Leo man are the GREATEST lovers

by Aries girl

I'm an Aries woman and I have always admire my Leo man since I first saw him. When we had our first date, we held hands like we're lovers and after that first date my Leo man told me how much he wanted to be my guy and so i accepted it.

He shows me lots of affection and respect which I really love and in return I always surprise him. Like when he was having an outdoor activity with his schoolmates, I gave him a surprised visit. He was so proud of me because he knew that I haven't gone to that place before and that was way too far from my home. He introduced me then to his new friends and hugged me in front of them. It was so cool. After that day he told me how happy he and proud he was.

We quarrel sometimes but after that I always find it cool because we love making it up to each other.

We are also never threatened by all the guys and girls around us because I know that my Leo man is so faithful to me and my Leo man knows that he is the only one for me.

Now, if you are a lady who wants to capture a Leo man, may I suggest that you start looking your best to impress him and give him so much time and attention. Listen to him when he talks and above all APPRECIATE HIM in SUPPORT HIM in everything he does. In that way you'll be able to win him in no time. And oh, don't forget to tell him everyday that he looks gorgeous, he'll love that!

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what if he ignores you
by: MaksMax

That's all great but how to show him attention and admiration if he ignores you?

Leave him alone for a few days or keep texting and calling him?

why cant i control my hormones
by: Anonymous

im a leo man and for me sex is life i cant find myself going too long without it.it is like a drug im addicted to..

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