Leo man, bitchy scorpio woman

by BW

I'm a 24 year old Leo and she's a 26 year old Scorpio. I've been with this girl for over a year and we have lived together for about a year know. Things happened really hot and fast for us. This is the most demanding relationship I've ever been in.

I can get plenty of other girls but I just can't seem to leave her. I feel like no one will ever love me like she does. I feel like I'm under her spell. Why do I feel like if I leave, it will be a huge mistake? It's like I feel like I can't get someone better but I know I can. We have very little in common and share very little of the same interests. She is very demanding, jealous, naggy, needy, emotional, moody and the list goes on... but she's also very loving, caring and affectionate even to the point to where it's a bit smothering at times.

I feel like she wants me to be some "super boyfriend" that's only put here to do her bidding and if I have any interests outside of her I'm going to get grief from her about it. She wants things to be as intense and passionate as it was in the beginning but the "honeymoon" phase is over and she just annoys me a lot of the time now. I feel bored and unhappy and am not as passionate as i once was because she doesn't cut me any slack. Half the time it seems like I'm a little kid and she's an over-protective mother and the other half of the time I feel like a parent trying to entertain and baby a demanding little girl. I don't want another mom or a baby.. I want a chill girlfriend!

The thought of being without her makes me want to cry though. I love her very much but I'm not sure if I'm "in love" with her anymore and a lot of this is just venting. I don't know what to do. I feel trapped. Am i just being immature? Perhaps I should look for someone more compatible with me like aries, libra, gem or sagg?

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i feel ya
by: Janellybean76

Im a 22yr old scorpio grl and I go thru the same thing with my leo guy and I feel like if i leave him then ill never find someone who will be as faithful and caring as him but I hate that we disagree so much and it just seems that we dont communicate like we should & it kills me. We both are Jelous and Im very emotional & I hate that too. My situation is just alittle bit different though... I met him when I was 16 and he was 20,Everything was perfect the first 2 yrs. He's my 1st and that makes thing even harder for me. Things started falling apart when he couldnt hide his drug problem anymore and I then felt that I had to compete to be his number 1. Its been 6 yrs now and I tell ya its a struggle and he has drug me through hell pretty much. I never went down hill with him but after the serious pill addiction he had and other issues aswell i feel that I can never trust him again... I feel soo hurt that he caused all this and blamed me and made me the enemy thru it all and at the same time When I tried to leave he wouldnt ever leave me alone and said that he would kill himself if he couldnt be with me. I just feel like things wont ever be the way i want it. I admit i am naggy at times but so is he, and i can be a bitch but who isnt these days. I feel for ya cuz you feel the same as me and it seems that were under a spell. The thing about Leos and scorpios is that we both have magnetic energies and that what keeps things coming back. The best thing i can say to you is I believe that you will know when you have had enough! I havnt yet but I have come close a few times but I think that you can only take so much and just wait it out and hopefully things will work out! Good Luck cuz Im just as stuck as you are.

Leo n scorp
by: Trinidad

wow, both stories are so real, i just met this leo guy,im scorpio and i swear we dont have anything in common, we fight alot over the phone but its weird cos neither of us wants to let go, is as though if we do we will regret it. Its a love that grew in 2 weeks. This is a serious connection. I think such connection calls for lots of comprimising, respect and understanding of each other, nagging,jealousy and possesiveness needs to be controlled on both ends. The energies that come from both signs need to be transferred to a vision you both have, a goal to achieve by both, we are humans first and i do believe it can work but with much patience. I am not ready to let him go just yet but like one of u mentioned im a scorp female and when i have had enuff that will be it, trust me. Goodluck and dont give up...

by: Anonymous

wow, this is so crazy im a 29 year old scorpio female and my husband is a 28 year old leo. we been through hell and back, fighting jail break up make up ask for a divorce then go back and say we cant live without one another. im so feed up what ever spell im under its over. I dont care if i have to inclose my heart i refuse to go through this sick emotional roller coast marriage and i no i can do it by myself. I thought about sulcide when he left me last year and i tried to do everything to get us back on track it took everything out of me and almost took my life. Pls people wake up this is not healthy life is for the living to live happy not in turmoil. Im sorry for venting so hard but do to the fact u never see me it makes me tell the truth. I was broken but i finally let go and let God and im walking on faith.I miss him so much but i no my life is so much happier without him. Its been a mth and im still moving forward u can do it too.

advise please
by: Anonymous

Not to sound like the demanding scorpio female as discribed above but everyone here is jus venting and I need advise: I have a leo bf who I jus moved in w/ and he made me mad let me down and I find it hard to want to soften my heart around him now. I feel like if I'm nice then he wins an will walk all over me emotionally again intentionallly or unintentionally; but if I'm a lil mean blunt or cold he will keep trying harder to prove he's sorry n learned his lesson. My way is working but hurting me and blowing up n my face jus cuz I kno he won't keep. It up. He has no patience, will try 2or 3 small things and then if I don't respond to him the way he expects then he gives up turns his back and tries to verbally take it all back. All I'm asking to a Leo male out there is if u did something awful n r 100% wrong especially since u got caught-- how should I the scorpio and emtionally creature IAM gp about 1 recognizing ur senserity? And two what is a peacful way to work towards healing my heart? So that I will soften naturally and then won't mind showing you how 2make it better/gain my trust/respect back? Pls help =] thank u

Answer from 100% leo
by: Anonymous

100% Leo

There s no peacefull way around it. The only thing that will work at soothing you is exercice revenge on him for a while. It will help you exteriorise/express innate anger and violence. It will help you gain your confindence back witch shouldn t be too long for a scorpio. Punish him till he crawls on his knees like a cub and them dump his ass. I think you ll be surprised that you ll like it.

I know it cause my girl a scorpio.

By the time you read this, you probably have another girlfiend
by: Anonymous

Well, we're in the same situation, my guy's just like you, and I'm like your girl(or ex). She's like that and that's her. Actually, she's just acting but it's also really her (quite hard to explain, hope you understand what I mean). If you're not happy, just leave her (she might die though).

You know, if you're really in love, you wouldn't think about all of those. Well, you can never avoid thinking about it, but you'll just probably forget it as time goes by. My suggestion is (if ever, you're still together) you should encourage her to do things with you. Try to help her out with something like household chores, shopping together, cooking, gardening, I dunno. Try to do (with her) the things that she likes that you don't like. I mean, things that are not in common with the both of you. And if it's really impossible, it's okay.

Try to talk to her about what you want and what you like and what you don't like without hurting her ego by hugging her tight while talking (this is so that she can't get away). All she wants is you, you and you. So your main goal is to give her your attention. She might not be as adventurous as you are but if you can't leave her, try to work it out. You know that she's jealous and possesive. You can flirt with all the girls that you like as long as she gets the best of all treatment..

If none of these work, just go away. Don't think about her. You need real patience for girls like us. My guy still sticks with me though. He says straight to my face that I'm annoying and he's bored and unhappy and it'd hurt me so bad that I get really depressed. He won't leave me for then same reasons as yours. Tell us what you need because we're just dumb scorpios.

For Leo Man who love Scorpio gal but wants let go
by: Shayla

Hey, sometimes love alone is sadly not enough. I hope your Scorpio gal works her issues. I know I can be like that sometimes but thankfully, I'm alot more chill & happy-go-lucky. Thanks to my cusp Saggitarius sign & Libra moon, I seek to please & believe in harmonious relationships. About that "wanting to be honeymoon period", I think all Scorpios are passionate & romantic and thats a lifelong thing for them so u gotta rethink about that in a commitment with them. I have Leo sister & she too loves me & likes all the things I fuss for her but there was a time I was more fiesty while she's chill. I honestly believe everybody has to have regards & respect another persons need for someone to be well-behaved & room to grow or else it will be boring & suffocating. Just be more loving romantic & passionate while firmly telling her she needs to have more refined ways of carrying herself, or else how to continue or even have a future? Pop that question so she'll consider her negative traits seriously coz chances are a Scorpio will do anything for the one she loves, that includes polishing her manners/ethics/emotional roller-coaster & mellowing which of course needs extra work (practise, thinking, maturity, patience etc). I can sense ur true feelings for her but at the same time, u might eventually (& already want to) check out other more compatible fishes in the sea. Keep things friendly no matter what k. I'm friends with my ex & I actually had no problem letting go but then he's aries-taurus so, he was the one crazy abt me.

Scorpios need to understand Leo need for adventure & creativity
by: Shayla

Having had Leo friend & sibling & relative, I find it way easier to understand a Leo's need for space, personal freedom & creative stimulation. All Leos Ive been with love artistic endeavours whether its language or arts or music. They need to be out & about and try NEW THINGS. And HELLO, irregardless of what horoscope, trying new stuff together & going on adventures & even having group dates (hol getaways with family, close friends & relatives) can spice things up without feeling insecure. Because, of cos, Leo is so attractive, its hard for Scorpio to feel secure even when she tries to let him have his own thing. He gets attention from others alot & leo, enjoy being appreciated & showy, will lap it up from people. LOL. I honestly believe the key is to work on trust issues while keeping things lighthearted with lots of room for joy laughter & fun cos w/o those 3 things, even mutual affection can feel dull, right? Your scorpio gal can try to keep things interesting & encourage you to go after your dreams ambitions indulge in activities thats refreshing whatever that is & accept it. Yall should do it together so she wont feel left out like she has to keep tabs on u. Anyway, friendship is key to any relationship right. Its also sadly, better to make decisions now to improve & stay together for a healthier future or hang on for wrong reasons to someone u love but dying sad relationship till some cool Sag or Aries gal comes along & sweep u off leaving her even FAR MORE DAMAGED than she could ever be.... Make up ur mind k. N do things gently, hopefully..

Emotional roller coaster
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo man minding my own business and I noticed my married scorpio neighbor getting obsessed with me, I kept ignoring her until one day she told me she wanted me, at the biggining was intense, not only sexually but emotionally on her part, but little by little she was consuming me until unintenonally I let go of my guard and my roller coaster experience started, I tried end things and she cried I river consuming me even more, I seriously want to let go of this relationship, but it's really hard, she has done so much for me and I feel like if I hurt her I will feel wilty and it kicks my ass, I shoiud've know better than to have a relationship with a married woman but I never realized how consuming it was going to be dealing with a scorpio woman, I know I should end this relationship, but I don't wanna hurt her and I don't wanna get castrated either. Please advice

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