Sagittarius.

hey Im an Aquarius woman and my fiance is a Leo man, at first I didn't know if I wanted to be with him because he chased me down and wouldnt give up lol. I would try to ignor him because I didn't want anything serious with him but he continued to be swet and kind and understanding, he asked for my number and so I gave it to him.( we met online). when he called his voice outomatically got me. the way he spoke to me wraped me up and made me want to be with him.hes currently in afghanistan cuz he's in the army but even from so far he spoils the hell out of me and makes sure im ok. he calls me EVERY day and Tells me all the time how much he loves me and all the things were going to do when he gets back. I can def, say that I fell in love with his headstrong personality.Im very unstable (flakey if you will) but he's so decisive and knows what he want and I love it!!!!! he compliments me ALL the time tells me how beautiful I am and how im his angel and I just cant help it when he call me "baby girl". we havnt had sex yet! but im so excited to ,im sure I wont be disapointed lol.hes s romantic to and I love it!! out of every sign I have been with , this is my first Leo and I have to say no one has been this way with me EVER! he's THE BEST!!! MY LOVE MY LIFE, My soul and as he says IM HIS QUEEN. I love him so much . I wouldnt go back for anything. OH and Aquariuses just so you know if you find yourself a leo, don't let him pass you take him and love him and youll be surprised at the life you have ahead of you.

Im an Aquarian girl and I was with a Leo boy. We're so much different with different views,opinions and perceptive in life.We clashed a lot with our differences but we always tried and broke up a couple of times,then made up again.I don't know if my star sign is correct,but I'm not the 'cold','seeking for independence','wanting short term relationship','detached emotionally' type of aquarian.I want a serious relationship,I'm very passionate when it comes to love and I give more than I deserve and I express my feelings often(even when its awkward to me).i got less from my Leo boy.im compassion to others troubles and very loyal.but I also don't like being held like a prisoner,and maybe rebel is in the nature and im philosophical too and deep in thoughts.my Leo boy also is very deep in thoughts but he's more analytical and logical,whereas I have logic in me but I am also a dreamer.thats when we often clash because he cant really compromise to anything.he's so laid back a and hardly express his feelings.sometimes I even question our love and feel like he's not deserving of me.my friends told me that even himself.he gave up easily and coward to try for the extremes,like long distance.im very persistent and I don't give up but he's not willing.we still love each other but we cant stand each other.so im avoiding to contact him now.its not like he's going to leave a message saying his feelings,hes just not like that because of his ego and pride over powering the love.no surprise to me.its his loss

I am an Aquarius woman who just met an amazing Leo man. He was so intrigued by wanting to get to know me that he just showed up at my door and gave me his phone#.Being so attracted to him I called him and we got together he wanted to be right up front with me 100% he told me that he currently has a girlfriend which he says the relationship is not working out and that they are only friends and that he ownes a lot of things with this woman like houses etc and it will take time for him to deal with that. He says he does not want any drama and he wants things to always be kept simple. He told me this within the first 30 seconds of talking to him on the phone for the first time. We got together I had to do all I could to get him to sneak away from this woman he is living with that he claims is going nowhere we got together and had a great time the attraction was out of this world and he seems to really like me. Then he calls me next day I missed the call so I text him ba ck he replys with a text that seems cold and distant. But yet I know he swill be back next week and I just know if if I play hard to get he will probably send me a nice txt msg or call me when he gets back from his vacation. I just met this man and I am really freaked out is this guy ever really going to be with me? Oh I want him he is hot and its obvious that he was attracted to me for my looks but I want something real, stable and and not just a best friend I want more than that. I really want him but I will not wait forever for him to make a life with me. They say aquarians are distant and aloof I think its the other way around! If he is too much into himself he can live with himself forever- LOL I will give it two weeks! Meanwhile I will keep praying daily for Mr.Right : ) I hope that he is the one but I wont put all my eggs in one basket. I want to keep my heart in one peice.

OMG! These stories are so damn true and on point. I'm a Aquarius WOMAN 02/14 and all I attract is Leo MEN!! My Ex(we'll still friends)and I went through all this crazy stuff everyone's talking about with the HIGHS>lows of an Aquari/Leo relationship. My Ex so badly wants me back calling my family members looking for me(he's in a relationship that's he hates)sorry buddy I love you but I CAN"T do it again. SO now I'm dating another Leo who is older(10yrs doesn't look it, that's a Plus!!)has his life together. He can't keep his eyes or hands off me and I can't keep from smiling. Sex is not even in the picture yet, but when it comes, it well be a !!!!

I am an Aquarius women who was married to a Leo man, we had our ups and downs, but also had a lot in common, he liked to be the center of the stage and I myself was always a clown, so neither had a problem with the other, although he for the most part acted more like my father than my husband, and me I liked my independance, but he had an explosive temper and sometimes I wasnt sure what to do, except I know he always wanted me to do and think the way he did, I couldnt have my own thoughts or opinions, and of course me being the head strong aqua that I am would frustate him and he at times became physical with me, we were married for 13 years never had children together but myself like other Aquarian woman cant stop thinking of him and we have been divorced for 2 and a half years now but we are still friends

Hey, im an aqua girl who has been in love with a Leo since 4 years almost, it happened when he aske me who I liked, we were both walking together because he wanted to know, we were alone walking and the sun was shining on us, when I said he was the 2nd boy I liked, he looked into my eyes and it happened.I FELL IN LOVE . im only 13.. im almost 14. we had a few laughs.. but when stuff was bad and serious, it was HORRIBLE . I had tears, he always told the principal on me & I noticed he did all that stuff when I flirted with others.. he's in my class now , im nervous, but I want to keep my pace in this love, I have a feeling that it wont be good if I go far with what I have now. he's hurt me alot, but I cant get over him no matter what I do, I tried everything.. even if I get married with someone else.. I will still love him forever . he always looks at me in class.. especially when I play with my bangs. Were in love. its just that he cant keep what he has. I do researches on leos every night, I found out that he's just different and if I want him. I gotta keep myself the way he will take me . well , goodluck all of you ' !

Doesn't what time you were born and what day apply to this too? We have a mix of signs within us. But going by only the month and date gives you a the broad topic of one sign, which is your main. I'm an Aquarian, with a little bit of Scorpio and Aries within me.

- - - I am in love with a Leo. We first started off as the bestest of friends. The funny thing was, we both developed feelings for each other, and we both knew one liked the other, but we both wanted to wait for the other one to confess. - - - After two years, I swallowed my pride and told him how I felt. We're not together yet because we both figured that long distance would be too painful. So . . . we're waiting, but he is a wonderful, understanding, and loving man. - - - He's more of the reserved type of Leo which I find quite odd. He does not mold into the Leo description well which has got me in a knot, and figuring him out, is like putting a jagged puzzle together. But - - - we'll see how this turns out. :)

Aquarius woman and a Leo man are not the best match for each other I am an Aquarius woman I dated a Leo man for a month it didn't work out at all it was nothing but arueing all he was so selfish self centered

I am an aqua woman and have been in love with my Leo for 7 months. He was after me since we met that is 5 years ago. he is the most adorable man I have ever met and I am crazy inlove with him. he is loyal and strong and gives me security. He is very serios and I am payful. I have read all these topics and thank you everyone for sharing. I really really hope it lasts,I came back from 2 broken relations. The Leo man - I think it is the best you can get in this life. Receoursful, loving, caring, lively and bold. I am sure this is going to be a Good Life :)

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