Leo man being lazy

by Andrea

I am a Pisces female and my man is a Leo. We've been together for more than 2 years now and he's always been shy, not very outgoing, he's stubborn and lazy. he isn't very confident. He is a family man and i love that but i need a man with more ambition. i thought that a Leo would have the entire package. i love him but i expected more from him but i'm willing to settle for what he has to offer.

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Finally found someone who is in my shoes
by: Anonymous

I dated a LEO man for nearly 2 year before i got married to him. Unfortunately after marriage I found the lazy laid back side of him which doesnt seem to be going well with my ambitious side. By the way I am a Capricorn-Aquarian Cusp. I never knew LEO men can also be lazy :(

We do things we want to do, not what we have to do
by: Leo Man

Well, yeah, I can be very lazy sometimes, but most times because it's something boring/repetitive/without any interest to do. I'm also very shy, and sometimes I don't want to do something just because of it. I don't know, you might try to make him do more chalenging/interesting things. Down the line, the fact is that if I do something is just because I want to, not because I have to. About the ambition, I guess is the same thing, if I don't care about it, then I don't care(though I'm sure you could reasonate with him). And well If he is with you, then you can say it's because he really wants to :).

Leos are giving if it involves something in return
by: Anonymous

I am a cancer and my Leo man is very careing and sometimes makes me feel like a queen, and then I realize he expects something back. And when I don't want to do something, he pouts. He doesn't seem to be interested in anything I like but expects me to be interested in anything he likes.I glorify him all the time but he doesn't do the same unless another man seem's interested.

Leo men are lazy
by: Pisceas women

Iv been with a leo for 6yrs and they are the laziest people i have ever seen. And if they dont want to do something there is nothing in the world that can make them do it, other than one thing... Playing their game one them. Which is....... Sulking. Just like they would when they dont get their way. If that doesnt work. Crying is another. If that doesnt work. Bringing up the things you done for them is another and if that is not a solution. No nookie is last resort as those highly sexts leos love their nookie, depriving them from it is the worst punishment. Trust they are hard work but once you get the idea of how they work it should work. And they know very wel that they cant find a more caring and sensitive girl like a pisceans so being the selfish guys that they are they wil obey knowing that any man would be ready to love a loyal caring girl like us, they soon come to realise stuburnes is pushing you away. So result.. Hard work but wil get there in the end. Hopefuly

leos are good for talking only
by: Anonymous

I know a Leo who has been trying to gather up a career for the past 20 years and has ccomplished nothing. Blames society, blames just about every obstacle. but he's great at trying to run my career. loosers run run run as fast as you can

Wow are y'all serious
by: Anonymous

Well im a Leo and I can admit I am lazy but when I want something I will do whatever I have to,to get it and Leo's are dreamers we just need the right people around us and it will happen for sure and we have to get tired enough to want to do our own thing,I hate pressure so another thing would be just to talk. a bit of advice be more sensitive and supporting of whatever he might have in mind of accomplishing Leos are about team work so we like happy environments and positive people so just talk to em and be there worst thing you can do is not show appreciation for any good deed he's ever done or you might just be looking for another Leo lol. When a Leo's is heart broken its impossible to heal that wound just a simple talk will work it out we have to be reassured that we're doing the right thing and making everyone happy. Jeesh it's hard being a Leo we are everyone's shoulder to lean on.Well anyway till next time


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